Sony WH-CH510

Today we have a review of a new product from Sony - wireless headphones WH-CH510. This is an update to the successful WH-CH500, which was dispersed in huge parties, and is still relevant. In this article, we compare these headphones and answer – is it worth overpaying for CH510 or you can save money and buy 500s?

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Specifications WH-CH510

Many characteristics of the headphones are similar to their predecessor, but there are changes, as positive, so not very.

  • Bluetooth: 5.0
  • Protocol support: A2DP/AVRCP/HFP/HSP
  • Codecs: SBC, AAC
  • Headphone weight: 132 grams
  • Working hours: to 35 hours of music or up to 30 hours of talk
  • Charging time: for 10 minutes per 1,5 hours of music, full charge - 4,5 o'clock
  • Charging connector: USB-C (cable 20 cm. included)
  • swivel cups
  • Management: multifunctional buttons
  • Range: to 10 meters
  • Dynamic: 30 mm.

As a result, there are several improvements:

  1. Play time - 35 hours against 20.
  2. Bluetooth version - 5,0 against 4.2.
  3. Fast charging and USB-C port appeared.

But there is also a downside., for WH-CH500 version, unlike WH-CH510 there was an NFC tag, for quick pairing with your phone. But has anyone actually used this feature??

Current prices for headphones:

MTS – 2990 rub – Look

Svyaznoy – 3790 rub Look


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Equipment and appearance

Headphones are delivered in a stylish small thin box, which is not ashamed to give.

Inside is a hard yellow cardboard box..

Minimum equipment: headphones only, charging cable and instructions.

According to Sony, I have a white model, but WH-CH510 is not white, they have a noticeable gray-blue tint. And the ear pads are darker, than a plastic case.

Cups are swivel, it is convenient - when carrying, they take up less space and adapt to the structure of your head. Relative to their normal position, they turn to 90 degrees in one direction and 10-15 degrees to another.

The surface of the cups in the CH500 was smooth, many users have complained about, that she scratches quickly, in the new Sony model, this shortcoming has been corrected - now there is a corrugation on the outside of the CH510 headphone case, such a surface is more durable.

Control buttons are located on the right earpiece, Light-emitting diode, charging port and microphone. Nothing on the left.

In the upper part of the cups there are slots for phase inverters, to improve sound quality, when the headphones are on the head, these slots are closed by a rim.

The speakers themselves are covered with black cloth. The rim extends approx. 4 cm - CH510 will fit even people with a large head.

Ergonomics, the convenience of use

The top part is hard, a little sharp on the edges, I missed the soft touch. If you have a hairstyle like Sergei Druzhko, more likely, you will be uncomfortable wearing these headphones.

The ear pads are very soft and pleasant to the touch.. Ears don't get tired, even if worn for a long time.

Control buttons are located at the bottom of the right earpiece, pleasantly pressed and have a relief, so you can control the headphones without looking.


The functions of the control buttons are as follows:

  • "+" button – turn up the volume, next track;
  • Central button - on / off, play/pause, calling the voice assistant;
  • Button "-" – turn down the volume, previous track.

In terms of ergonomics and control, the WH-CH510 and WH-CH500 models do not have significant differences..

Instruction manual for Sony WH-CH510 headphones at the link:

Sound quality

Sound quality is subjective, and from these headphones you should not expect quality like Sony WH-1000xm3, but among the competitors they are the best.

Bass is tight and noble, I liked them much more than JBL T450bt.

Highs and mids are fine too, Overall the sound is very balanced.. Suitable for listening to electronic music and classical compositions.

There are no special "enhancing" codecs here, Yes in 90% cases they are not needed..

The volume is sufficient, Good noise protection, public transport will be comfortable.

Microphone works great, none of the interlocutors complained about the quality of communication. Example of recording a conversation from the microphone:

В целом изменений в качестве звука в отличии от предшественника у модели WH-CH510 нет.

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Connection and software

Подключаются наушники просто: включаете наушники, turn on bluetooth and pair. Reconnection happens instantly. Basically I understand, why NFC was removed in the 510th model, which in the 500th was designed for quick pairing.

After connection, as after switching on, a female voice reports a successful operation in English.

Sony does not offer special software. You can use third party apps from our list.


Battery Life, perhaps the most significant improvement. The manufacturer claims to 35 hours of listening to music and up to 30 hours of use in headset mode.

Judging by that, that the CH510 charges for the same 4,5 hours as CH500 battery capacity in these models is the same, which means Sony has worked on algorithms and optimized power consumption, the transition to Bluetooth played a role 5.0.

Charge on 1,5 hours of work headphones can be in just 10 minutes.

The charge level of the headphones is shown when connected, in the status bar (depending on your android version) or through special applications, and also at the moment of switching on the charge level is pronounced by a female voice in English.

Disadvantages and reviews about the Sony WH-CH510

I will refer to the shortcomings:

  1. No padded headband.
  2. Отсутствие в комплекте аксессуара для переноски и хранения

Больше минусов, с учетом их цены я не вижу.

Feedback from real buyers:


Роман Бельков


Хорошее качество материалов, звук как и во всех сони отличный, заряд держит заявленные 35 hours, bluetooth 5 показывает себя замечательно, связь держится хорошо и на большом расстоянии, также плюсом зарядка по type-c


При долгом использовании, более 4 hours, устают уши. Не сильная шумоизоляция


Наушники отличные за свои деньги, качество на высоте. В целом брать советую, но не помешал бы разъем для проводного подключения.


Марат Юнусов


По характеристикам такой же почти как wh500. Но есть поддержка быстрой зарядки, увеличенное время работы и более классический дизайн. autonomy!


Периодически бывали дисконекты на долю секунды. Также отсутствие шумоизоляции, на полной громкости будут слушать вас все. Посредственна как гарнитура.


Хорошая модель фирмы SONY. Далее дизайн без претензий на оригинальность и отсутствие ярких цветов что как по мне огромный плюс. Замечательная покупка, синхронизируется через блютуз с ноутом и телефоном на ура. Единственно пришлось в настройках покопаться чтобы музыку игр слышать так как там настройка еще как гарнтитуры автоматически проставляется.


Alexandr Prizov


Sound, но и он тут не без косяков


Качество пластика, качество сборки и тд


Рассматривал эти Сони и JBL одном ценовом сегменте. Взял Сони, ну типа качество и все такое(раньше брал их технику и был доволен) Принёс домой и началось: Пластик максимально дешевый, он вот прям хреновый, как вещи на алиэксперсс Звук нормальный да, но за 3к можно было бы басов немного добавить Они узкие и через 15 минут начинает голова болеть и уши, сильно давят Качество сборки оч хреновое, все люфтит в руках дребезжит как детская погремушка Да есть плюсы: лёгкие, долгое время работы от батареи, провод typec, мм да и все пожалуй. Наушники выглядят, звучат и ощущаются максимум рублей на 700-800 Если спросят что брать, я скажу только не эту модель


На мой взгляд обновление у Sony получилось удачным. Устранена проблема с царапинами на корпусе, добавили автономности и USB-C, при этом сохранилось отличное качество звука, легкость и приятный дизайн. Наушники на каждый день. Рекомендую.

Video review WH-CH510

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