JBL t450bt

Do you want to brighten up your trip or get distracted at work?? Take a closer look at jbl t450bt wireless headphones.

They are not suitable for sophisticated music lovers, but they are quite capable of giving a good mood to ordinary users.


  1. Reproducible frequencies: from 20 Hz to 20 kHz.
  2. The device folds.
  3. The instrument has headset functions: starting and ending a conversation.
  4. Bluetooth communication 4.0.
  5. Internal microphone, covering street noises. For this reason, it is difficult to talk to him..
  6. Consolidation of all parts of management in one place. Headphones have volume control buttons, indicator world, start toggle switch, pause key.
  7. Portable application.
  8. Guaranteed clear hearing with patented JBL Pure Bass technology.

Equipment and appearance

jbl headphones – this is the correspondence of price and quality among analogues.
They are sold in a cardboard box with a plastic window., through which you can see the device.
In addition to the device itself, the kit includes:

  • micro USB charging cord;
  • check with a guarantee;
  • operating documents;
  • headphone passport.

This model of wireless on-ear headphones is 3 colors: blue, black, white.

The small-sized device contains speakers with a diameter of 32 mm, that deliver quality JBL Pure Bass sound.
The body is made of inexpensive hard plastic, which became the basis for the loops and headband.
Product assembly – quality and tidy. All joints are the same size. When the button is pressed, a characteristic click is heard. There is an LED between the keys., flashing, when music is playing or talking. Ear pads are made of soft synthetic.

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Ergonomics and wearing comfort

The main plus jbl t450bt – compactness. The folding design is easily adjusted to the individual features of the user and mobile gadget.
Therefore, the accessory can be worn for several hours without any discomfort.. The model has overhead ear pads, headband attachment and swivel cups.

Pairing and control functions

On the right side of the device there is a mini-USB connector, to which the charging cable is connected. It can be connected to a PC, network adapter and Power Bank.
What to do, if you want to use headphones?

  1. Press and hold the start button for a few seconds.
  2. If the device is connected via Bluetooth for the first time, pairing mode is activated, as soon as the power is turned on.
  3. Open the search for bluetooth devices on your mobile phone and find JBL T450BT in the list that appears.

To control the volume, use buttons “+” and “-“. To increase or decrease it, make a few short presses on them..
If you hold on for a long time “+”, the track will switch to the next, “-” – to the previous one in the list.
Short press on the play button stops the music, but if you repeat it, she starts playing again.

Sound quality

Music playback, especially electronic, pretty good with headphones, features powerful JBL PureBass bass.
The manufacturer is developing sound for large stage venues, and it can't be bad.

Advantages of the model:

  • Strong battery, through which you can listen to tracks 11 hours.
  • Ability to listen to music and speak on the microphone at the same time, inside the cup.
  • Simple modern design, with which it is not difficult to use headphones.
  • Folding strength.
  • Small dimensions and weight.
  • Comfortable fit in the ears.
  • Application in passive mode.


Since the communication channel with the device – wireless, once a day or two you have to charge it. Official autonomy – 11 hours, but this is according to the manufacturer. In reality, the battery lasts about a day.. If you are going on a long journey, buy an external power bank.

Problems and jambs


The model has everything 2 significant disadvantages:

1. Lack of high frequencies.

2. The device may not fit the user in size.

Customer Reviews

“At first, I could not get used to the pressure in my ears for a long time.. They are very sorry, but then I got used to it and there was no headache.

The sound will go for me, because I'm not a fanatic. The microphone has terrible sensitivity., it can only be spoken about, where there is no wind. The charge is holding 2-3 days. Convenient folding option”.

“When you wear them for a long time, ears hurt, but I don't see any other cons.. I thought, where to stop – Sony or Jibiel, chose the second, did not regret”

“For the price, I was expecting better quality.. There are headphones of a higher level and for only 1000 rub – Because DHB001”.

“super model. We took it as a gift to our son., and rated it yourself. The charge lasts a long time, Like, that lungs. Not bad, that there is no acoustic wire and they put pressure on the ears”.

“When playing, when you turn the volume down, Noise is heard in the right earpiece. So take them only for music”.
jbl t450bt – decent model for its reasonable price. If you need audio on your way to or from work, you can safely buy these headphones.


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