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Last week I bought an expensive headset and could not figure out why the microphone on the headphones was not working. After thinking about taking the device back to the store, I decided to check and adjust the headphones. The problem was outdated drivers, but there may be several. Here are suggestions for troubleshooting your headset.

Possible malfunctions and ways to eliminate them

Microphone problems can be divided into two types: hardware and software malfunctions. So what to do, if the microphone on the headphones does not work?

First you need to define, what caused the failure. Such reasons, why the microphone on the headphones stopped working can be many.:

  • connect another device to the same port (help to understand, hardware or software problem);
  • through Windows features (about them below);
  • using additional programs or special services.

As an option, you can check if the device is connected. Each type of headset has a different sequence of use. for example, USB headphones simply plug into the jack. If you have wireless, then you must first insert Bluetooth connector to the USB connector, and then - find the desired device on the computer and click on "Connect". Wired headphones with a microphone must be inserted into the appropriate jacks on the computer (next to each nest there is an icon with a picture). Often wires and sockets are separated by color: green - headphones, pink - headset. If your wired headphones have only one plug, you need to insert it into the headphone jack.

Hardware problems

How to understand, Why is the mic not working on my headphones?? broken wire, broken headset, poor contact - all this can cause, where you can't hear. Solutions for every problem. Let's talk in more detail about each.

broken wire

In most cases, the work is disrupted precisely due to mechanical damage to the electrical circuit.. Most often, breaks occur in the following areas:

  • TRS connector with different diameters;
  • in the area of ​​the junction of the audio lines (basically it is a separate block with volume and control buttons);
  • positive, negative headset contacts;
  • Bluetooth module connectors, if you have a wireless headset.

How to understand, what is the reason for that, that the computer does not see the microphone, in that? To do this, you need to smoothly move the wire from one side to the other near the damaged area.. If the zone is defined correctly, a signal will appear, noise, or the work will fully improve in a particular position.

Using a multimeter, try ringing the headphone circuits. If you have a Mini Jack 3,5 mm, then the pinout from the figure below will help you.

C:\Users1Desktoppost_5b87db105c716.jpeg Fix the break wires can be used with a soldering iron, certainly, if you know how to use it. If not, I advise you to contact the masters, that will fix the problem. However, one must understand, that it makes sense to repair the headset in that case, when you have an expensive quality model. Otherwise this might be a pointless point.

Bad contact

Another reason is contact contamination.. This happens when dirt gets in., dust, other elements. Often this is immediately noticeable - there are sticky particles on the plug or socket, dirt, oxidation marks. You can remove dirt with a toothpick or wire.

Software problems

Conduct goal, contacts are clean, and the microphone is connected, and it still doesn't work? So the problem is not in the headset., and in the settings themselves on the device. Let's figure it out, what to do in such cases.

Microphone test

First of all, you need to check the functionality of the headset. You can easily do this yourself using a computer and Windows tools..

The first option to check the headset:

  1. Connect headphones with a microphone to your computer.
  2. Go to "Start", then "All Programs".
  3. Click on the "Standard" button, and then "Sound Recorder".
  4. Click on the start recording button.
  5. Make a short test speech into the headset.
  6. Stop Recording.
  7. Listen to the recorded track.

If you hear a recorded voice - it works. If the reproduced audio track passed without sound, you can proceed to other settings for setting up headphones with a microphone.

The second option is to understand, does the computer see the microphone:

  1. Open a browser.
  2. In the address bar write webcammictest.com and go to this page.
  3. Click on "Check Microphone".
  4. Say something.
  5. Watch the line of sound. If fluctuations are visible - everything works. In this case, you need to adjust the settings.

These options are suitable, if windows 10 can't see microphone on headphones. In other versions, the algorithm may differ in the names of the buttons, but the essence remains the same.

Checking Drivers

One of the options for a non-working headset is the lack of drivers or obsolescence. First, try installing the drivers in case, if "landed". To do this, insert a disk, that came with the headset. Run the installation. Follow directions.

When, when this did not help or there are no drivers - try the following:

  1. Go to company page, who released the headset.
  2. Find the right model and drivers for it.
  3. Run the desired file.
  4. Follow directions.

If you have a laptop, you can try to go to the official website of the laptop brand and reinstall all the drivers there at once. To do this, you need to find a model (indicated on the back of the laptop).

Another option is to find an update center and try reinstalling the sound drivers there.

  1. Go to "Computer Management" – "Device Manager"
  2. Click on the desired object with the right mouse button.
  3. Select "Update".
  4. Click on "Automatically search for updated drivers".
  5. Wait for the search to end. If the driver is out of date, prompted to upload a new one.

Configuring access to the microphone using Windows

Programs and games on the computer must be given permission to access the headset. The permission window appears on its own at the first start. If you don’t have it or have been using headphones for a long time, but the microphone stopped working, you can try to give permission yourself

  1. Open search on computer (magnifier icon). Enter "Microphone privacy settings".
  2. Go to this section. Advanced settings will be available in the section.
  3. Allow apps to access, switching the slider to "On".
  4. If you do not want to give access to the microphone to all services, in the same section you can specify specific applications, which access can be granted, turn off the rest.
  5. Check the work.

windows troubleshooter

Another troubleshooting option. Troubleshooter is a built-in feature in Windows. To take advantage, do the following:

  1. Go to start and in the search bar type "Find and fix problems".
  2. Select the "Hardware and Sound" tab.
  3. Click on "Sound Recording", click "Next".
  4. Follow directions, to be offered.

Skype and microphone

The following problem is often encountered - the microphone works on the computer, but i can't hear it on skype. This problem is easy to solve.

To do this, open the application and go to the "Settings" tab. Select the "Microphone" section and drag the slider to the right. Save settings and check.

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There can be many reasons for a headset not working.. This is mechanical damage., and broken control, and old drivers. Determining the location of the problem, you can quickly fix it according to the suggested instructions.

Anastasia Karbel


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