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Nearly every pair of earbuds breaks down over time.. Sometimes buying a new accessory is not an option., since the past ones were expensive and quite high quality. In this case, you can try to restore them. However, you need to know, how to solder the plug correctly. All headphone wires are divided by color. But you can not do without knowing the correct pinout, since each connector has its own. Here are all types of connectors, their main features and pinouts.

Types of headphone jacks


Also in 2016 Apple made the decision to switch from mini-jack headphones to lightning. Starting from iPhone 7 manufacturers have abandoned 3.5 mm headphone. Now the smartphone comes with accessories with a lightning connector.

A feature of this plug was the ability to output sound without reducing it.. Lightning connectors deliver full sound, whereas 3.5 mm compressed the output sound and could only transmit CD-quality to the listener on 16 page.

Headphone mini jack

Immediately after the transition, certified accessories with a lightning connector appeared in all official Apple stores. Here are some advantages of the device:

  • sound reproduction without distortion and compression built-in DAC;
  • electrical energy is supplied to the device directly from the source;
  • the probability of exchanging digital values ​​between the device and the signal source;
  • the ability to add other functions to accessories (fitness sensors, digital introductions).

The pinout of the headphones with a lightning cable is as follows:

  • 1 contact GND Earth;
  • 2 contact L0p Line 0+;
  • 3 L0n Line 0-;
  • 4 ID0 identifier / control 0;
  • 5 PWR charging;
  • 6 L1n Line 1-;
  • 7 L1p Line 1+;
  • 8 ID1 identifier / control 1.

Micro-jack 2.5

micro-jack connector 2.5 – smallest headphone plug ever. The diameter of this plug is only 2.5 mm. Devices with such a cable are used in phones and players. Although it is quite difficult to find a smartphone with such a connector now, since most manufacturers use mini-jack. This jack is for audio only..

Micro jack headphone jack 2.5

Lots of people use headphones., despite the plug, what can cause problems. for example,if you insert the TS plug into the TRRS connector, then the middle contact will close to ground and the output of the equipment may be damaged. If, on the contrary, the TRRS plug is connected to the TS connector, then the middle pins will just stay unconnected. In this case no problem, more likely, will not arise, because modern devices do not notice this moment, they are not that sensitive.

Desoldering – headphones with TRRS 2.5 cable looks like this:

  • first channel – left;
  • second channel – right;
  • the third channel is responsible for the microphone;
  • fourth – general.

Mini-jack 3.5

Mini-jack 3.5 – most popular connector, as it is used in almost all devices, including Apple products. This is the same plug., which they now want to replace with USB type-c and have already been replaced by Apple manufacturers.

Headphone mini jack 3.5

I soldered a plug with just such a connector. Repairing jack headphones of any diameter is much easier, how to work with lightning or type-c, since they have a much smaller number of contacts.

The pinout of the plug depends on the type and manufacturers.. I'll tell you more about it.

  1. TS cables are used to connect microphones and have only common pins. First – plus, second – minus.
  2. TRS – the most common type. Fits almost all accessories. First contact – left, second – right, the third – general.
  3. TRRS connector is typical for older Nokia. First channel – left, second – right, the third – additional, fourth – general.
  4. Another TRRS has a different pinout: first – left, second – right, the third – general, fourth – microphone. This kind is suitable for HTC, iPhone, Samsung, Sony.

Jack 6.3

Jack 6.3 mm headphone jack is now almost never used. They can only be found on professional equipment., mostly related to music. Sometimes they are also found on equipment such as microphones and metal detectors..

headphone jack 6.3

Headphone jack can be two-pin and three-pin. Each one has a different pinout.. At the two-contact:

  • first contact – microphone;
  • second – Earth (general).

The three-pin pinout of the headphone plug is:

  • first – left;
  • second – Earth (general);
  • the third – right.

Micro-USB, type-c

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Lightning replaces 3.5 Apple headphone jack, а USB Type-C – for all Android devices. Soon all mini-jacks on phones will replace type-c. This is for better sound quality.. Certainly, not all formats in type-c will be able to change the playback quality. But, if before the sound was compressed when exiting the device, now the headphones will work directly on the sound, and therefore they will be able to transmit the sound in the best quality.

Micro-USB headphone jack

The pinout of the headphone wires on type-c looks like this.

A1 A2 A3 A4 A5 A6 A7 A8 A9 A10 A11 A12
GND TX1 + TX1- +V CC1 D+ D- SBU1 +V RX2- RX2+ GND
GND RX1 + RX1- +V SBU2 D- D+ CC2 +V TX2- TX2 + GND
B1 B2 B3 B4 B5 B6 B7 B8 B9 B10 B11 B12
  • blue – USB3.1 10Gbps;
  • pink – USB2.0 480MBps;
  • green – Earth;
  • orange – additional channel;
  • yellow – matching channel;
  • red – nutrition.

What headphone jack are you using?? Write in the comments, did our data help you and did you manage to fix the device.

Anastasia Karbel

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