Headphones black star click n play

Recently I came across headphones from the Black Star company on the site and decided to test them personally due to scattered reviews.. After working with them for several weeks, I compiled my own small review on them.. Here are the main features of this model.

Wireless headphones from Timati


  • kind of ear cushions – plug-in;
  • connection type – bluetooth, 5.0;
  • radius of action – to 10 m;
  • frequency range – from 20 to 20000 Hz;
  • resistance – 16 Om;
  • microphone – there is;
  • diaphragm diameter – 8 mm;
  • fastening type – without attachment;
  • water protection – there is, IPX7;
  • standby time – from 5 to 240 h;
  • time of work in the active mode of listening to music – 5 h;
  • battery charge time – 50 minutes;
  • connector – USB Type-C;
  • the weight – 4,5 city.
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Equipment and appearance

When buying a Black Star click n play device, you get a charging case in the kit, instructions for use, designed with an original design brochure, three pairs of interchangeable ear pads of different sizes and a cable for charging the case.

The charging battery of the device is made in the form of a thin black cylinder.. One side is flat. It bears the name Black Star., charging port and indicator light.

On the sides on both sides of the base of the cylinder are headphones directly, which are literally inserted into the case. That is why each ear has a somewhat elongated shape..

On the outer side of each ear is the BS logo with semi-circular notches on both sides, indicator light and microphone. The ears themselves are made of plastic., there is a touch button on the surface.

For the manufacturers of this model of the device, it was the appearance of the case that was important for successful advertising of the product.. That is why the design is made in the style of strict minimalism..
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Ergonomics, the convenience of use

Ergonomics of black star headphones was not the best. This is mainly manifested in, that the round part protrudes strongly beyond the ears. But they are much easier to fit., than many other wireless headphones – there is no problem with this at all.

Due to the appearance of the device, often users assume, what are these sports headphones. But no, This model is not intended for sports – the gadget may fall out, For example, when running.

For everyday use, these headphones are quite comfortable to work with. – they sit securely in the ears and do not fall out.

Another advantage of the device is water resistance. – IPX7. The model will be able to survive not only a heavy downpour, as with IPX6, but also a half-hour stay in water at a depth of one meter. However, the latter is unlikely to be useful to anyone.. But you can be sure, that you can't take them off, For example, in the pool or on the sea.

Sound quality

The playback quality of this model can be compared with AirPods. They sound almost the same. And although their manufacturers had to create the perfect device for listening to music, devices are simple. Main disadvantage – bass not worked. But high, mids are detailed enough.

Connection and software

This unit operates via a Bluetooth network. Connecting them is easy enough. – turn on bluetooth on your phone, find model from device list, pair. Subsequently, the headphones will automatically connect when the bluetooth is turned on near the phone.


Duration of work with active listening to music, charged case in reality barely reaches 15 hours at a volume level within 80%. That's a pretty good result for headphones..

Headphones black star click n play

One charge of the ears is enough for a maximum 4-5 hours.

Disadvantages and reviews

Among the disadvantages of Black Star are the following:

  • price;
  • ergonomics at an average level;
  • bad for sports;
  • outwardly look unaesthetic.

Reviews for this device vary greatly.. Here are a few of them:


"Headphones are great! Can't be compared to anything else – good sound, comfortable.”


"The sound of the device is excellent. – I listen even in the subway, you can safely watch TV shows and the noise around will not hurt. Connection with smartphone is stable, there are no interruptions. I don't like the indicator light – shines brightly at night, have to clean up. Overall, I recommend these headphones.


“Headphones are very pleased. Noise canceling at altitude – no problems even on noisy streets. The device quickly connects to the phone, connection is not lost. Ergonomics is good, device is holding up very well., does not fall out. There are no downsides.”


“I bought black star headphones two weeks ago. Didn't like the sound, very little bass, no detail. Regarding ergonomics, the indicators are average, but in general you can wear. The model is recommended only for those, who knows little about sound quality.

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Headphones black star – pretty decent device, suitable for listening to music, watching movies and other purposes. No out of sync between audio and video – this is a big plus. Body and playback quality is good. Not suitable for sports, although it has comfortable ergonomics. Therefore, it is suitable for everyday use.. And how do you like the device from black star? enjoyed it, Or are you still thinking about buying? Did our review help you??

Anastasia Karbel

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