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Over the past year and a half, I have tried several models of headphones. I mainly use devices outdoors., so the main thing for me is sound quality and good sound isolation. In this regard, the headset from Samsung - Level U deserves special attention.. Here are the specs, by which I chose headphones.


  • manufacturer - Samsung;
  • construction type - plug-in;
  • fastening type - in-channel;
  • connection – Bluetooth, 4.1;
  • available colors - white, black, blue, gold;
  • working hours - 10 hours;
  • headphone range 10 meters;
  • number of emitters 1;
  • built-in microphone - yes;
  • headphone weight 33 city;
  • optional - magnetic mount.

Equipment and appearance

The device kit consists of only a few parts - instruction manual, the headphones themselves, extra silicone eartips. There is no power supply in the box, charging wires. The manufacturer suggests, that the user already has it, since the connector is standard for android.

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The design of the Samsung Level U is quite simple.. Headphones are connected by a plastic arc shape. You can't be afraid with her., that the accessory is lost, because it will always be on your neck.

Arc combines wireless module, amplifiers, battery, headset control buttons, track switching, volume, micro-USB connector for device charging.

The whole structure is made of glossy plastic, rubber. It is light in weight, does not put pressure on the neck.

There is a slider on the surface of the arc, which is responsible for turning the headset on / off. The call answer button is responsible for pairing with the phone (prolonged, three second press).

wires, which connect the liners and the arc, flat, reliable.

Ergonomics, secure fit in the ear

All circuitry in the headphones is on the back, and it's not always convenient, as the back outweighs.

If the headphones are pulled out of the ears, structure cannot fall.. The outer sides of the ears have magnets inside, that connect the headphones, until you use them.

Headphones are tight in the ears, do not slip. This is mainly due to the unusual shape with directional sound radiation into the ear canal.. This can be inconvenient at first., but you quickly get used to this form. In addition, this design provides excellent sound insulation..

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Sound and microphone quality

Samsung Level U headphones have 12mm drivers. Because of this, the sound in them is clear., detailed. Evenly distributed low, medium and high frequencies without the slightest predominance of one of them. This is a definite plus, since the sound is easier to adjust in the equalizer.

The headphone volume is above average. Music will be heard well even in noisy environments, but for fans of loud listening to sound, it may not be enough. The volume on the headphones is controlled separately from the smartphone.

The quality of the microphone is also top notch.. When talking, the interlocutor hears you perfectly, as the noise reduction system is installed.

Connection and Software Reliability

There is proprietary software for android platforms. This helps control the sound and other features of the headset.. can be adjusted:

  • headphone volume;
  • track playback mode;
  • display up to 4 quick launch shortcuts through the notification panel;
  • vibration setting.

In addition, in the application you can monitor the battery status. It is possible to enable automatic voice notification.

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With active use of the device, the duration is close to 10 sometimes. If you use the headset only for talking on the phone, the battery will last for 11 opening hours. Standby much more, than other models, – 500 hours.

Radius Actions – 10 meters, like other Bluetooth connected devices. Sometimes there is instability of work - the signal disappears for a short time.

Main disadvantages

The disadvantages of this device include:

  • low volume;
  • unstable phone connection;
  • overweight on the back of the arc structure.


The Samsung Level U Headset is great for just about everything, other than sports. Due to the design of the arc, on which the weight is collected behind the neck, it will be inconvenient to use headphones when running and doing strength exercises. They also don't work well for people., who like to listen to music at high volume and spend a lot of time talking on the phone (due to not the best connection with a smartphone).

Ergonomics may not suit all users. But this design helps the sound to get directly into the ear canal., which makes it look more detailed.

Anastasia Karbel

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