QCY T5 – review of TWS headphones

Wireless headphones are in trend, we have already lost count - how many of them we have visited on tests. Some don't remember, while others have their own "catchy chips". Today on the review - tws headphones QCY T5. It is unlikely that they will remember something, in contrast to theirpredecessors», but it's not bad. Let's deal with everything in order. Don't forget to leave a comment and share this review with your friends..


QCY is a sub-brand of Xiaomi, and they decided to adopt approaches to the production of various models with approximately the same name to the parent company. So there is QCY T5 on the market, QCY T5S и QCY T5 Pro. Moreover, we could not find the last two models for sale., they are not available on the global website of the company and only in the Chinese version of JD there is a page with these headphones, but they are not available.

We publish a comparative table with the main differences between the models of the QCY T5 series

Wireless chargerNoNothere is
Possibility of customization in special softwareNothere isthere is
In-ear presence sensorNothere isthere is
Battery capacity in case380 mAh600 mAh600 mAh
Max run time25 h35 h35 h
Sound qualityNormalNormalimproved (reinforcing emitter)
Look Look Look

The remaining characteristics of all QCY T5 are the same:

  • Bluetooth 5,0;
  • Touch control;
  • Low latency gaming mode – 65 ms;
  • SBC codecs, AAC;
  • Waterproof IPX5.

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Equipment and appearance

Headphones are delivered in a small multi-colored box.

Previously there was a version in a box of the same size, but in black and white, and there is also a version with a large color box, which according to some reports is a fake.

So that, if you come across a box not like ours, not a fact, that you bought a fake, of which there are quite a few. Do not forget to use authentication - the box has a stamp with an individual number under the protective layer. This code must be entered on the site – http://www.cn12365.org/.

Inside the box, an average set is waiting for us.:

  • charging case;
  • headphones;
  • Micro-USB cable;
  • additional 2 pairs of ear pads;
  • instruction.

QCY T5 case is small, made of ordinary black plastic, the paint is not very good quality, there is a feeling that it will be erased with active use quite quickly, Yes, and on the w3bsit3-dns.com forum in the thread about qcy t5 there are a lot of reviews about a quickly scratched case. We recommend buying a case., It's not expensive and there are many options..

The case lid is well magnetized and does not open from shaking, fixed in open position, headphones on charging sit tight. Getting QCY T5 tws out of the case is convenient, we recently had headphones on the review Xiaomi Earbuds Basic - that's where the trouble is. Through the cover you can see how the headphone charging indicator is lit. The case also has an LED charge indicator.. headphones too.

The headphones themselves reminded me a drop of Rupert. They are exactly the same plastic as the case., There are no inscriptions or decorative elements on them.. R/L marking and charging contacts only.

Xiaomi qcy t5 has a touch control area in the upper zone, and on the bottom end there is a microphone hole - a very good location, let's see if this helps.

Ergonomics, the convenience of use

The ergonomics of small touch-sensitive earbuds have always been a problem for us - false positives often occur, For example, when you fix your earpiece, excelled in this Spunky Beat. In the hero of our today's review, this problem is solved in a radical way - a single click on the touch area does not perform exactly any function.. It was confusing at first, but during operation it turned out, what is the big advantage of QCY T5.

Certainly, at the same time, all control possibilities are not fully implemented in the headphones - there is no volume control. This can of course be fixed., using third party apps from our list, but there is a risk of getting those same false positives.

See photo for device functions.:

The shape of QCY wireless headphones is comfortable, in the ear sit perfectly and do not stick out at all, suitable for sports, along with other sports headphones.

Headphones are lightweight - can be worn for a long time, once I even fell asleep in them.

Comes with extra ear pads, Total 3 size, you can choose the right size for you. We have seen the opinion, that with the largest ear pads, the headphones do not fit into the charging case, but in our version there is no such problem.

The only inconvenience in using QCY T5 tws is the Micro USB charging connector, I switched to Type-C a long time ago and there is nothing to charge the case in the car or office.


