Why is one wireless earbud not working: causes and solutions

Why is one wireless earbud not working: causes and solutionsI welcome here all music lovers and just connoisseurs of technical innovations.! Many of us love to listen to music and do it almost everywhere.: at home, to the streets, in transport, on the way to work or school, while running and exercising, and just while walking. Technology is on the rise, and therefore there are no problems with all sorts of gadgets: players, tablets, iPhones and smartphones. The choice of headphones is now also diverse.: available wired or wireless, full size or small vacuum plugs.

Wireless headsets are very popular now: can't be afraid, that the wire is broken. The transmission of a sound signal occurs using different types of radio communication., most commonly used bluetooth. These stereo headphones are the best solution: they are resistant to interference, while having a large range.

But sometimes small incidents happen., For example, one of the wireless earbuds is not working. In this article, I would like to talk about such cases., and also help to understand in detail why these failures sometimes occur. Here I want to say, that this kind of "trouble" can happen with any "ears", even with expensive models from Apple, this happens from time to time. It also doesn't matter what device the headphones are connected to.: laptop, computer, smartphone with android operating system, iPhone or any other gadget. Unfortunately, I can't tell exactly why this is happening., because I do not have sufficient knowledge in radio electronics, but the main thing is to know how to deal with such a nuisance. These little practical steps apply to headphone models from any manufacturer.: JBL, Huawei, Panasonic, Sony, Xiaomi, Redmi AirDots and so on.

Why is one wireless earbud not working: causes and solutions

So, one of the headphones is not working, First of all, you need to understand why. This is where the elimination method should be used.. Carefully inspect the "ears" for mechanical damage, if there are none, it's already good. It is also worth considering whether water could get into the mechanism: maybe they accidentally spilled something or got caught in the rain, if this did not happen in the coming days, then there is nothing to worry about - this is not a breakdown and everything is in order with your "friends". Another important point, which cannot be discounted: remember, possibly, you dropped your headphones. If it was, It's best to take them in for diagnosis., because if dropped, damage to the inside of the device is possible, which you don't see. Good, no mechanical damage found, but one of the headphones - it doesn't matter which one: left or right - does not sing, what could be the reasons?

Below I will list a few highlights., why the earpiece may not work and I will write more about them.

The reasons

Headphones just ran out of power

Yes, this happens often. We are all in a hurry, hurry up, and we can just forget to charge the case with the headset. To fully charge the headphones, you need 2 -3 o'clock. Well, here, everything is elementary: put the earphone in the case and put it on charge, main – check if the earphone is charging inside the case. If everything is ok, charging in progress, proper, the question is closed. If you understand, that something is wrong: charging is slower than usual or not, then it is better to contact the service specialists. They will conduct high-precision diagnostics using the latest equipment and say what is wrong here.: maybe it's the battery inside the earpiece itself, Or is it worth replacing the case?. If the headphones are brand new, you need to see if the contacts of the case and the “ears” are sealed with tape or packing material, if there is, just remove the tape or film.

The headset is off

And it happens too. Look closely to see if the light is on - the indicator. If not, just press the button on the earpiece, if everything is fine with charging equipment, then the light will turn on and everything will work. If there is no light signal when pressing the button, there is a high probability, that the headset is dead. Sometimes it happens, that from frequent switching on and off, the button on the “ear” begins to sink, there's nothing wrong with that. Also look for small debris near the power button, it is better that nothing falls under the button.

Headphones out of sync

This is the most common problem, but you can easily deal with this technical point. Headphones simply lose synchronization with each other due to incorrect connection to a smartphone or device, that plays music. First, what should be done, is to restart the phone or gadget, where do you listen to music. After the reboot, turn off the headphones and make sure, that there is sound from the smartphone. Next, you can try restarting the Bluetooth connection on your phone., To do this, simply click in the settings of your smartphone on its icon, it will go out, Wait 5 -10 seconds and turn Bluetooth back on. Resetting the headset to factory settings may also help.. To do this, hold down the buttons on both headphones on 5 -10 seconds, indicators may flash or you may hear sounds, do not remove fingers. Headphones should turn off. As soon as you saw, that they turned off, put them in a case for a while. Some cases have a reset button on the case, it should be clamped on 5– 7 seconds. Usually, after removing the “ears” from the case, synchronization is restored and you can reconnect the headphones to the device via bluetooth. Possibly this too, that after the first synchronization attempt, nothing has changed and one of the headphones is still silent. Do not despair, try it again. There is nothing complicated in this process, a little attention and you'll be fine!

A few more moments, which are worth paying attention to

The principle of operation of the headphones is approximately the same, but each manufacturer has its own "chips". To quickly find a way to fix the problem, take the instruction and read it. There in detail, step by step, what and how to do if there are problems with sound.
It is also worth trying to connect the headphones to any other gadget and check if they work or not.. If the sound from another device is normal, so it's definitely not the headphones..
Turn off other Bluetooth connections while checking the operation of the headphones, leave only "ears", maybe just a "technical conflict": too many bluetooth connections.
If after all your manipulations nothing happened, in this case, it is worth contacting the service center. Maybe, you got a poor-quality assembly or there is some kind of breakdown. Unfortunately, this also cannot be ruled out.. If the headphones were bought recently - the warranty, usually given for six months or a year - feel free to demand an examination for errors during assembly, well, and, respectively, equipment replacement or refund.
Hope, that this article was useful to you, and now you can independently deal with minor technical troubles and easily eliminate them. If you have any questions - write, I will definitely answer. Enjoy listening without interruptions and technical problems. Good luck, friends!

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