Philips TAUN102 review. Is it really possible?

Philips TAUN102 - we did not plan to review these wireless headphones. They were bought for everyday needs and simple tasks - watching videos on Youtube and radio. But even in these simple tasks, the TAUN102 wireless headphones proved themselves. Let me share my experience with you.


The manufacturer gives very modest data on the technical characteristics of TAUN102. There is no information about the bluetooth version on the box., battery capacity or battery life, used codecs. Below are the specifications, indicated by Philips:

  1. frequency range – 20-20000 Hz;
  2. Sensitivity - 100 dB;
  3. Impedance – 16 Om;
  4. Membrane size - 6 mm;
  5. Bluetooth transmitter power - less than 20 dB;
  6. Bluetooth transmitter frequency range – 2,402-2,480 GHz;
  7. Maximum input power - 5 mW.

I'm being honest, options, specified in paragraphs 5 and 6 we meet for the first time. Why is this information not clear to the user. It would be better to indicate the Bluetooth version and protocols used.

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Equipment and appearance

Philips wireless headphones come in a small box with a transparent window, through which you can see the device itself. Given the low cost of the device, we see no reason to find fault with materials and packaging design.

Inside we are met by a large pile of waste paper, additional 2 a pair of ear pads and a micro-USB charging cable.

Appearance and quality of materials at a decent level. TAUN102 are the so-called headphones - collars, vacuum type.

We have a black version on review – YEAR 102 BK, but no other colors available, therefore it is not clear why the color is indicated in the marking. The body of the emitters is quite small, Total 14 mm in diameter, it is divided into 2 parts - outer metal with Philips logo, and internal plastic with ear cushion. When you hold the headphones, you feel a pleasant heaviness and coolness of the metal.

The wire connecting the headphones to the remote control is flat, does not get tangled. The remote itself is plastic., located on it 3 buttons, microphone hole, LED indicator and charging port, the latter is covered with a rubber plug.

Ergonomics, the convenience of use

Philips TAUN102 headphones are easy to use. Due to their small size, they will sit normally in almost any ears., the main thing is to choose the right diameter of the ear cushions.

The wire with the remote control does not interfere, does not lean to one side. Is it surprising, that the remote itself is closer to the left earpiece, usually done on the right. The earphones are equipped with magnets - and are attracted to each other when you take them off, that's good - it's harder to lose them.

Management is implemented fully - you can switch tracks and change the volume and answer the call and call the voice assistant.

The only thing that bothers – constant winking of the LED during operation.

Sound quality

The sound of the Bluetooth headphones TAUN102 is somewhat rustic, little bass, high - sandy, not much headroom. All this follows from the price of the device and of course the small case..

But I liked the isolation from external noise, but the quality of the microphone is not. Constantly listened to the complaints of the interlocutors about the audibility.

Codecs used Philips did not specify, but attempts to change the SBC codec in the engineering menu of the smartphone to something else were unsuccessful, which by the way, expected.

Connection and software

Headphones connect quickly, no problem with pairing. Special software is not provided.

But remember, at the beginning of the review, we said that TAUN102 managed to distinguish itself - it is impossible to use them normally for the tasks that were set for them. When watching a video on a smartphone, there are constant stuttering of the headphones, sometimes for half a second, sometimes on 2-3, because of what, in addition, there is a desynchronization of video and sound. And it happens quite often, which is very annoying.

Changing audio settings doesn't help., changing phone doesn't help either..

However, we noticed, that stuttering occurs only when the phone is connected via Wi-Fi, Apparently there is a frequency conflict, writing on the internet, what's on wifi 5 GHz no problem, as well as when using mobile Internet.

Anyway, this problem did not occur on any other devices., so this is a clear design miscalculation Philips.


The battery life of the TAUN102 headphones is not indicated by the manufacturer. The box only has information about, what 15 minutes of charging will provide 90 minutes of work.

In testing mode, our Philips headphones work 3,5 o'clock.

The charging port is very flimsy - it is part of the PCB of the remote control with contacts, no metal frame, We don't think it will last long..

Disadvantages and reviews about Philips TAUN-102BK

I will refer to the shortcomings:

  • Inexpressive sound;
  • Average microphone quality;
  • Outdated charging port;
  • Stuttering and interruptions while working.

We will publish some testimonials from real users:


Lightweight and very comfortable

Great headphones. Now everyone is churning out the same thing in principle, but this model is distinguished by its compactness. The first thing I was surprised- it's sized. Their insert cups are very compact, despite this they were made of metal. So when you take them in your hand, then you feel this coldness from the speakers. flat wire, flexible and it is possible to manage tracks or receive calls. All control and charging of the headphones are in the remote, located on the left side. Despite the diminutiveness of the speakers, they sound off the cuff. There are no inscriptions on the box that they are Hi-Res, nevertheless they play very high quality and loud



On the second day it turned out, what to submit

On the second day it turned out, What should be returned under warranty?. Полностью заряженная батарея саморазряжалась при выключенных наушника в ноль за 7-8 hours, при выключенных наушниках. Предыдущие наушники от Philips прослужили 3 мес,уже сдал по гарантии, сдох правый наушник. Сижу без музыки, с купленными двумя наушниками, и решаю покупать ли третьи (но уж точно не филипс) Спасибо Филипс за качество! (САРКАЗМ)



Прерывистое звучание

Good sound, прочный корпус, быстрое соединение, хорошая шумоизоляция. Но при прослушивании музыки или книги, сигнал переодически прерывается, это похоже на помехи. Использовать такие наушники дискомфортно.


Не ожидал я от Филипс такого косяка с наушниками, использовать их нет никакой возможности, несмотря на материалы корпуса и эргономику. К покупке их можно рассмотреть, только если не планируете слушать музыку с телефона через Wi-Fi частоты 2,4 GHz. В остальных случаях посмотрите на другие модели, For example QCY.

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