How to connect a microphone to a computer

Windows operating system 10 is very popular today. Applies to home computers, as well as in the workplace. And in that, and in another case, it often becomes necessary to connect a microphone to a computer. The need may be caused by communication in social networks, making video calls, use of voice chat services in online games, participation in conferences and so on.

The method of connecting external devices is determined by some criteria. The synchronization method may differ depending on the operating system of the computer, how to install the gadget and other factors.

How to connect a microphone to a computer

Online communication has been an integral part of the life of a modern person for several decades now.. Calls via messengers, within the Skype network and other methods of communication would be meaningless in the absence of a microphone on a personal computer. Almost all laptops are equipped with an integrated device, but it is not available on desktop computers.. In this case, you will have to install external equipment. In addition, the built-in microphones transmit sound in low quality., so many laptop users resort to installing additional microphones.

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Windows 7

The process of connecting a microphone on a computer with the Windows operating system 7 very simple and takes a few seconds:

  • on the desktop near the clock you need to find the icon with the speaker icon;
  • right click open popup menu;
  • Select "Recording Devices" from the list;
  • in the window that opens, go to the "Microphone" section;
  • open the "Levels" tab;
  • raise all levels to the maximum.

Windows 10

Method for connecting a microphone to a Windows PC 10 similar to the previous, but, has some features:

  • connect the microphone to the system unit;
  • open the control panel through the start menu;
  • go to "Hardware and Sound";
  • in the "Sound" line, click the "Manage sound devices" button;
  • in the window that opens, go to the "Record" tab;
  • find the connected microphone and, by clicking the right mouse button, select "Properties" from the drop-down menu;
  • in the menu that opens, set the microphone settings;
  • Confirm your actions by pressing the "OK" button.

Mac OS

APPLE brand technology is fundamentally different from other computers. Unusual interface complicates the work a little. But although the procedure for connecting a microphone on Mac OS is different from the Windows operating system, it will be easy enough. To do this, follow these steps:

  • connect the microphone to the computer in any convenient way (USB, Bluetooth, audio input);
  • Click on the Apple icon in the top left corner of the screen;
  • select "System Settings";
  • open the "Sound" section;
  • select the "Login" tab at the top of the window;
  • choose microphone (all available microphones will be listed);
  • on the selected device, by moving the slider, set the "Input sensitivity" parameter
  • speaking into the microphone, check signal strength.

How to connect a microphone to a laptop

Not all laptops come with a built-in microphone.. In addition, users often resort to installing an external device due to the poor quality of the integrated microphone..

Any device can be connected to a laptop. To do this, you need to decide which device you want to connect., find out what kind of jack he has (colloquially "plug").

REFERENCE: jacks come in four types:

  • TS – 2 pin, 2 poles. This type of headset is outdated and almost never used.;
  • TRS-3 - headphones, audio adapters and other equipment;
  • TRRS-4 - karaoke and professional equipment, e.g. mixing consoles.
  • TRRRS-5 - Noise Canceling Headsets, used on professional recording equipment.

It is also becoming a popular option to use microphones over Bluetooth.. Radius of action 10 meters, and it is enough to use.

Older laptops only have a wired microphone connection., speakers and other audio equipment. Externally, the connectors do not differ, the only difference is the color. As a rule, the pink input is used to connect a microphone.. Modern models are equipped with an entrance 2 in 1. This jack is responsible for audio input., as well as for the conclusion. To connect an older model microphone, you will need additional equipment in the form of an adapter.

The modern user prefers a wireless connection method, however, professional gamers choose wired connection. This is due to the fact, that there are failures in the wireless connection, random outages and interruptions of other waves.

Wireless connection

To connect a microphone using Bluetooth, follow these steps::

  • Open Bluetooth menu, by pressing the key combination Fn + N;
  • in tray (taskbar next to the clock) right-click to open the context menu;
  • In the drop-down menu, select "Add a device";
  • in the window that opens, click on "Add Bluetooth or other device";
  • specify device type;
  • after scanning and detection, select the device in the list.

IMPORTANT! Plug-in microphone needs to be charged beforehand. A discharged device will constantly disconnect from the wireless network, and its setting will be impossible.

How to connect two microphones to a computer

As a rule, a standard computer has one line output for connecting a microphone.. But sometimes there is a need to connect two at the same time. For example, when recording joint vocals or karaoke. There are several ways to connect:

  • the most reliable option would be to purchase a professional audio interface. It allows you to connect on several different ports. (USB, Firewire, PCI и PCI-E);
  • a good way would be to buy an external interface with built-in mic preamps. Such a device is sold complete with the necessary drivers and, after installing them, makes it possible to simultaneously record and play sound from different line inputs.. Also, this system allows you to impose special effects on the sound.. For connection, you will additionally need three XLR cords with three pins;
  • a more budget version of the connection can be the use of an external DVD player, which has two microphone inputs. To do this, you need to take a regular stereo cable and connect the player to the computer. You will need two XLR-TRS type cables to connect the microphones.. The sound quality when connected in this way will be poor, because the DVD player has a low preamp level. This can cause extraneous noise and whistling when using microphones near the speakers at the same time..
  • another way can be a homemade adapter. Using a soldering iron, you can make a small circuit, through which two microphones will be connected to one line input. ATTENTION: when using this method, sound quality will be extremely low, and the noise level is high.

How to connect a microphone via bluetooth

Especially convenient will be a wireless connection using Bluetooth.. To do this, follow these steps:

  • press the key combination Fn + N;
  • open bluetooth menu;
  • on the taskbar near the clock, right-click to open the context menu;
  • select "Add device" in the context menu;
  • in the dialog that opens, click on "Add Bluetooth or other device";
  • specify device type;
  • after scanning and detection, select a microphone in the list.

REFERENCE! The next time you connect to this computer, you do not need to follow these steps.. You just need to turn on Bluetooth on your PC and the connection will happen automatically..

How to connect a microphone to a computer via usb

To connect a microphone to a computer using usb, you need to find the appropriate free connector. Then insert the wire from the microphone into it. All necessary drivers should be installed automatically. The system software is enough for this and activation will take place via the Plug and Play system (turn on and play).

There are cases, when the system software is not enough to install the necessary drivers. In this case, you need to use the installation disk, that comes with the microphone. If there is none, you can use the search for the desired driver on the Internet.

If the microphone still does not work after this installation, then the problem lies in the computer. First of all, you need to check the functionality of the USB connector.. This can be done by connecting any other device. If it is not recognized, it means, either driver crashed, or there is physical damage.

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How to connect a microphone to the board

To set up a microphone connection to a computer, you need to turn off the power and remove the side walls of the case. Find a loose bundle of wires marked on the block "HD Audio" or "AC'97". Connect it to the male connector marked "Aafp, AAFPCOM1, faudio». If the microphone input on the PC still does not work, you need to check the configuration in the BIOS. Appropriate permissions must be set on the system.. After completing all activities, microphone performance is guaranteed. IMPORTANT: do not make connections yourself, if you are not qualified. This can harm the computer and adversely affect its further operation..

The microphone on the computer has become an essential accessory. Video calls, recording of speeches and songs, communication in online games, dictation, all this will become impossible in the absence of a microphone on the device.


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