Review of suitable wireless headphones cheaper 1000 rubles.

I recently decided to, is it possible to buy good ones normal wireless headphones in the budget up to 800 rubles. Certainly, you can save up for Aliexpress coins and, exchanging them for coupons sale 11.11 buy for that kind of money – QCY QS1. But I was considering buying headphones not in China, and in my city. As a result, I found inexpensive wireless headphones NW-13 (so they are defined in the phone), they cost me 800 rubles.



I don't know the specifications., The headphones were sold without a box..

I flipped through 120 pages on Aliexpress I found the maximum similar model their current price – [ali241012] rub.

Here are the specs of these inexpensive wireless earbuds:

  • Wireless network type: Bluetooth v4.2
  • Memory Card Support: Not
  • With microphone: Yes
  • Radius of action: 10 meters
  • Resistance: 32Ω
  • Frequency response: 20-20000 Hz
  • Working hours - 3 o'clock.

Equipment and appearance

The bundle of the cheapest wireless headphones is appropriate – my device was in a ZIP package with instructions and a micro USB cable.

The appearance of the headphones is quite pleasant., at least, until the paint has worn off the plastic. The collar is made of soft plastic., silicone ear pads.

Controls are located on the right side of the collar.: 3 buttons, microphone, charging port and LED indicator. C:\Users1nichesheadphonesArticlesNW-13DSC_0094.JPG

Ergonomics, the convenience of use

Despite the low price of wireless headphones, the materials from which they are made are pleasant, no smell of recycled tires. Fits comfortably and securely in the ears, due to a special soft hook. C:\Users1nichesheadphonesArticlesNW-13DSC_0105.JPG

Who does not like this mount - it can be removed, headphones will turn into regular earplugs.

Headphone control principle is as follows:

  • "+" button – long press increases volume, short - next track;
  • Power button - on / off or answer / end a call;
  • Button "-"- long press to decrease volume, short - previous track.

I noticed, that adjusting the volume using the buttons on the phone does not always work – the slider moves, but the volume doesn't change., had to press the buttons on the headphones.

Headphones are magnetized to each other by the reverse side, so they don't get confused when you take them out of your ears.
C:\Users1nichesheadphonesArticlesNW-13DSC_0102.JPG .

Sound quality

Outstanding sound from budget wireless headphones to 1000 I did not expect rubles. The main task of such ears is to play videos on youtube and online music., as well as talking on the phone. And with these tasks, the headphones do a good job., the sound is just a little flat, and I did not notice any delays in youtube.

By the way, the microphone works well., no one ever complained about poor hearing during a conversation, not the same as This is primarily due to the fact, that the microphone is close to the mouth, not in the earpiece.


Connection and software

Bluetooth headphones connect quickly and automatically, when turned on. Communication is kept well - in the declared distance 10 meters I believe, They didn't lose contact even after 2 phone walls.

No special software, but you can use one of special applications.


Headphones should work for about 3-4 hours on a single charge. But there is one feature - they do not turn off automatically when not in use..

Because of this, I have never been able to estimate the time of work, because I regularly forgot to turn off my headphones.

And one more unpleasant moment - when the battery runs out, the headphones announce this with a warning in Chinese. At this point, you hear nothing but Chinese, you can miss something important. These warnings are often repeated - annoying.

They are charged from the supplied micro USB cable..


Battery charge is not displayed.

Disadvantages and reviews

Of the shortcomings of these inexpensive wireless headphones, I note:

  • Low wear resistance of painted parts;
  • Glitches in management;
  • Chinese notifications, interrupting playback;
  • No charge indication;
  • No auto-off in standby mode.

You can read reviews on the product page on Aliexpress. – Read reviews


On the budget 800 rubles you can buy pretty high-quality wired headphones, that will delight you with the sound, however, if you need wireless, then these headphones are a great ticket to the world without wires.

They cope with their tasks, but not without flaws.

Aliexpress seller link – look.

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