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During testing budget Chinese wireless headphones the HBQ q32 attracted particular attention. At first, I was very attracted by the design and the ability to use it as a power bank. Here are the features, which I noticed after a week of use.


  • device type – wireless;
  • connection type – bluetooth;
  • bluetooth version – 5.0;
  • resistance – 32 Om;
  • speaker diameter – 8 mm;
  • sensitivity – 42 dB;
  • radius of action – to 10 m;
  • Battery capacity – 50 mAh;
  • the weight – 60 d;
  • working hours – 4,5 h;
  • charging time – 1 h;
  • colors – black, white, beige;
  • water protection system – IPx5.

Equipment and appearance

Comes with purchase:

  • a pair of headphones;
  • charging case;
  • micro USB charging cable;
  • two pairs of interchangeable ear pads;
  • user manual.

There are two connectors on the back of the case. – micro USB for charging and USB for using it as an external battery. It is very convenient and helps to combine two devices in one..

The lid of the case is made of translucent plastic material.. There may be problems opening the lid due to the small protrusion.

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Accessories in the case are held by magnets. On the top side there are semicircular indicators.. Between the niches for the ears there is a small indicator light. It shows the charge level of the headphones. Case charge is not shown anywhere.

There is a mechanical button on the surface inside the backlight. Charging contacts are sealed, therefore, there are no questions about water protection – she has nowhere to go.

Ergonomics, the convenience of use

HBQ q32 tws wireless headphones fit well, but there is a small downside.. They are very small and made of smooth plastic., therefore, over time, they can slowly slip out of the ear. Otherwise they are comfortable..

Management is done like this:

  • long press – turn the device on/off;
  • one short press – play/pause;
  • two short presses – switch to the next track;
  • three short presses – switch to the previous track;
  • when calling, short press accepts the call;
  • double tap when calling – reject the call or hang up.

Sound quality

The sound quality of the HBQ q32 tws wireless headphones is average. For such a cheap model, basically, the sound is not bad. There is a clear predominance of high frequencies, bass is missing. But the sound is clear, without wheezing.

The microphone is worse in this regard.. The interlocutor hears you badly, with barrel effect.

Connection and software

To connect with a smartphone, you need to go through the traditional system of stages:

  1. Turn on bluetooth on your phone or other device.
  2. Turn on the headphones with a long press.
  3. Find in the list of devices HBQ q32.
  4. Perform synchronization.
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The operating time of the HBQ q32, like most other Chinese models, does not exceed three hours when listening to music.

Accessories charge quickly – maximum per hour. Moreover, one charged case is enough for at least 15-20 charged ears.

Disadvantages and reviews

Of the minuses of HBQ q32, I singled out:

  • the predominance of high frequencies;
  • average case build quality;
  • microphone;
  • no volume control.

Here are some reviews of HBQ q32 tws wireless earbuds:

  1. Accessories attracted by the ability to use them as an external battery and charge the phone. The device itself is good., especially for this price. The only downside – sometimes fall out of the ears. But in general I liked.
  2. Gadget convenient, stays well in the ears. Didn't like it at first, then I picked up the ear pads and everything became normal. The sound suits, although there are too many high frequencies. For this price I recommend!
  3. Great device for the price. Microphone – its only downside. Everything else is good.


HBQ q32 TWS – good Chinese budget device. They are suitable for everyday listening to people, who don't need strong bass. But lovers of low frequencies – they won't fit you. If you decide to purchase this model – be sure to leave your impression about the device.

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