Tronsmart Spunky Beat

Tronsmart, for many of us, this is a completely unknown brand.. However, the brand ambassador – Luis Suarez, and companies already 7 years. Their headphones are one of the best-selling in Asia. On the review we have the Tronsmart Spunky Beat model, it is the company's first model with a Qualcomm® chip and technology aptX™, let's see if the first pancake came out lumpy.

Specifications Tronsmart

The specs of Spunky Beat look very attractive on paper

Model Spunky Beat
Bluetooth version 5.0
Chip Qualcomm® QCC3020, support aptX, AAC, SBC
Bluetooth profile HFP/HSP/AVRCP/A2DP
Range To 15 meters
Dynamic diameter 6 mm. with graphene coating
Impedance 16Oh
Microphone sensitivity -42dB
Frequency response 20Hz-20kHz
Working hours Headphones - before 7 hours, with case – to 24 hours
Charging time Headphones - 50 minutes, case - 2 o'clock
The weight Headphones - 3,7 gram, with a case 47 gram
Moisture protection IPX5
Management touch

In the dry residue we have: big driver with trendy graphene, quality codecs, excellent autonomy, moisture protection, a light weight. Let's figure it out, is everything so good.

Equipment and appearance

Headphones come in a small box, consisting of two parts. They are elegantly packaged - covered with transparent plastic with a logo on top., everything in films - produces the effect of high cost.

Complete set standard, with the exception of 1 the moment:

  1. Sami Bluetooth TWS headphones Tronsmart Spunky Beat.
  2. 2 a pair of extra ear pads.
  3. Case with built-in charging cable.
  4. Optional USB-Type C cable.
  5. Instruction (including in Russian), warranty card.

We have already seen a case with a built-in cable in Haylou GT2, but there was no additional charging port and cable included. What is the meaning of such a decision by Tronsmart is difficult to say, but it's definitely not worse..

The built-in cable has a double-sided design - it is convenient to insert into charging.

The case also has a small dragon skin strap., can be attached to keys or to a backpack - convenient.

The case itself is usually made of plastic., which gets dirty well. Lid sticks tight, accidentally Tronsmart Spunky Beat will not fall out. But in the open position, the lid is not fixed, which is a little stressful.

Externally, the headphones stand out somewhat from their Chinese counterparts.. They have very compact ear cushions and the headphones themselves are narrowed in this place.. For the first time for me, such a design in the ear sits absolutely without protruding, very comfortably.

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Glossy plastic outer surface, with a touch button around which the LED indicator looks stylish.

The case also has an indicator, showing percentage of charge.

Ergonomics, the convenience of use

Ergonomics are the forte of Spanky Beats. As already noted above, they sit very well in the ears.. Besides, they are light, the case is also light and small. Included 3 pairs of ear pads of different sizes - everyone can choose the most comfortable for themselves.

It is convenient to use headphones - control functions are fully implemented, Unlike, for example from Redmi Airdots. The buttons themselves are touch sensitive., have no response, so whether you clicked or not you have to guess by the reaction of your device.

Here is the complete list of commands, that support Tronsmart Spunky Beat:

Left/Right Turn on Hold 3 seconds
Left/Right Switch off Hold 5 seconds
Left/Right Play/Pause Click 1 once
Left/Right Voice assistant Click 2 times fast
Left/Right Pick up the phone Click 1 once
Left/Right cancel call Hold 2 seconds
Left next track Hold 2 seconds
Right Previous track Hold 2 seconds
Left Turn up the volume Click 3 times fast
Right Turn down the volume Click 3 times fast

To reset your headphones, you need to:

  1. Put both earbuds in the case
  2. During 5 seconds after the red indicators light up, you need to press and hold the touch button for 8 seconds.
  3. Take out the headphones and put them back.
  4. Close case.

Sound quality

The size of the emitters of these Tronsmart TWS headphones is not outstanding - only 6 mm. However, they have a graphene coating - which may somehow affect the sound quality.. Headphones sound great, enough bass. High volume adds distortion to the sound, but they work out their price on 5 points.

The main feature of headphones in this price segment is the presence of the aptX ™ codec. This has a very positive effect on the sound., the difference with SBC and AAC is very noticeable - they specifically checked on the fly by switching codecs in the developer menu on a smartphone. The source was a FLAC audio file, if you listen to mp3 192kbps then, certainly, there will be no difference.

In what capacity do you usually listen to music??

The microphone also works decently - an example recording is below.

Connection and software

No dedicated Tronsmart app released, and in general, these headphones do not need it. Sound can be adjusted by standard means, and management functions are fully implemented already "out of the box".

How to connect Spunky Beat to your smartphone:

  1. Turn on bluetooth detection on your phone.
  2. Remove the headphones from the case - they will automatically turn on, then in the list of bluetooth devices you need to find Tronsmart_Spunky_Beat. Further connection will occur automatically.
  3. If the headphones are not in the case, you need to hold down the buttons on 3 seconds on both earbuds, after which they will connect automatically.


Autonomy is another strong point of the device. Thanks to the energy-efficient Qualcomm® chip, the manufacturer claims 7 hours of work on 50% volume.

In our tests, the headphones lasted 5,5 hours, which is very cool.

The earbuds can be charged two more times in the case.

Charging speed is not outstanding, but not slow either 50 minutes in the case will charge the headphones for 100%.

The charge level is displayed by four indicators on the front. And the presence of a convenient built-in cable makes the charging process very convenient..

Disadvantages and reviews of Tronsmart Spunky Beat

I will refer to the shortcomings:

  1. Possible false positives of the touch buttons.
  2. Flashing indicators when working on the first batch of headphones (our sample no longer has)
  3. Marked case material.

Feedback from real buyers:

«Имеются EDIFIER TWS1 с поддержкой APT-X и Mi Note 3. Прослушивал на родном плеере и приложении Яндекс Музыка в HQ качестве. Композиции во FLAC формате.

1. К сенсорному управлению привык за пару часов. Как по мне в Edifier управление ТАПОМ удобнее. Мигание наушников в ушах не видно, так что не напрягает.
2. Тронсмарты маленькие, не удобно доставать из ушей, но держатся в ушах хорошо, постоянно нажимаешь на сенсорную кнопку, амбушюры тонкие. Edifier в этом плане удобнее, амбушюры по солиднее.
3. Наушники разрядились за 2,5 часа на 30 %, Edifier дольше держат заряд.
4. Зарядный кейс мне удобнее в Edifier.
5. Классно придумали со шнурком зарядки на корпусе, хотя провод тонковат, не известно сколько прослужит.
6. По сравнению с Edifier играют громче, высоких малость по больше, басы одинаково хорошие в обоих, но в Edifier из за меньших высоких частот звук как будто в бочке, не такой яркий, но самую малость. В первых не хватало громкости.

Лично моё ИМХО, очень понравились, буду использовать их, Edifier оставлю как запасные или отдам супруге.»


«Наушники нравятся, звук хороший, держатся в ушах достаточно надёжно. Немного погемороился чтобы добиться работы наушников по отдельности. Но это как понял не получалось из-за тяп-ляп сделанного подключения. Удалил сопряжение, подключил заново по инструкции и все заработало как надо. Про автономность не скажу, не испытывал сам, но на 4pda пишут что обещанных 7 часов на 50% громкости конечно нет. However, как по мне, так вполне достойные наушники.»


Профильная ветка на форуме 4pdaссылка.


Tronsmart Spunky Beat – просто отличные наушники за свою цену (в официальной рознице в РФ она конечно высоковата), тем кто ищет наушники с продолжительным временем работы и aptX™ очень рекомендуем.


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