Applications for wireless headphones

The quality of the devices very often depends on the software used.. And wireless headphones are no exception.. The largest and most popular sources of control programs are 2 virtual stores: Play Market (or through Google Assistant) и App Store. Let's try to analyze various applications for gadgets on different platforms in order to, to try and choose the best option.

The fundamental difference between software still runs along the lines of the open and closed principle of software architecture.. In this regard, applications for wireless headphones should be considered separately., designed to work on the Android platform (products, presented on the Play Market), as well as for iPhone (available on the App Store).

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Applications for Android

Bluetooth Audio Widget Battery FREE.

Download from PlayMarket

The application allows you to control bluetooth audio devices with just one touch. If the headset supports parameter transfer, then using the program in question, you can also monitor the level of charge in the batteries of Bluetooth headphones. The interface here is not just accessible - it is so simple, that even a man can handle it, never used any software in my life. With Widget, you can: listen to songs on your smartphone, and listen to internet radio. In fact, using all the capabilities of the device, you can play the sound range from absolutely any device.

Droidpods – Airpods for Android APK.

Download from PlayMarket

This simple and ergonomic application helps you to monitor the battery level of your Bluetooth headphones from the screen of your Android phone. When, when Droidpods is activated, the application on the smartphone is in notifications and does not close the screen. The user interface is quite simple here.:

  • If one of the headphones has a charge in the battery, less than critical level (10%), then a signal is sent to the earpiece, and a video notification appears on the screen.
  • The application always hangs in the notification tray and there is always an option to stop it when a more advanced notification is issued. It is also possible to turn off the Bluetooth function in order to save energy. (when headphones are not used). Also, Droidpods does not show inactive headphones - only the active device will be present in the notification.

Droidpods make better use of wireless earbuds' battery life. Thanks to this software, headset operating time is increased to 4 hours in mode 40% from maximum power.

Mono Bluetooth Router.

Download from PlayMarket

The control program allows you to make sound playback of sound compositions through wireless stereo headphones or a mono headset. With Mono Bluetooth Router it becomes possible:

  • listen to podcasts and radio on the Internet broadcast;
  • play tracks, contained in the smartphone's memory;
  • receive sound notifications GPS and others, without affecting the playback quality of songs, signals.

Besides, Mono Bluetooth Router allows:

  • automatically restore sound after it is interrupted by a phone call;
  • play tracks on wireless headsets, which do not support A2DP profile;
  • restore the sound sensitivity level after using third-party programs;

Bluetooth sound quality is indicated in the status bar. Application adapted to Android 2.2 and higher (on Android 4.0 the utility will objectively work faster). Alas, software is not able to improve the sound quality beyond that, what is the "iron" – the headphones themselves. In this regard, it is impossible not to mention the possible problems:

  • radio on FM frequencies is not received;
  • built-in music player not working for samsung galaxy s2 (should use WinAPM;
  • for Samsung Galaxy S3, sound noise from the microphone goes to the headset speakers. It turns out, that music playback will be "stained" by background noise.

The latest app is recommended by Sony Mobile Communications, as a leader in the core market segment.

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Wireless Headphone Apps for iPhone

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Bose Connect.

Download from AppStore

This program unlocks the full potential of your Bluetooth-enabled wireless devices. It provides a convenient opportunity:

  • listen to music tracks non-stop;
  • answer incoming phone calls;
  • manage outgoing calls by voice;
  • listen to internet radio broadcasts.

Bose Connect is easy to download and install (literally in 2 click) on your iPhone or iPad or iPod touch. iOS required for correct installation 10.0 or later version. ROM size, occupied by this program, is 245,8 MB.

Sony Mobile Communications

Separate software for wireless headphones of our own production.

Download from AppStore

The application is designed for the iOs operating system and is presented in the App Store. Consider its functions:

  • provided with instructions for installation, as well as direct access to the help menu;
  • there is a panel for quickly changing settings;
  • there is an external noise control to change the noise reduction settings (very useful feature especially, for the use of wireless headphones in urban environments);
  • it is possible to adjust the surround sound or add an equalizer effect;
  • adaptive sound control option available (utility using functions, available on the smartphone, automatically recognizes environmental conditions to connect the appropriate noise control options);

All updates and current news will come through notifications (at the same time, to receive them, the settings in the smartphone must be in the “On” position.).

Native Apple installations

Because AirPods are made by the same manufacturer, like an iPhone or iPad, devices are absolutely compatible, so there is no need to install any additional programs - just activate Bluetooth and the device will find the wireless headphones and establish contact with them. Management is carried out through

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Choosing at least one of the presented applications for wireless headphones is extremely difficult to make.. But is it necessary? Functions wireless headphones so simple, that it is very difficult to complicate anything here, and additional organization of options will clearly be redundant.


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