Redmi Airdots 2 full review, testing, reviews.

Xiaomi company regularly updates its devices, including wireless headphones, they recently released the third generation of folk headphones, but they are significantly more expensive than their predecessors, if you want to buy yourself a budget device, take a look at Xiaomi Redmi Airdots 2, which review you are reading.


Redmi airdots 2 has almost the same characteristics as its predecessors - the first version, improvements are all at the level of nuances – we compare the versions after the table:

Headphones mi redmi airdots 2
Range10 meters
Battery capacity43 mAh
Charging timeAround 1,5 o'clock
Working timeAround 4 hours, 12 hours including charging from the case
Standby timeAround 150 hours
Battery typeLi-ion
Connectivity technologyBluetooth 5.0
Connection profilesHFP/A2DP/HSP/AVRCP
Charging case
Charge current500 mA, 5AT
Charging timeAround 2 hours
Battery capacity300 mAh
Battery typeLi-ion

If we compare the headphones with their twin brothers, we will see, that there are very few differences, below is redmi airdots vs redmi airdots comparison chart 2 vs redmi airdots s, where we have indicated only different parameters

AirdotsAirdots sAirdots 2
Earphone ABC capacity40 mAh43 mAh43 mAh
bitrate of the SBC codec328 kbps320 kbps320 kbps
SBS HQ supportyesYesNo
Total operating timeTo 12 hoursTo 12 hoursTo 14 hours
Connection typeOne headphone mainBoth headphones are the sameBoth headphones are the same

Dimensions, Design and materials these headphones do not differ.

Noise reduction redmi airdots 2 only in talk mode so that you can be heard better, works on DSP technology.

Image looks like text, interior, multiple auto-generated description

Equipment and appearance

Included with headphones, in addition to the case and instructions, additional 2 pair of ear pads in different sizes, no charging cable, as it was not in previous versions. Xiaomi made redmi airdots 2 case made of exactly the same simple plastic, who scratches quickly.

Image looks like internal Description automatically generated

Headphones are a miniature device with an in-ear mount. The entire front is occupied by the redmi airdots control button 2 with status indicator. Charging pins on the back, at the end - a microphone.

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Headphones redmi airdots 2 have instructions in English and Chinese, the global version contains instructions in Russian. Below you can Russian version of the instruction –

There are a lot of copies of these headphones on the market., now we will tell you how redmi airdots looks like 2 distinguish the original.

The times when fakes had a significantly different appearance or packaging are long gone., they are almost indistinguishable in real life., but there is 3 proven methods of which two involve disassembling the device.

It should be noted, that we do not recommend disassembling devices - you can break them, get hurt, and void your warranty.
  1. The printed circuit board inside the case is different from the original - see here how the originals and fakes look like
  2. The circuit board inside the headphones is different from the original - see here how the originals and fakes look like
  3. When entering on the site special number, located under the protective layer on the packaging, with original headphones you will see – “This is an authentic product. This is the first time this security code has been queried”, but on a fake “This is an authentic product. This security code had previously been queried *число* times”.

Ergonomics, the convenience of use

Ergonomics is primarily due to the design of the headphones – they are intracanal, because. called vacuum or plugs. They are very small and light in themselves.. sit well, do not fall out, however, due to the form factor, it will not be possible to wear them for a long time.

Image looks like internal, accessory, close, cosmetics Automatically generated description

The headphone case, on the contrary, does not differ in compactness, its thickness does not allow it to be comfortably carried in a pocket. The lid of the case is not rigidly fixed in the open position, but won't close. The headphones themselves in the case sit tightly due to magnets., which is why it is not very convenient to get them.

Next, we will tell, how to enable redmi airdots 2, how to wear and switch music.

Headphones turn on automatically, when you take them out of the charging case, if they are turned off and not in the case, to turn it on, you need to hold the redmi airdots2 control button for about 1 seconds, until the white indicator lights up.

The photo below shows how to wear redmi airdots 2 correct -

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Standard headphone control functions are quite limited. You will not be able to change the volume level using the control buttons, to redmi airdots 2 switch music you will need to use a voice assistant, smart bracelets and watches or program control using third-party applications.

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By default, it is possible to answer the call, pause music, switch during a call from headphones to phone and call a voice assistant.


Image looks like internal, black, mouse Automatically generated description

The case has an LED indicator., which only works while charging the case itself.

There are also LED indicators on the headphone housing., when turned on, they glow white, while charging - lights up red, if redmi airdots indicator 2 blinking white - headphones are available for pairing with the phone.

In this model, Xiaomi has made each earbud standalone, in predecessor was the main speaker, and already from it the sound was broadcast to the slave. У airdots 2 the connection between the headphones remained only to synchronize the operation of the channels. During this synchronization, the headphone indicator flashes red/white alternately.

It is possible to connect different headphones to two different devices, To do this, you first need to do a "reset", remove one earpiece from the case and connect it to the device, then do the same with the second earpiece. But if you later want to use the headphones again in a pair, you need to do a reset again.. How to make a reset - read below.

Sound quality

У redmi airdots 2 the sound is slightly different from the first version of the headphones, this is partly due to the reduction in bitrate. In any case, without serious equipment for measuring the frequency response, signal-to-noise ratio, etc.. talking about sound quality is subjective. And in the case of vacuum headphones, it also very much depends on the correct selection of the size of the ear cushions and wearing.

