Apple Airpods – is it worth overpaying or buying Xiaomi?

Appearance Apple wireless headphones attracted a lot of attention. Lots of discussions around this topic.. One of the exciting questions, undoubtedly, became: are they worth the price and is it worth paying? For, To get answers, you need to understand everything in detail. virtues and shortcomings.

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Wireless AirPods are branded box, made from very hard, quality cardboard. Has a mini case. It also performs the functions charger and serves portable battery. In the box under the plastic retainer is Lightning cable for recharging.


It is impossible not to note the great visual similarity between the headphones AirPods и EarPods. The only external difference is, in AirPods, the "legs" are slightly thicker and longer, and instead of a wire, a pair of meshes is installed in their lower part, who hide microphones. But this is only an external similarity - inside they are completely different devices..

Apple Airpods - is it worth overpaying or buying Xiaomi?

The body of the headphones themselves and the case are made of glossy plastic.. This material is slippery and does not collect fingerprints.. Total weight boxing is 38g, each earbud is only 4g.

Apple Airpods - is it worth overpaying or buying Xiaomi?
Headphone case

Case cover magnetic. The design itself is equipped with a massive hinge, which makes it reliable in operation.. Headphone jacks have contacts for charging and additional magnets. AirPods fit well inside, there is a feeling, that they themselves slip out of the fingers and take the right position (at this time there is a noticeable click). At the very bottom is charging port.

Sound quality.

The acoustic part of the AirPods has been improved with high quality and it is clearly audible. Overall sound is fairly smooth.. Bass is felt, but it does not cover high and medium frequencies. Impressive and detailed sound. The volume level is more than sufficient and there is clearly a margin. AirPods have an open design, and it allowed the sound to form around the head, not inside it. To cons can be attributed to the almost absent soundproofing. In a noisy place it will be difficult to immerse yourself in the music "with your head", but on the street you can hear the signal of the car, or when someone calls you.

Joining Apple Watch and iPhone.

Wireless headphones AirPods connect to Apple Watch и iPhone simultaneously. The sound switches between them automatically.. Opening the capsule lid activates pairing with devices. Need, keep the headphones close. Immediately after pairing, information about the charge of the headphones is displayed .


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Capsule, that is, the AirPods case also protrudes charger. In order to recharge them, it is enough just to put them in a capsule., which is very convenient to carry with you all the time. Without recharging, you can listen to music for 5 hours. This is the time stated by the developers.

Using the charging case, AirPods can work up to 24 hours.
If you use them in call mode, then the charge is ready to withstand 3 hours in a row.


Thanks to the presence microphones in each headphone, through AirPods wireless headphones is possible make calls. To receive a call, just touch the outside of the earpiece twice in a row, quickly without maintaining intervals. The same gesture ends the call, or switch to another.

Control with Siri.

Manage AirPods possible with the help Siri.

Headphones can pick up your voice no matter where you place them. Thanks to this, the interlocutor hears you clearly, even in a noisy place. By referring to Siri with simple phrases, it is possible to adjust the volume. It is enough to say a phrase “Siri, turn up the volume”,or vice versa “turn down the volume”.

Disadvantages of AirPods.

  1. Initially attractive and stylish glossy surface, wears off over time and loses its appearance. If you carry them in the pocket of coarse clothes daily, but changes not for the better will become noticeable after 3 months.
  2. Headphones have enough specific form, and for this they often surprise others. It's not always nice to catch multiple glances.
  3. They are easy enough to lose.. For, To prevent this from happening, you should develop the habit of periodically checking their presence..
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So is it worth it to overpay for wireless AirPods?? The question is different for everyone., Maybe this video will help you decide

That, that these headphones have a number of advantages and many interesting features is a fact. Disadvantages are minor, and are not related to their direct work and functionality.. So the choice is yours!



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