Full review of Xiaomi Mi True Wireless Earphones 2 Basic

The heroes of our review are Xiaomi Mi True Wireless Earphones 2 Basic (Chinese version is called Redmi air 2 SE). Before writing this article, I had headphones in use for more than 3 months - during this long time I was able to identify all their strengths and weaknesses, now I'll tell you about them.


On the test, we had a global version- model TWSEJ08WM

Physical indicators:

  • Case weight with headphones - 48 gram;
  • Weight of one earpiece - 4 grams;
  • Packing dimensions - 150*75*35 mm;
  • Dimensions of the case - 53*53*25 mm;
  • Controls - touch.

Acoustic performance:

  • Radiator type - dynamic;
  • Construction - liners;
  • Radiator diameter - 14,2 mm.;
  • Impedance – 32Oh;
  • Noise Reduction - ENC (2 microphone).

Power supply:

  • Charging port – Type-C;
  • Charging current – 5V 1A;
  • Charging time – 1,5 o'clock;
  • Headphone working time 5 hours;
  • The total operating time, taking into account charging in the case - 20 hours.


  • Bluetooth version - 5.0;
  • Range - 10 meters;
  • Supported codecs - SBC/AAC;
  • Bluetooth profiles – BLE/HFP/HSP/A2DP/AVRCP.

Equipment and appearance

Xiaomi Mi True Wireless Earphones 2 Basic are completed with a case, instructions and USB-A to USB-type-C charging cable.

I liked the look, case of the correct symmetrical shape, Made of high quality matte plastic.

The dimensions of the case are very small - here is a comparison with the hit case from Xiaomi Redmi Airdots 2, review for which we are already preparing.

It's on Redmi 2 SE case is slightly thinner, but wider. It closes more securely and generally feels better and more solid..

There is a white LED on the front., rear - charging port.

Inside the case bluetooth earphones Mi True Wireless Earphones 2 Basic hold tight, convenient to get, Case lid locks nicely in closed and open positions.

The headphones themselves are big.. Especially striking is the thick “leg” of Mi True Wireless Earphones 2 Basic. In small female ears, they will not look very harmonious, but me with my 62 head size is very suitable.

At the top there is a touch area for control, as well as a noise canceling microphone. Below - LED indicator of white-lunar color, which periodically blinks during operation.

Ergonomics, the convenience of use

It took me some time, to get used to these headphones, Xiaomi, as usual, cuts off the necessary functionality in the younger models of its headphones. Mi True Wireless Earphones 2 Basic won't let you switch tracks and change the volume while listening to music. Certainly, it can be solved third party applications, but those, who are accustomed to just get out of the box and use – it will be uncomfortable.

Yes, and the very management of those functions, which are laid down - uncomfortable. Clicks are not confirmed, and it remains to guess whether the headphones recognized the touch or not. In addition - short touches are ignored, you need to press firmly on the sensor.

Mi True Wireless Earphones 2 Basic equipped with ear detection function. Headphones correctly recognize, when you take them out of your ear (pause playback) and when you bring them back (playback continues). The function also works on the left, and on the right ear, Unlike, For example, from Bludio Hi.

But I liked the shape of the headphones, very comfortable in the ears, reliable and do not stick out at all. There is no pressure (they are not vacuum) so you can wear it for a very long time. Xiaomi Mi Earphones 2 Basic is perhaps one of the most comfortable headphones, which I have used.

Sound quality

No APtX in headphones. This could end the conversation about the sound quality of Mi Earphones 2 Basic, but have something to say.

Despite the inset design, the ears were pleasantly surprised by the sound quality, primarily bass. Thanks must be said to the large size of the emitter - 14,2 mm, it's really much more, than most competitors. Low frequencies turned out to be very elastic and powerful. At the same time, they do not clog the rest of the frequencies - mids and highs are also in order..

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Not much max volume, for noisy places like the subway, you will have to twist the sound to the maximum. In this mode, the sound quality of Xiaomi Mi Earphones 2 Basic deteriorates - "artifacts" appear, the top is cut on the ears.

No complaints about the microphone - you can hear it clearly, Noise reduction works perfectly in a not too busy street.

Connection and software

I didn't have any connection problems.. Xiaomi headphones connect quickly due to the fact, that pairing starts when the lid is opened. Connection is stable, Bluetooth 5,0 does his job. In addition, each earbud can be paired with the phone independently..

You won't be able to turn on the headphones without a case no matter how long you press the touch buttons.

The range of action within the apartment does not raise questions, through 2 wall signal passes, use cases, when there is not enough range, still need to search.

Audio delays, stuttering (like Philips TAUN102), no delays or out of sync were observed.

When pairing Xiaomi Mi Earphones 2 Basic with phones on MiUI, a window appears with information about the charge of the case and each of the headphones, how about Airpods.

No special software, again, owners of Xiaomi phones can select this specific headphone model in the sound profile, maybe it will improve the sound somehow.


Autonomy is not the strongest side of Xiaomi Mi True Wireless Earphones 2 Basic - here are standard 4 hours of use 5 declared.

The capacity of the battery in the case is 410 mAh, which is good enough. In total, from one full charge, the headphones, taking into account a fully charged case, will work for about 16-20 hours.

Headphone charging time - about an hour, case - one and a half.

All these indicators plus / minus are the same as those of competitors, Only headphones based on Qualcomm chips are noticeably different, but they are usually much more expensive..

Disadvantages and reviews

disadvantages, certainly, there is, but they are not so critical - I liked using the device, I'll just make a couple of points.:

  • Inconvenient control "out of the box";
  • Continuously flashing LED indicator during operation;
  • Невозможность включения наушников без кейса;
  • Нельзя отключить функцию обнаружения присутствия в ухе;
  • Не всем подойдет размер наушника;
  • Много подделок.

Ниже приведем несколько отзывов о Xiaomi Mi True Wireless Earphones 2 Basic (Redmi air 2 SE):

Никита И.


Удобно сидят, хорошее качество звука и микрофона


Наушники отключаются от телефона при вынимании одного из наушников из уха и приходится проделывать странные манипуляции, что бы подключить их обратно (завывать в коробку и обратно вставлять в уши по нескольку раз, перезванивать). При это уровень зарядки – 90%, т.е. проблема не связана с разрядкой устройства. С одной стороны удобная функция но очень сырая и недоработанная, что вызывает вызывает большие неудобства и отрицательный опыт использования вместо удобства. Неудобное сенсорное управление, постоянно случайно нажимается, звонок сбрасывается или музыка случайно ставится на пауз


Хорошее качество, но казалось бы мелкие косяки портят все так как любое неловкое движение, например поправить наушники, leads to their disconnection and the conversation turns into an attempt to connect the headphones back


Nikita A.


The sound seems to be 2 tr


Drop out during intense workouts, because they are heavy.


Сдал обратно в магазин. Реально не подошли по размеру, так как громадные!!!


Дмитрий Семенов


Моментальное подключение (iphone8), звук топ как проводные эйрподсы(более чем достаточен) хороший микрофон сразу проверил телефонным разговором


Мало сенсорного функционала, но за такую цену, грех жаловаться


Читал отзывы, очень сомневался, тк много у кого не подключалось и прочее, but it took me no more than a minute from opening the box to connecting to the phone

Video review

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First of all I want to say, that you should not buy these headphones on the Internet without first trying them on. There are really many chances that they will not fit you in size and you will be disappointed.

However, if the dimensions suit you and you defeat these control difficulties, the headphones will delight. А с учетом цены и форм фактора у Xiaomi Mi True Wireless Earphones 2 Basic почти нет конкурентов. Главное купить оригинально устройство, а не подделку.

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