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Apple AirPods have a serious competitor. These are jbl free x wireless headphones. Their functionality is no worse and no additional payment for the brand is needed.. In this review, we will tell, How comfortable is it to use every day?, let's make a brief description, let's name the main parameters.


So, here's what you need to know when buying jbl free x vacuum in-ear plugs:

  1. Communication type and range - Bluetooth, 10 m.
  2. Frequency range - from 10 Hz to 22 kHz.
  3. Type and number of emitters - dynamic, on 1 for each module.
  4. Microphone location - in the right module.
  5. Battery life - 4 o'clock.
  6. Mass and diameter of the module: 99 d., 5.6 mm.
  7. Housing - made of plastic and silicone, protected from water by IPX5 system.

Equipment and appearance

Product recharges wirelessly, in a special case, which, in its turn, can be charged from a wall outlet.

The kit consists of:

  • the headphones themselves;
  • 2 ear cushion options;
  • case;
  • capsule cases for a comfortable fit in the ear;
  • charging cable.

To activate the device, just turn it on and identify it on your mobile phone or tablet via bluetooth.

The model has a classic design and is produced in 2 color options: jbl free x black and white bluetooth headphones - black and white. Accessories are color matched.

Capsules are made of frosted plastic. Each has a button with the name of the company..

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Ergonomics, secure fit in the ear

Earplugs are firmly fixed in the ears, however, this model is not for Sport. From moisture, they slip and jump out of the ears.. But much is also connected with the anatomical features of the owner..

Moisture protection is present, but very wet, and even more immersed in water. headset is not worth it. If you sweat a lot, can not only lose, but also damage the device. Therefore, for training, it is better to purchase specialized headphones..

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Sound quality

The main thing in headphones is sound. But everyone has different preferences and tastes in music., sound perception. And of course, you don’t need to expect perfect playback from plugs with small speakers.

Bass is good on this model., especially when properly fitted in the ear. But if you move the headphones a little or press them, low frequencies are muffled, which is very annoying when listening to music. This happens, when the plugs do not fit the configuration of a particular person.

At high frequencies, slight interference is also possible., but they are only noticeable to people with fine hearing. The sound of electronic music in general is quite good here..


Phone pairing and control functions

The headset is turned on by triple pressing the buttons 2 modules. Take them out of the case one by one.: right, then left. If there is no synchronization, press again. Turn on bluetooth on your mobile, select headphones from the list, then use them.

Automatic switching between audio sources, For example, smartphone and laptop, impossible. This will require a long repetition of the entire procedure..

The right earpiece is the master. It is he who first receives a signal from the source and transmits to the left. It also has a microphone for taking calls., therefore, only the right section is active during a conversation. It can be used alone as a mono headset, but the interlocutor will not be very good to hear you through it.

Communication with the gadget is generally decent, without breaks and delays. There are minor problems only with synchronization. Therefore, ZhBL Free is comfortable to use., including video playback.

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Most commands are given on the module on the right: and start the track, and stop, and answer the call. A single push of a button is enough.

The left module is responsible for rewinding musical compositions, one click - skip track, two - return back.

The model does not apply to superpower, but the harm to hearing from it is small, since a long and very loud sound stream does not enter directly into the ear.

battery test

The instructions indicate, that the headphones can continuously work 4 hours without additional charge. But in fact, this is only possible at an average volume level..

At the maximum, this time is reduced by about an hour.. The convenience of the device is determined by the presence of a cover, in which he recharges.

When listening to music for several hours a day 1 a full charge of the case is enough. Only one problem: it is voluminous, and you need to take it with you.

Jambs and headphone problems

Judging by the reviews, jbl free is not very popular with fans of powerful sound, because they cannot yell and rattle. They are large and do not always fit comfortably in the ear., a little repetitive at a high frequency.

Synchronization is a bit slow, and when you change the sound source you need to reconnect. There are no volume controls on the headphones themselves., and this is also a minus.


So, we have a decent model of wireless headphones at an affordable price with decent sound. They are suitable for lovers of harmonious soft sound.. Speakers are in the middle, important to most listeners, for which subtleties of frequencies are not in the first place.

JBL Free has good sound isolation, working in both directions. They are convenient to listen to tracks on noisy streets and vice versa, in a quiet room, without disturbing others.

Buying headphones, be sure to try them on and buy, only if they sit comfortably in the ear. This will also affect the sound quality..

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