Why do singers need an earpiece on stage?

If you look closely at the performances of the stars, then you can see a small device in the ear on one or both sides. The question arises, why do singers need an earpiece in their ear on stage? What does he hear at this moment on a special audio channel? Are the lyrics, which he may forget? In fact, there are several reasons and they are different..

Headphone in ear for singers

Why do singers need an earpiece in their ear

During a performance, it is not so easy to catch the rhythm of the music., which on stage sounds a little different. In fact, a singer at a concert is surrounded by a lot of noise, little reminiscent of that music, heard by the viewer. To hear myself and the melody, have to use special devices. This is the main reason, Why do singers need headphones in their ears on stage?. For beginners, it is important not to get confused and not forget the lyrics in a stressful situation., in this case, a miniature sound device will also help out.

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Functional purpose

Imagine, you are standing on the stage. Many speakers of a complex acoustic system are installed, which face the hall. You only hear a very loud and booming noise, which connects with the noise of a huge number of spectators. Powerful lights shine on you. In such a situation, the singer does not hear a melody, no own voice, does not fall into the rhythm and notes, and starts to fake hard.

For this, a professional monitoring system was invented., which is expressed by the earpiece in the ear of the singer. They are called monitors..

The device muffles ambient noise and broadcasts a melody with or without vocals on its own channel. A prerequisite is that the music must correspond to that up to a fraction of a second., what comes from the speakers to the viewer. The singer's monitors also receive sound from his microphone., that is, his own voice at this moment. So the star defines, how well he performs the composition, does it hit the notes, estimates loudness.

Personal monitoring is applied not only among singers, instrumental musicians apply earpiece in ear, to play your part qualitatively in the overall composition. The drummer hears the rhythm, and the guitarist his music. Personal monitoring is only necessary at big concerts, when electronic music is used, sophisticated and powerful speaker system.

earpiece with transmitter

The device consists of "ears", microphone, signal transmitter. The transmitter is placed on the back of the belt or on clothing, and connected to monitors via cable. Wireless connection is unreliable, especially on stage, where a lot of interference from a huge number of different equipment. Microphone may not be available on this system, if the artist uses it separately.

What kind of headphones are used

What qualities of the device are important for the singer:

  • secure fastening;
  • good sound insulation;
  • minimum dimensions;
  • Beautiful design;
  • clear quality sound;
  • no interference.

Therefore, in-channel monitors with a wired connection and a reinforcing emitter are used.. Such performance devices fully satisfy the listed requests..

Armature headphones can have a minimum size, interesting case design and give the best sound quality. They are rightfully considered a professional tool for personal monitoring..

Armature headphones for singers

Sometimes singers have to settle for a less expensive option - in-ear headphones with a dynamic driver.. This is how all standard devices are arranged, that come with a smartphone. In this case, the size and shape of monitors is limited, since the round dynamic radiator is larger than the reinforcing one in the form of a block. So the design is standard.. Dynamic headphones lag behind in terms of sound quality. It won't have that purity., accurate transmission, and all sound nuances and semitones.

Tell in the comments, what headphones do you use. May be, you have professional monitors with a reinforcing emitter, and you use them in some special way. Or there are interesting cases at the concert of your favorite stars, related to the use of monitors.


The earphone in the singer's ear is an important professional tool.. Much depends on its quality.. Therefore, ear pads and the body of the device are often made individually according to the impression of the ear.. Such monitors are called custom and they are very expensive.. But the result will be a secure fit in the ear and comfortable wear for many hours.. The singer can also order a special design, which will match his image on stage. for example, Japanese idols always use very bright and unusually shaped audio accessories..

In addition to the design and appearance, the correct setting is important. Experienced artists use only the backing track, when a melody without vocals plays in the "ears", synchronized with the music in the speakers. It helps the singer to sing in time with the melody. Sometimes they even use only one small earpiece. For the less experienced, you need to hear your own voice., to control the quality and volume of singing. And sometimes they also use vocal recording, to repeat it. You can adjust the earpiece in your ear like this, so that on the one hand there is a minus, and on the other hand his own voice.

In some emergency and force majeure situations, monitors are used to warn the singer about something. for example, that the order of the songs will have to be changed.

happens, that the artist takes the device out of his ear in the middle of the concert. Reasons may vary:

  • he wants to hear the audience;
  • There has been a breakdown, and the earphone transmits not what is needed;
  • the artist's ear is corny tired, after all, a few hours with tight earplugs is a serious test.

It's a risky business, as a strong noise suddenly falls on the singer's hearing aid, what can confuse him, and sometimes even lead to temporary hearing problems.


Современные концерты на шумную многотысячную аудиторию трудно отработать без средств персонального мониторинга. Поэтому наушник в ухе певца помогает петь красиво и синхронно с мелодией, попадать в такт музыки. А похожие устройства сейчас можно приобрести и для личного пользования, о таких моделях я уже не раз рассказывал в своих обзорах.

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