How to charge different types of microphones

One of the popular entertainment in the XXI century. is karaoke, allowing a person to feel like a singer even with missing vocal data. Special equipment is used to perform songs at home. Before charging the microphone, you need to read the instructions and choose the preferred way to restore battery capacity.

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Types of microphones

The equipment is divided into categories according to the principle of operation on:

  1. Condenser with one of the contact plates in the form of a thin diaphragm, perceiving sound vibrations. Changing the air gap leads to an increase and decrease in capacitance, which is fixed by the electronic control unit and converted into a signal. The built-in battery provides the device with power. Condenser microphones support a wide frequency range and are well suited for recording voice or musical instruments..
  2. Dynamic, equipped with an inductor with a diaphragm. Under the influence of sound, voltage is generated in the windings, which is amplified and processed electronically. Products differ in increased dimensions and are used in recording studios or professional karaoke bars.

Regardless of the principle of operation, the equipment is divided into wired and wireless.

During operation, the microphone should be held at a distance of 1-2 cm from the lips and not deflected to the sides. It is not recommended to cover the perforated head with your fingers, which leads to sound distortion and accelerated discharge of the built-in battery.


Products are equipped with a shielded cable for connection to the amplification and sound reproduction unit. Microphone is compact and does not require batteries, power is supplied through the cord. The connecting cable restricts the movements of the performer, there is a risk of sheath damage or wire breakage. For switching to an external amplifier, the cord has a plug format Audio Jack diameter 3,5 or 6,5 mm (standard metal or coated, reducing signal distortion during transmission).

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The wireless microphone is equipped with a Bluetooth module with a high level of protection of the communication channel from interference. The performer is free to move around the stage, room or hall within range of the transceiver. The wire does not restrict movement and does not get underfoot, a person does not risk breaking the cable or damaging the insulation on interior items. The transmitted signal is processed and amplified, and then played through the speakers.

The microphone itself has a rechargeable battery., which needs to be charged as the capacity drops.

Karaoke device

The equipment is equipped with a Bluetooth wireless controller and a small speaker for sound reproduction. A push-button control panel is located on the body of the device., allowing you to change the volume or adjust the frequency ranges. The performer holds the device by the cylindrical handle, the speaker is located in a special casing under the perforated diaphragm case. Battery is included to keep it working, needs periodic charging (operating time depends on the model of the device and the intensity of use).

On the end of the speaker casing there are connectors for switching the charging wire and external equipment. The presence of a USB plug allows you to connect external drives with files in MP3 format. Karaoke microphone becomes a small player, in demand at a picnic or on the beach. The operating time of the equipment is limited by the battery charge and reaches 4-5 hours.

Karaoke device
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Key functions of the buttons on the example of WS-858 models, WS-1816 or WS-1818:

  • Power - power management and transition between Bluetooth operating modes, Selfie, MP3 playback, listening to FM radio;
  • Prev/Next - Switch songs when using an MP3 player or control the Selfie function on paired smartphones;
  • Play - stop or continue playback in MP3 or Bluetooth player modes, or start the frequency band scan function;
  • VOL+/VOL- – step control of speaker volume;
  • Echo - enable or disable the echo cancellation system;
  • Mic VOL - microphone sensitivity adjustment.

How to charge a karaoke microphone

An elastic cable is included to restore the capacity of the power supply, equipped with a USB connector for connecting to a computer or laptop. Some microphone models have a control indicator, which turns on when the capacitance falls below the allowable threshold.

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In budget equipment, an alarm is not provided, When the battery is low, the device shuts down abruptly.

The design of the equipment uses lithium batteries with a declared capacity of 900 to 1800 mAh, no memory effect. Manufacturers indicate battery life in the range of 6-8 hours. When the volume is increased to the maximum value, the battery supports the operation of the equipment for 3-4 hours. The gradual degradation of the power supply leads to a drop in capacity and operating time by several times.. If the battery is critically worn out, the microphone will turn off after 10-15 minutes of operation.

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Connecting a USB cable to a PC

Charging algorithm:

  1. Turn on your computer or laptop.
  2. Install the wire block into the USB connector, located on the front or back of the desktop computer case or on the sides of the bottom of the laptop casing.
  3. Connect the microphone to the opposite end of the wire. Battery charging starts automatically, when using a laptop without connecting to an external network, accelerated battery discharge should be taken into account.
  4. After charging is complete, disconnect the cable and put it in a case..

Charging via AC adapter

If the user has a network adapter, equipped with a USB connector, then you need to connect the wire to the power supply and microphone. Then plug the adapter into a household electrical outlet, charging will start automatically. During operation, the body of the unit heats up, what is the norm. If the temperature rises excessively or if there is a smell of burnt plastic, the charging procedure should be stopped until the cause of the malfunction is determined..

Some adapters have fuses, triggered at high load or short circuit.

Charging any other wireless microphone

The procedure for charging the battery of standard microphones with a Bluetooth controller is the same as described above.. It is necessary to connect the device to an external power source using a standard cable. To restore capacity, you can use the USB port on your computer or an external adapter, equipped with transformer and rectifier, connected to a household network. The charging procedure takes from 30 minutes before 2 hours, depends on the capacity and condition of the battery built into the microphone.

Can it be charged with a power bank

An external battery can be used as a power source (Power Bank), equipped with a USB connector. The charging procedure involves connecting the wire to the battery case and microphone. Powerbank allows you to increase the time of use of equipment when relaxing outdoors. An external battery can be used to quickly recharge the microphone (For example, during short pauses between performances of songs).

Can be used while charging

It is allowed to use a microphone with a connected power bank or wire, going to the connector on the laptop. But due to constant hand movements, the risk of damage to the connector or tearing of the thin connecting cable increases..

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