How to connect speakers and headphones at the same time

Every day, users come up with new tasks for their computer.. Connect a second and third monitor, headphones, columns, audio bluetooth gadgets, television. This expands the possibilities, but gives rise to difficulties with the settings of that, that was not originally intended. So, For example, connect at the same time 2 audio devices - speakers and headphones with the same or different audio streams. Let's figure it out, How can I do that (well I already know, and I'll tell you).

Attention! All of the above methods are suitable for Realtek HD. Will they work with other sound programs, unknown. You can experiment.

Wired devices

Resolve concurrent connection issue 2 audio playback devices can be through the system settings or by using real manipulations with different connectors on your PC or laptop. First, let's look at wired methods., how to connect speakers and headphones at the same time.

Universal Splitter

Are you going, allowable, on a train or commuter train. around people, noise. Do you want to pass the time by watching something?. One pair of earphones 4 ear - not very comfortable. This is where an audio splitter comes in handy.. Plug in laptop, and to connect 2 nests. And no additional manipulations are required..

Suitable splitter for smartphones, tablets and any other gadgets with jack output 3,5. Such a device costs from 50 to 400 rubles in online stores and in real points of sale of electronics and radio engineering. Here is a link to the collection splitters for aliexpress. Another question, if there is none, and the sound "everywhere" is needed right now. Then read on and find your situation..

Disadvantages of using a splitter

Very handy tool for laptops, smartphones and tablets when asked, how to connect two pairs of headphones. The main problem of splitters is quality. Here, like the lottery, then a normal device will fall, either the connectors are weak or one of them does not work. The most common problem, when when connecting two pairs of ears, in each there is sound only on one channel - right or left.

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Connecting to various audio card jacks

There are several 3.5 jack outputs on the PC. The method described below will focus on the presence of green connectors on the front and rear panels. Or, if behind such exits 6, then you can assign black or blue as an additional sound port.

Step-by-step instruction, how to connect speakers and headphones at the same time or two pairs of ears to one pc:

  1. Connecting headphones and speakers to the computer. Headphones in front green jack, and the speakers in the back. Or vice versa.
  2. We call the Realtek dispatcher. Right click on the speaker icon on the taskbar, select "sound manager". Or through the control panel in the start menu.
  3. Click on the inscription at the top right "Advanced device settings".
  4. Put a checkmark in front of the second item in the first block "Adjust front and rear…». And opposite the first one in the second block "Combine input…». Confirm, pressing "ok".
  5. Check the purpose of the connected connectors. Right click on each, then "Change destination…». For both devices, there should be a checkmark next to the line "headphones". Even if speakers are connected. In this way, you can assign a blue or black port, if there is no second green.
  6. Click on the connector options - the yellow folder on the right side of the connector panel. Check the boxes next to both lines in the window that appears..
  7. Open sound devices - right click on the speaker icon in the taskbar. Selecting the desired line.
  8. In the new window, select the record tab. There should be a stereo mixer here. If it's not there, then right-click on an empty space and check the box next to "Show disabled devices.
  9. Mixer needs to be activated: right click, turn on.
  10. Right-click on the mixer again. Select "Properties".
  11. Listen tab. Check the box "Listen to this…».
  12. Below under "play from this…» select headphones from the list, "apply" and "ok".
  13. Now back to the Playback tab.. Now there are speakers and headphones.
  14. We assign speakers as the default communication device, headphones - default device. Click "apply".
  15. If it didn't work out, then in the "listen" tab, try swapping headphones for speakers. Try restarting your PC.
This method offers all available instructions., which I found on the Internet. But the sound in one of the audio devices will be delayed, get an echo effect. equipment lagging behind, connected to front panel. I found a way to solve this problem purely by accident. So my personal instruction for high-quality sound in tospeakers and headphones at the same time:
  1. Open Realtek Manager. Click on "Advanced Settings"…» bottom right.
  2. We mark the top lines in the first and second blocks - this is “turn off the sound of the rear ...” and “combine the input jacks…».
  3. Assigning connectors, as in the previous instruction. "Headphones" for both devices. Click "ok" and close the dispatcher.
  4. Click on the speaker icon on the taskbar and select "sound devices".
  5. There is only one sound device - speakers.
  6. Stereo mixer can be turned off, he won't be needed. It's in the Record tab., if you forgot.

Now headphones and speakers, or two ears will play one audio stream without delay. So you can avoid unnecessary injuries to the connector and do not poke the headphones back and forth. Just turn down the volume on the speakers and listen to it with headphones.

Author's note! In the same way, you can connect Bluetooth devices - speakers or headphones. First you need to pair, for the PC to detect and recognize the hardware, and further down the list.

Using the USB port

If you have ears USB connection, then the steps are the same. Just plug the device into the port on the front panel first. The computer will figure it out. And then follow the instructions. True, I did not check my version with such a combination., so test both options.

How to connect two pairs of wireless headphones to a computer?

To set two or three pairs of wireless devices to play the same audio stream at the same time, would need dongle and special program. for example, Bluesoleil. She is paid, but with a trial period. There are also cracked versions from the torrent.

Instruction, how to connect at the same time 2 headphones to computer:

  1. Open program.
  2. Enable one ears in pairing mode.
  3. Right-click on the yellow ball in the program window and select "search for devices".
  4. When are the headphones available?, click on their icon and "search for functions".
  5. Select "listen to music".
  6. We do the same with the second ears..

Author's note! The sound quality largely depends on the power of your dongle.. Re-pairing can fix stuttering, sound at an average level and / or selection in the property of headphones of average sound quality.

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How to switch sound from speakers to headphones?

Certainly, speakers can be simply turned down with a manual control, when we use headphones. But how to switch audio devices, adjust volume level. There is 2 way.

Using sound device settings in Windows 7 and 10

To redirect playback to one of the devices, you can just turn it off. Make it easy:

  1. Right click on the speaker icon and select "sound devices".
  2. Right click on the icon of that equipment, which you want to disable and select the appropriate command.
  3. Don't forget "apply" and "ok".
  4. Then you can also turn on and turn off another device.

You can control the volume of headphones and speakers separately. This guide is for those, who initially connected the equipment not according to my instructions:

  1. Click on the speaker, which is responsible for the volume in the taskbar with the left mouse button.
  2. In the top line, select headphones or speakers.
  3. Adjust the sound with the slider.

If you followed my instructions, then the volume control will be common for both devices. Speakers can be controlled manually.

Using the audio switcher program

Working with the tools available in Windows is not very convenient. There is an alternative way, how to switch sound from speakers to headphones and vice versa. It is also easy to manage playback and sound recording devices using a special program. Audio Switcher.

Here are some of its benefits:

  1. Free.
  2. Does not require installation.
  3. You can set hotkey combinations.
  4. You can switch devices directly in the tray with one click.

The downside is, that the program is in English. But the interface is simple., easy to understand.

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I really like to look for new non-standard solutions when using headphones on different devices and in different combinations.. These methods will help you keep the nests alive on your PC or laptop, and become a little more omnipotent master of your devices. The best way to thank us – share this post with your friends!

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