The website has an IPX5 waterproof rating., but there was no such information on the box with headphones, we did not test them for strength.

Do you need waterproof earbuds??


Link – instruction in Russian for qcy t5.

Sound quality

The headphones have a rather large emitter, and the case itself is not small, why the sound is voluminous and rich.

QCY T5 headphones do not support special codecs - the bitrate is limited to the standard SBC and AAC codec, therefore, they are unlikely to suit lovers of lossless sound, and the price segment is not the same.

Some users lack low frequencies, In my opinion, this is due to incorrectly selected ear pads.. But if you think their size is optimal, but the bass is still not enough on the forums, it is recommended to seal a small hole with electrical tape in the place where the ear cushion is put on the earpiece.

The microphone on the T5 is located at the bottom of the earpiece., this is the closest place to the mouth, what makes it perform well. In headset mode, I talked about 2-3 hours and no one complained that I was hard to hear.

An example of a microphone recording from Xiaomi QCY t5 is posted below /

Connection and software

Everything is standard with the connection - they got it out of the case, have paired QCY with your phone and are using.

Headphone signal is excellent, catch very far, penetrates well through walls. Bluetooth version not listed on the box, QCY.com lists Bluetooth version 5,0, which means the battery life should please us, but more on that below.

There is no special software for the standard T5 version., however, the manufacturer has released special software for the T5S and T5 Pro versions, Unfortunately we were unable to test it., but we have tested other wireless earphone apps, and in any case there is always an alternative.

The headphones also support low latency audio., the manufacturer states the time - 65 ms, but in fact, QCY T5 even has small video lags from sound in YouTube, and in games, where it should be important, I do not play.


The battery life of the basic version of QCY T5 wireless headphones is no different from other advanced versions, the difference is only in the battery capacity of the headphone case, and the difference is almost 2 times - 380 mAh, against 600 mAh.

On a single charge, the headphones work decent 5 hours, 25 hours in total with case, charge quickly, it's a pity that only the wire for charging the old model.

On iOS, the charge level of the headphones is shown out of the box, on android you have to install additional software.

Disadvantages and reviews about QCY T5

I will refer to the shortcomings:

  • Simple appearance;
  • Outdated charging port;
  • No automatic connection to a previously paired phone;
  • On sale only 1 version – wireless headphones qcy t5 black.

We will publish some testimonials from real users:

Vitaly P.

"Dignity – Yes for this money – bliss! Sound quality more than worth the price. Loud – in the minibus 50% I listen. Convenient format. In an hour they are discharged into -10%. There are no complaints on the microphone when talking.

disadvantages – If they are bent – unsubscribe

Comment – Read about audio delays, low volume, etc.. I suspect that this is if the phone itself does not support modern bluetooth and codecs. You can buy a few handfuls of these instead of AirPods about like a neighbor. He let me drive. The difference is not 10 once for sure."

Denis Nikulin

"Dignity – Sound is great, autonomy too. Fit is comfortable, do not stick out of the ears. Microphone acceptable.

disadvantages – Build quality is disappointing, seam straight with flash. Replacement ear pads.

Comment – For their money, namely 2000 just a fairy tale!»

Alexey M.

"Dignity – In principle, the price and further advantages based on the price: sound quality, autonomy, wearing comfort, microphone, bluetooth 5.0!

disadvantages – Regular ear pads rubbish! I put it from Sony and everything became chic!

Comment – Completely satisfied with the headphones, I don't think there are many competitors for this price.! Only with Ali if anything)) in general I advise everyone, I personally really liked!»


Finishing the review of the QCY T5 headphones, I want to note that I did not want to part with these headphones, I have used many different types of headphones, but I always wear inexpensive wired Honor ears, they don't shine, but most convenient for me.

So with T5 - you forget about them, never want to take them off, they don't bother, they are just good headphones for every day - comfortable, practical and at a good price.

That's all, join our group in VK, subscribe to the channel Youtube, rate this review and share it on social networks. Thanks!.


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