Lagging sound in bluetooth headphones

After buying a wireless headset, the most common problem, which occurs among users - the sound in bluetooth headphones lags behind. Why does this happen and how can it be corrected?, I will try to explain in this article.. We will also consider other options for sound problems..

bluetooth headphones

Problems and Solutions

Sound problems in bluetooth headphones can be caused by various reasons.:

  • phone settings, laptop or computer;
  • ear enhancers, that overload the processor;
  • bad signal, Even clothing can interfere with Bluetooth, if the phone is in your pocket;
  • device mismatch. Some devices adequately interact only with their relatives from the same manufacturer;
  • different bluetooth version;
  • nearby devices with strong electromagnetic radiation;
  • phone cpu overheating, what often happens when watching a video for a long time;
  • bluetooth module quality for pc.
Reasons may be different, For example, factory defective ears, or a weak bluetooth signal transmitter.

Next, consider specific problems - the sound in the headphones is interrupted or lags behind, or the sound quality is really bad.. First, try pairing your ears with other devices. If they sound okay, it means the problem is in the signal source. When headphones give poor transmission quality with any device, then the reason in them.

Sound lags

Often when watching videos on a laptop, a smartphone or computer has a problem such as out of sync audio and video. Sound sometimes delayed by a fraction of a second, but watching a video or movie is very unpleasant. Solutions to the problem, if the sound in the bluetooth headphones lags behind:

  1. It always makes sense to re-pair first if there are problems with wireless devices..
    Can also reload ears and source.
  2. If you want to watch the video, then you can set synchronization in the media player settings.
    The video will run with a slight delay., adjusting to the sound. Unfortunately, it's not available for games..
  3. On a laptop, you can try prohibiting Windows from turning off the Bluetooth transmitter to save energy.
    Device Manager, Bluetooth, desired transmitter in the list, its properties with the left mouse button, power management, Uncheck the box "Allow shutdown…”.
  4. In the PC, try rearranging the bluetooth module to a different socket, front to back or vice versa.
  5. For PC and laptops, you can try to remove the bluetooth driver, restart the device and update the driver automatically, or find and download it manually.
  6. Check sound in app, Are headphones the default audio device?, if not, then assign.
  7. In the same place in the properties of the headphones, open the advanced tab.
    And choose the sample rate for the DVD, if there is a CD, or vice versa. Try to enable or disable exclusive mode. Each change is accompanied by a reboot and verification.
  8. Open Devices and Printers in Control Panel, find bluetooth headset, open properties.
    Service Tab, uncheck "wireless phone service".
  9. When pairing with any device, try disabling various special effects and sound enhancers in the headphone app.
  10. Move or turn off nearby appliances, type of microwave oven or router.
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The sound is interrupted

Sometimes the sound in the headphones does not lag behind, disappears for a fraction of a second. More likely, poor bluetooth signal quality. You can try the following measures:

  1. Re-pair devices and reboot them.
  2. If the signal source is a phone, activate the “Visible to all” mode.
  3. For Android 6.0 this option is available - “Transfer by BT”, application permissions, remove all checkboxes, leave only the sound, select change settings and activate “do not turn off”.
  4. When pairing devices, place them close to each other 30 seconds, to get a stable signal. You can also do this while watching a video., it is enough to include a pause for a while.
  5. Sometimes in that, Why is the sound interrupted in bluetooth headphones, weak smartphone processor is to blame. Need to clear memory, disable apps running in the background, there are special programs in the play store for this. You can also download applications to speed up your smartphone., for example Set CPU, Antutu CPU, Tegrak.
  6. Low battery level in Bluetooth headphones or smartphone prevents Bluetooth from working at full capacity.
  7. Lagging sound in headphones and when choosing the FLAC audio file format. Such compositions will be of the highest quality., if you use devices capable of transmitting them. Otherwise, the sound lags. Better to choose MP3 bitrate 320 Kbps.
  8. You can experiment in the settings of the media player, change sound format from Discret Sound to Wave Out.

Poor sound quality

Delay and that, that the sound in the headphones lags behind - these are not the only problems. Sometimes the sound quality itself does not allow you to watch videos or listen to music normally. Interferes background of outsiders noise, which mutes the audio stream. There may be several reasons for this:

  • разная версия Bluetooth наушников и устройства-источника;
  • codecs, применяемые на ушах, не поддерживаются на смартфоне. Лучшими считаются Atpx, Atpx HD, LDAC, но с условием их использования на обоих устройствах;
  • если вы только выбираете наушники для покупки и модуль блютуз для компьютера, то обратите внимание на устройства, которые поддерживают функцию Low Latency, она обеспечивает передачу по блютуз без задержек;
  • помехи для сигнала в виде большого расстояния между устройствами или преград — одежды, предметов, стен;
  • некачественная блютуз-гарнитура. Дешевые китайские наушники могут сильно разочаровать.

What to do:

  1. Повторно провести сопряжение наушников и источника, перезагрузив каждое устройство.
  2. Расположить устройства близко без помех в виде предметов или одежды.
  3. Попробовать снизить качество воспроизведения в настройках аудиоустройства до 128 Kbps.
  4. Отключить дополнительные улучшения звука в приложении наушников.
  5. Избавиться от постороннего шума иногда помогает изменение настроек эквалайзера.

Чаще всего плохой звук в наушниках блютуз связан либо с их качеством, либо с совместимостью устройств. Поэтому важно предупреждать эту проблему при выборе и покупке девайса.

Share in the comments, с какими проблемами при использовании блютуз-гарнитуры столкнулись вы. Какие способы применяли для улучшения звучания. Называйте модели, в которых отстает звук в наушниках. Ваш опыт мы учитываем в своих материалах.


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