JBL Tune 500bt

Powerful sound of JBL Tune 500bt wireless headphones is available thanks to proprietary playback technology and original speakers. The gadget syncs with most devices in a second. Equipment is comfortable to wear, compact – Takes up little space for storage and transport. The 500bt package comes in four different colors. In this review, we will present a description of a popular device indicating the functionality, advantages and disadvantages.

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The device from JBL has the following characteristics:

  • Device weight - 155 d.
  • Insert material - leatherette.
  • Connection protocol - Bluetooth version 4.1.
  • Size Dynamics – 32 mm.
  • Sensitivity - 24 dB.
  • Input impedance – 32 Om.
  • Frequency range - 20-20000 Hz.

Tune 500bt is equipped with hands-free calls, multi-connection of external devices, control from a one-button remote control with a microphone. Headphones can connect to Siri or Google, bypassing the mobile device.

Equipment and appearance

In addition to functionality, the consumer evaluates the appearance of the purchase. JBL System Headphones feature durable construction and stylish design. The 500bt has soft and comfortable ear cushions.

In the box with JBL equipment, the buyer will find:

  • Charging cable with microUSB.
  • MSDS.
  • Brief instructions for the 500bt model.

JBL 500bt earphones are securely fixed in the inside of the box, which protects them from damage during shipping.

Ergonomics, the convenience of use

The comfort of wearing the 500bt is ensured by a combination of lightweight base materials., soft pads, headband with filler. Headband - plastic. Ear pads are made of soft leatherette.

The device comes without a protective case. Execution - in four versions: strict black, deep blue, classic white, light pink. Black color is the most practical, as it does not get dirty when worn.

JBL gadget is pleasant to hold in hands. It is light and compact on the head., does not fall off while driving. The ear pads do not press on the ears when worn for a long time (but a number of users note, that for several hours they may feel discomfort). Due to decent ergonomics, suitable for people of all ages, including teenage. Buying JBL Tune 500bt headphones is a good gift idea for a young music lover.

The volume control is located on the headphones themselves.. Control buttons - convex, comfortable, unmistakable by touch. Their number is minimal., work is intuitive:

  • Volume control and switching of tracks of the playlist is carried out by pressing a double button +/-
  • There is also a multi-functional button on the case, which includes the device, stops playback, accepts/ends a call to the phone, activates the voice assistant function.
  • The power button has a feature - long press
Minus the ergonomics of JBL headphones - in the placement of the charging connector. It is located under the bow and does not allow you to use the gadget and charge it at the same time..

Sound quality

Listening to music and watching movies, What are wireless headphones for?. JBL Tune audio system is equipped with sound technology for high-quality and rich bass reproduction. JBL Pure Bass Used in Concert Venues Around the World.

Despite the promises of the manufacturer, in practice basses don't always sound perfect. Consumer reviews testify to this.. In their opinion, rock music and classics are not the best choice of repertoire for a gadget. At the same time, the standard frequency range of headphones is enough, to play any track at a decent level. To correct the sound, you can use special software - it is presented on the Internet in freeware format.

It is necessary to take into account the fact, that music can be heard by others (down to the lyrics!), as the headphones 500 bt sit loosely enough on the head. Perfect, if in the company they play not at full volume, and half of the available opportunities.

Connection and software

JBL device provides comfortable interaction with external devices. Headphone model can interact with two devices at once. for example, music is played from the tablet and interrupted if necessary, when a call comes in on the smartphone. The system automatically connects the owner of the gadget with the subscriber. To do this, connect the built-in microphone 500bt. The gadget supports the voice assistant function.


In addition to volume and speed, wireless headphones must demonstrate acceptable autonomy.

The JBL device operates on battery power for 16 hours.
To recharge it, need 2 o'clock. There is also a 5-minute fast charging mode.. With it, the device can work for another hour. In general, the battery of the 500bt model is economical.

Disadvantages and reviews

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The disadvantages of the JBL device appear during the synchronization process. If any device is connected, it must be removed from the bluetooth settings. Otherwise, новое подключение встретит сопротивление платформы.

Переключение между устройствами не всегда происходит оперативно. Наблюдаются лаги, сбои воспроизведения. Нет звукового предупреждения о критическом уровне заряда батареи 500bt.

В остальном пользователи отмечают, что модель наушников с беспроводным соединением JBL Tune 500bt – достойный выбор на указанную цену. Иногда может пропадать связь между правым и левым наушником, но при правильной эксплуатации риск поломки минимален.

К плюсам гаджета относят дальность действия – можно использовать как гарнитуру.



Беспроводные наушники модели 500bt – приятный и надежный девайс, который можно брать в дорогу и не бояться повреждений корпуса. С системой управления справится даже ребенок. Гаджет будет радовать владельца дома и на прогулке благодаря ровной и надежной фиксации. Покупка наушников Tune 500bt станет желанной для всех, кто является поклонником «тяжелой» музыки. Фирменная обработка басов дает новое качество звучания.

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