The sound quality of redmi airdots 2 original performance you will not be disappointed, considering their cost of course. Enough bass, the high ones don't come off, but at high volume, it is expected that they begin to “sand”.

Headroom, by the way, enough, and if your airdots 2 play quietly - most likely they need clean up or do a reset.

But the microphone remained the same - just as bad

Connection and software

Pairing your headphones with your phone (tablet, computer) happens over Bluetooth v 5.0.

How to connect redmi airdots 2

  1. Remove both earbuds from the charging case and wait for them to turn on automatically.
  2. Wait while the headphones are syncing - the indicator will first turn white, after which it will flash white/red alternately.
  3. When the indicator on the headphones starts flashing white, turn on the Bluetooth search on your device and connect.

If pairing fails the first time, put the headphones back in the case and try again. If it doesn't work out, perhaps the tips from this articles.

In the model redmi airdots 2 synchronizing the headphones is quite simple - when both headphones are connected successfully, they are in dual ear mode. Place one of the earbuds back into the case and close the lid, the other earphone will automatically switch to single ear mode. Remove the earbud from the charging case, dual headphone mode will automatically restore again.

reset redmi airdots 2.

If you are having trouble pairing your headphones with your device, when synchronizing the headphones with each other or any other playback problems - follow these steps:

  1. take out the redmi airdots 2 from the charging case, make sure, that they are off (To turn off, press and hold the buttons on each headphone for 5 seconds until the red indicator appears).
  2. Press and hold the control button on both earbuds for 15 seconds, until the indicator flashes red and white alternately 3 times.
  3. Release the buttons and place the earbuds back into the case. Reset done.
Important! After a successful reset, you will have to re-pair your headphones with all your devices.

The official app of redmi airdots 2 No, but to customize the sound, you can use any available from the app store.


Headphone autonomy at an average level –

Working hours, music or conversation in stereo (two headphones) – 4:40 h, at volume 40%, 3:45 h at volume 100%
Working hours, music or conversation in mono (one earpiece) – 6:00 h, at volume 40%
Operating time, taking into account recharging from the case - up to 14 h, (if the headphones are previously charged plus 2 full charge from the case)

How to charge redmi airdots 2 – earphones are charged in a case. Can be charged, when the case itself is charging or when the case is charged.

How to charge redmi airdots case 2 – the case is charged via micro USB cable (which is not included) from charger or computer. Case charge current up to 0,2 A.

Headphone charging time 1:10 h
Case charging time without earphones – 1:40 h
Case charging time with earphones 2:10 h

Disadvantages and reviews

Among the shortcomings, considering their price, the poor quality of the microphone, slight background noise during operation, narrow regular functionality of the control key.

At the same time, xiaomi redmi airdots 2 (twsej061ls) reviews are mostly positive, and this also applies to the global version of mi true earbuds basic 2:

Alexey A.

User Experience:

less than a month


Price, assembly, dimensions.


Uncomfortable fit in the ear, ambrochury tried to change: sits well with little ones, because. can get deeper, but the sound is wrong (without low, sounds quieter), sits incomprehensibly with average, but manages to get the right sound. I don't think, what a special auricle, rather a feature of the shape of the earpiece.


Good for its price, but you have to order others..


Yuri Ch.


Headphones are normal, inexpensive, sound quality is good for this price


Microphone bottom full, hear everything around, but not the one who talks about them


This version allegedly added noise reduction at the microphone, but not better than the previous version. I do not hear you, but you can hear everything around



User Experience:

less than a month


Купила данные наушники ребёнку в подарок, предварительно затестив на своём телефоне Samsung galaxy note 10+. Качество звука просто огонь, при этом мои фирменные беспроводные уступают по качеству звука (печально, но факт). Держат больше 3 hours. Рассматриваю приобретение второй пары для себя Разговаривать по ним не пробовала, но вроде функцию поддерживают


Ни одного


Я не знаю что круче -цена или звук)))) но без сомнения это лучшее вложение денег до 2 thousand rubles


Сергей ХХХ

User Experience:

несколько месяцев


За свои деньги (покупал за 1270р.) Нормальный звук (yes, упор на низкие частоты, но и средние с верхами более менее) Кейс как по мне, маленький аккуратный. К моему смарту- galaxy s9 подключились сразу и без проблем. Это мои первые TWS наушники, может и есть лучше и интереснее за эти деньги, но я всё равно не жалею что купил их.


Провёл маленький эксперимент- позвонил другу используя их как гарнитуру (ему об этом не сказал) После минуты разговора он спросил почему меня слышно как из ж#опы)) Вообщем микрофон тут так себе. Спустя некоторое время кажется что они выпадают, но это не так. Сидят в ушах крепко.


Я брал их для потребления (какое мерзкое слово) контента YouTube, кино онлайн да иногда музыку послушать на ходу. Для этих задач в самый раз.


Резюмируя всё вышесказанное – redmi airdots 2 отлично подойдут в качестве первых беспроводных наушников, либо если вы не слишком требовательны к материалам и качеству микрофона.

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Наушники свои деньги оправдывают на 100%, но есть недостатки которые кому-то покажутся критичными. Выводы делать вам.

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