Bose QuietComfort 35 II

I have been using Bose QuietComfort for a long time. 35. I liked the headphones, but over time they fell apart. When was the updated version released?, I decided without hesitation to try it - especially, that it was praised by almost all owners. Here are the features, which I highlighted in the Bose QuietComfort headphones 35 II.


QuietComfort 35 II - an updated model from Bose, which has extensive functionality. Here are its main specifications:

  • country of origin - China;
  • device type - overhead;
  • connection type - wireless, wired;
  • frequency range - 20-20000 Hz;
  • track management - yes;
  • volume control yes;
  • microphone - built-in, one;
  • Active noise canceling system - yes;
  • wired connector - mini-jack 3.5 mm;
  • body material - plastic;
  • headband material - fabric;
  • ear pad material - eco-leather;
  • length of cable - 120 cm;
  • storage case - yes;
  • the weight - 196 city;
  • operating time in active mode - up to 28 h;
  • available colors - gray, pink, blue, black.

Equipment and appearance

Included with the purchase of the device are:

  • headphones;
  • storage and carrying case;
  • charging cable;
  • cable for wired connection;
  • documentation, user manual.

Ergonomics, the convenience of use

Bose QuietComfort 35 II are made in simple, but elegant style. They are comfortable and easy to use. I find these earbuds to be the most comfortable of all., what i had. You can wear them all the time - they are not felt on the head, do not press and do not cause inconvenience.

Headphones have excellent resistance to any manipulation: they can be bent, twist, and they won't break. Even if you throw them without a case in a backpack under a bunch of things, nothing will happen to them. Are you using a cover??

There are several function keys on the case, multifunctional buttons, buttons for volume control and headphone on/off. On the right side there are two connectors - micro USB and mini-jack. 3.5 mm.

Sound quality


headphones use a standard SBC, no aptx codec
But it's not that bad, because most users will not even notice much difference. Besides, Bose QuietComfort sound quality 35 II good. But if you are an ardent lover of quality music, the device may not suit you.

Strong emphasis on bass, other frequencies are less pronounced, but the sound does not seem less saturated. Mids are clean enough, but the high ones may seem flat. So, if you have used good headphones with excellent sound and expect the same from this model - better check in advance, otherwise you risk being disappointed. Please write later – Did you like the sound of QuietComfort 35 II or not, this will help to understand the preferences of our readers, and make reviews even better.

Communication remains reliable during calls. There were never any interruptions in the conversation with the interlocutor. Microphone quality is excellent, so they hear you well, without any noise or interference.

The device has an active noise canceling system.. This is a great feature for those, who often use public transport or are in noisy places.

Connection and software

The gadget is connected to the phone according to the standard scheme through bluetooth devices.

Users have the Bose Connect+ app. As soon as you turn on the software, it starts the pairing process with the headphones. The main thing, for the program to find them, they must be turned on and nearby. When the connection is completed, you will be notified by a voice message from the accessories.

Next, you will need to select the control language and your nickname, and you can customize the Google Assistant voice assistant - the main feature of this version. Assistant will notify you of all incoming notifications, and you can interact with it, just like with a phone, just much faster. Truth, Google Assistant is currently not supported in Russia, but soon, think, this feature will be available.

To use the assistant, you need to press the corresponding button and wait for a short signal. After that, say your request or command. Basically, all preliminary steps take no more than two seconds., but the voice assistant starts listening to you right away, as soon as you press the button - this is a special advantage of the model. You will also receive a response to your inquiry quickly..

With this program, you can adjust the level active noise cancellation. This model has three levels of this function: tall, low and disabled. I use medium, this is enough for comfortable work.

This app is suitable for Android smartphones., and for owners of products from Apple.

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QuietComfort 35 II guarantee a reliable connection to the sound source. It doesn't break, does not lose connection, if the device is within range. You can leave your phone in your pocket or bag outside, and don't be afraid for that, that the music will stop playing. If the connection is lost for some reason, Headphones connect automatically and quickly.


Autonomy Bose QuietComfort 35 II at the highest level.

The device is sufficient for at least 20 hours.
It also has a fast charging function. 15 minutes, you can charge the headphones for another 2-3 working hours. Поэтому даже при прослушивании музыки на полную громкость вам хватит их надолго.

Disadvantages and reviews

Недостатков у этой версии только два:

  • price;
  • sound, который ничем не изменился от старой версии.

Сюда же можно отнести и отсутствие кодеков LDAC, aptX, aptX HD, но даже без них устройство звучит хорошо.

Вот несколько отзывов от пользователей:

  1. Наушники качественные! Отлично спасают в поездках – надел, и слушаешь музыку без окружающего шума. Звук достойный. Не понравилась только пластиковая коробка, но ее можно заменить.
  2. Bose QuietComfort 35 II – 10 from 10! Sound, autonomy, ergonomics, управление отличные, все впечатляет. Микрофон тоже хороший.
  3. Наушники сами по себе хорошие, но звука мне было недостаточно. Ношу их в основном из-за шумоподавления.

Differences from the previous version of QuietComfort 35

Главной особенностью последней модели от предыдущей является наличие Google Assistant. Его запуск в России должен начаться уже в течение ближайших месяцев. Bose QuietComfort 35 II работают вместе с приложением.

Второй особенностью стала функциональная система шумоподавления. Ее можно регулировать в приложении или отключать.


Наушники Bose QuietComfort 35 II –гаджет, который обладает прекрасной эргономикой и звуком. По сравнению с прошлой версией в эту были добавлены голосовй помощник и шумоподавление. Последнее работает даже лучше, чем у многих других моделей.


Anastasia Karbel

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