Marshall major 2 bluetooth

Marshal is a leader in the production of musical equipment. Any product is automatically entered into the category of the best. Marshall major model 2 bluetooth got a stylish look and good sound quality. Distinctive feature of the accessory, in comparison with other products from Marshal, – wireless headphones.


The model has the following specifications.

  1. On-ear headphones.
  2. A dynamic emitter is used.
  3. Frequency response from 10 Hz to 20 kHz.
  4. Microphone built into ear cup.
  5. Connector standard - 3,5 millimeter.
  6. The connection is made either with Bluetooth technology, or wired.
  7. Battery capacity 680 mAh.

Equipment and appearance

The accessory comes in a cardboard box., on which the device is shown and the manufacturer is indicated. Headphones included, documentation, usb charging cable and audio cable.

The company logo is displayed on the back of the headphones. For this, vinyl linings are used.. For this reason, the inscription of the manufacturer received a convex shape.. Looks stylish on the outside – perfect for a tweed jacket. Available in black and brown.

Ergonomics, the convenience of use

A distinctive feature of the device - hybrid headphones. The device connects via bluetooth, as well as with wire. It helps a lot when the battery runs out.. Appearance is not significantly different, in comparison with analogues. The difference lies in the presence of additional buttons for control. The device has an inclined bowl mechanism, which has both advantages, as well as cons.

Benefit in a comfortable fit of the speakers. The disadvantage is the fragility of the structure. The accessory may break if dropped.. There is a button on the body for remote control., with it you can stop and start audio playback. The key is also responsible for receiving an incoming call..

By moving the joystick buttons, you can adjust the sound and switch songs, however, the feature only works with Apple and Samsung. Headphones are big, you can't carry them in your pocket.. Foldable headband and cups covered in eco-leather, so the gadget can be worn all day without discomfort. The speakers are covered with a mesh with a large weave.

Main disadvantage, like other over-ear headphones, - ears will be hot in summer.
Soft headband does not create pressure on the head. Adjustment mechanisms allow you to customize the accessory to the user's parameters.

At the bottom of the marshall major ii Bluetooth black headphones is a joystick button, however, accidental pressing when removed from the head is impossible. This is explained by the tight movement of the button.

Sound quality

The sound is quite warm and soft. There is a bias in the middle frequencies. The bass is quite powerful, detailing is unimpressive. Some songs manage to get an impressive sound. The sound is worse at higher frequencies, in comparison with analogues. This is very noticeable when listening to voiced instruments.. For example, cymbals sound, like something incomprehensible. For some users, who do not like extra "pressure" on the ears, it will be a plus.

There may be a slight hiss in the bass range when connected via Bluetooth.
This is explained by the built-in amplifier. On most musical compositions, this is imperceptible., but it feels tighter bass. However, this is more of a nitpick., than a real flaw. Bass lovers in the marshall major ii black earphone can boost the bass.

Connection and software

Connection via Bluetooth is characterized by a stable connection. Music is not interrupted even when pairing with a device through walls. Communication range approx. 12 meters. The use of aptX technology has improved the sound. Sync issues are minimal. No additional software.

Pairing occurs in a standard way. After turning on the headphones on the gadget, this model is selected from the list of available devices. Pairing is possible with several devices at the same time. For example, you can connect headphones to several smartphones at the same time.

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According to the manufacturer, the device can work up to 30 hours. This is a record, in comparison with analogues. When the battery is low, you can connect the headphones via a cable. The user will be able to enjoy their favorite audios for an unlimited time..

Disadvantages and reviews

The model has many advantages, however, there are also disadvantages.

1. Speaker cups take some getting used to.

2. The sound could have been made louder.

3. Weak sound insulation.

Reviews on headphones marshall major ii Bluetooth black.

1. The accessory pleased with strong bass, which do not overshadow other frequencies.. The manufacturer was able to achieve the perfect balance. Wireless connectivity is also good. The clarity of the sound is also not satisfactory., hear absolutely everything. Old compositions opened completely differently. An added bonus is the built-in microphone.. I was also pleased with the size of the battery., earphones work more than a day without recharging.

2. The main thing in headphones is the sound. He has no complaints. The only drawback is that the logo is quickly erased.. This is a minus for such a brand.. It must be constantly bright.! The headset is also of excellent quality., the interlocutor always hears me.

3. No complaints about sound quality, however, through 4 month right speaker stopped working. Replaced under warranty, no further problems. In the cold, there were no problems using.


The model continued the tradition of the company. good style, excellent sound quality, удобная конструкция при адекватной цене. В совокупности эти параметры делают модель отличным вариантом для покупки.

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