Beats studio 3 wireless

Beats models have always saved with their autonomy and bribed with stylish design. Studio 3 I bought for an upcoming long trip. I quickly noticed the advantages of these headphones. Here are the features and specifications of Beats studio 3 wireless.


  • fastening - headband;
  • ear cushion type - monitors;
  • connection type - Bluetooth;
  • construction - foldable;
  • track management - yes;
  • volume control yes;
  • volume control type - on the headphones;
  • call answer button;
  • acoustic type - closed;
  • microphone mount - built-in;
  • connector - mini-jack (3,5 mm);
  • range - up to 10 meters;
  • cable - detachable;
  • charging connector - USB;
  • operating time in active mode - up to 22 hours;
  • noise reduction system - yes;
  • the weight - 260 grams;
  • country - China.
Beats studio 3 wireless
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Equipment and appearance


  • headphones;
  • storage case;
  • Audio cable;
  • cable with remote control;
  • cable micro USB;
  • instruction, sticker.

Design done well, no different from wired devices of this manufacturer. On the sides of the bowls are the logo in the form of the letter b, on top of the headband the inscription Beats. Large range of colors.

Accessories are made of glossy plastic. The downside here is, that it is quickly covered with fingerprints. Guide rails are made of metal, ear pads - eco-leather.

Ergonomics, the convenience of use

Weight of Beats studio headphones 3 wireless minor, therefore, they are not felt on the head - you can wear them all day. They sit comfortably on the head, do not put pressure on the ears.

There are buttons on the bowl to completely mute the sound.. Made it comfortable, so that you can turn off the headphones without removing, and then continue listening to the track. When the device is turned on, the indicators on the surface light up, that allow you to see the level of charge.

Comes with two cables: regular and remote. The second one works with all Apple products. Separately, you can purchase a cable with a remote control for Android, Windows Phone.

Foldable design provides portability: they won't fit in your pocket., but in a backpack or bag - easy.

Beats studio 3 Convenient to use as a headset for calls. There is a voice assistant control button on the case. It can be used to receive a call, call yourself.

Sound quality

The main feature of Beats studio 3 wireless is an active noise canceling system. It works all the time and you can't turn it off..

Regarding the sound, the device is excellent.. Unlike others, it is universal and suitable for listening to any music genres. All frequencies are heard well, provide clean, detailed sound.

use studio 3 can watch movies. All voices, special effects, music is played fully. Therefore, they are suitable for those who like to watch something at night., when everyone else is sleeping.

Connection and software

Pairing Beats Studio 3 with an Apple device takes a few seconds. It is enough to turn on the bluetooth on the device and bring the included headphones to it - a connection window will appear on the screen and you're done. The model will automatically be connected to all other devices in your account.

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The Beats Audio app allows headphone owners to adjust the sound, customize it for you.


Headphones can work up to 22 hours in active mode. The disadvantage of the model is, that the noise reduction system cannot be turned off - it consumes battery faster. But you can connect the device for charging to any computer..

A plus is the fast charging feature.: for 10 minutes you can charge the device to work for another 3 o'clock.

Disadvantages and reviews

Cons 3 wireless:

I have read many reviews for this model., almost all of them are positive., negative units. This is a good indicator. Here are some reviews:

  1. good headphones. pleases, that work with Apple is going smoothly. Sound is clear, comfortable design, great bass. I advise everyone!
  2. Headphones are overpriced, and that's their only downside.. Liked the ear pads and build quality. Sound, certainly, not the best, but outperforms many other wireless models, so satisfied with the device.
  3. Bought these headphones for the gym. For this price I wanted to get the perfect sound, but he didn't surprise me. But the battery lasts a long time. Headphones advise, but don't expect amazing sound.


Beats studio 3 wireless is a great solution for those, who cares about autonomy and noise reduction. The sound of the headphones is good, they are comfortable to use. The folding design of the model allows you to always take the headphones with you.

To whom this model seems expensive – We recommend paying attention to Beats Solo 3

Anastasia Karbel


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