Connect AirPods to iPhone Easily

Apple AirPods are more than just wireless headphones, this is real freedom from wires and shackles. AirPods are more than just a headset, but also a fashion accessory. Besides, Apple cares about its customers, equipment from this manufacturer does not require special settings and works almost straight out of the box. Wireless headphones are no exception.. However, all these advantages are offset by a rather high cost.. However, this does not stop fans of apple technology.. Besides, new iPhone models are deprived of a standard audio jack.

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In this article, we will analyze the management wireless AirPods, ways to connect them and the nuances of control.

Connect AirPods to iPhone Easily
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How to connect Airpods to iPhone

So, let's start simple: how to connect airpods to iphone. It is very easy to do this - just open the airpods case and the smartphone will automatically “see” the headset, a message about which will appear on the display as an animation. After that, just click on the "Connect" button.. Everything happens automatically, if Bluetooth is activated on the smartphone and the operating system is iOS 10 and higher.







Turning on the headphones is very simple - just take them out of the case. The music will play, once you put them in your ears. If you take out one earphone, playback will be paused, if both - it stops altogether. If they are returned to their place within 15 seconds, playback will continue automatically.

Connection Features

Connect AirPods to iPhone Easily
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Wireless headphones can pair with multiple devices at the same time, For example, with iPhone and Apple Watch. In this case, the sound switching occurs in a fully automatic mode..


How to connect to another iPhone

If you want to connect Apple Wireless Headphones to another iPhone, the procedure is exactly the same, that is, turn on the bluetooth on your smartphone and open the case. However, in this case, instead of the inscription “Connect”, “Not Your AirPods” will appear on the smartphone screen.. Press the button and turn on the headphones.

Connect to two different devices at the same time

Airpods can be used in parallel with two devices. To establish such a connection, you must follow the following instructions:

  • Take both earbuds out of the case, establish a connection with the first iPhone.
  • After that, hide one earpiece in the case, connect the other to the second smartphone.

AirPods management

The main control tool for AirPods is a double tap. (short double tap on the outside of the speaker). The value of this gesture can be set for each of the headphones separately. Double tap can be used to:

  • Answering incoming calls;
  • switching between music tracks (only available for iOS11 version;
  • stop and start playback;
  • launch Siri.

Double tap settings

In the first generation model, double tap activates Siri by default. To change settings, you need to go to the "Settings" menu and select "Bluetooth" and select AirPods. After connecting the headphones, click on the tab I, located on the right, this will take you to the menu, where you can set the double-tap function. Here you can rename the headphones.

How to answer a call with AirPods

To answer an incoming call, just double-tap on the earpiece. The same must be done to end a call or switch to another call..

How to control listening to music through Airpods

You can select one of the methods to control playback:

double tap. To do this, you need to set a value for each of the headphones in the settings menu. How to do this is described above..

Auto. Wireless earbuds feature automatic ear detection technology. Playback starts automatically, as soon as the headset is inserted into the ears. If you take out one of the headphones, playback will be paused, if both - stop completely.

Using Siri. Voice assistant executes commands, which cannot be assigned to double tap. for example, you can ask the voice assistant to change the volume level. Called by Siri double tap (with appropriate settings).

Using Siri

To call Siri in the first generation models, only a double tap can be used.. Second generation AirPods have the ability to call the assistant by voice, it's enough just to say "Hello, Siri». It can be used to perform a wide range of actions: control the music, For example, you can start your favorite playlist or start the next track, check charge level, adjust the volume

Using AirPods with Android Devices

The manufacturer positions this headset, as an ideal option for use with your technique, however, this does not mean, that AirPods cannot be connected to Android devices. Making it pretty easy:

  • Put your headphones in the case;
  • Turn on Bluetooth on your Android device.
  • Open the headphone case. Hold back service button on it, until the indicator light comes on.
  • Pair your devices.
However, when connected with Android devices, AirPods will lose a number of functions.. For example, не будет голосового помощника Siri и автоматическая пауза при снятии наушника. Airpods будут работать в режиме обычной гарнитуры.
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У многих пользователей возникают проблемы с отображением уровня заряда. Удобнее всего это сделать с помощью специального приложения AirBattery или любого другого с таким же функционалом. Чтобы на экране отобразилась информация о состоянии батареи, достаточно открыть крышку кейса.

Настроить двойной тап на Андроиде не получится. Первоначальную настройку придется проводить через iPhone, даже если впоследствии наушники планируется использовать только на Андроиде.

Possible problems with Airpods

Проблемы у пользователей техники от Apple возникают нечасто, однако если все же что-то пошло не так, не стоит слишком переживать, чаще всего проблема решается очень быстро. Рассмотрим наиболее распространенные варианты.

Если автоматически беспроводная гарнитура не сопрягается с устройством, стоит предпринять следующие действия:

  • Проверьте, включен ли блютуз модуль на подключаемом устройстве.
  • Положите чехол Airpods поближе, примерно на расстоянии в 5 cm.
  • Попробуйте отключить и повторно включить адаптер беспроводной связи.
  • Откройте чехол и зажмите сервисную кнопку, расположенную на обратной стороне корпуса. Удерживать ее стоит ее до тех пор, пока внутри чехла между гнезд для наушников не загорится световой индикатор. Это будет сигнализировать о том, что произведен сброс настроек и гаджет готов к первичному сопряжению.
  • Еще одна распространенная причина отсутствия подключения – разряженная гарнитура или чехол. В случае успешного подключения на экране смартфона появится заряд по отдельности для кейса и для гарнитуры. Позже эту информацию можно будет посмотреть в виджетах элементов питания или просто спросить уровень заряда батареи у Siri.

Если не работает один наушниквам поможет наша статья.

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