Headphones and ps5

Today we will talk in detail about the headphones for the new Sony Playstation game console. 5. Let's figure it out, which wired and wireless models are compatible with the set-top box. Of course, there will be detailed instructions on the various options for connecting ps5 headphones. Sony announces new Tempest 3D sound, we will evaluate it. Generally, stay, will be informative!

Headphones and ps5
Image by ayon hasan from Pixabay.com

How to connect wired headphones?

As in the last 4 version of Sony strives to, so that the console uses native devices. Therefore, any Sony-made ears are connected by wire without problems.. But actually to ps5 (also, like for ps4) Fits headphones from any other brand., type and cost.

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Connection options can be 3:

  1. If your device has an audio jack 3,5 the form TRRS (when on the plug 4 contact), then just plug them into the connector on the gamepad.
  2. If you have a three-pin jack (TRS format). Or a headset with headphone and microphone plugs separately. You will have to purchase an adapter with two three-pin connectors on one side and a four-pin plug on the other.
  3. Ears with USB connection to the console without problems.

PlayStation 5

After connecting, you need to rustle in the settings:

  • Open Playstation menu;
  • Find sound devices;
  • Headphone output;
  • Check the box next to "All Sounds".
from the author! The one, amazing 3D sound technology is built into the sound card of the console itself. Which gives us the opportunity to enjoy high-quality sound on any connected audio device., not only for relatives headphones ps5. However, make allowances for the quality of your equipment..

How to connect wireless headphones?

If Sony somehow failed to block the wired connection of third-party devices, then with a wireless connection they tried. The fact, that the bluetooth is not used to transmit the signal to the ps5 to the headphones, which most wireless ears are focused on, and the radio signal. Native devices are offered for use. But you and I know, that it was already possible to bypass such obstacles on ps4.

PlayStation 5 - Pulse 3D wireless headset

Through TV

Having a Smart TV with Bluetooth pairing, you can connect any wireless headphones to the playstation 5. Or rather, you will connect them directly to the TV. And the console will beep to the TV, and the one in the headphones.

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Just turn on the headphones in pairing mode and wait for a message on the smart TV. Agree to connect, and you can use. Now all sound will go to the headphones.

It is unlikely that in this way it will be possible to talk about full-fledged 3D sound., but in the absence of other options, come down. Again, the quality of your devices, as well as other bluetooth connections in the surrounding area may cause delay or loss of signal.

Author's note! Less than a couple of dozen games support 3D sound. However, Sony claims, that new game projects of the future will support Tempest 3D AudioTech technology.

Special adapters

Nimble Chinese craftsmen produced USB dongle for ps4. There is no doubt, that it will work for 5 versions. Technology is the same. So we buy it and act:

  1. The dongle is connected to the USB port on the console..
  2. Second with jack plug 3,5 plug the audio jack into the gamepad.
  3. Go to add-ons menu.
  4. Choosing devices.
  5. Audio devices.
  6. Section “output devices”.
  7. Choosing USB headphones.

3D sound over wireless should work. But here you have to be prepared for various unsuccessful options.:

  • Ears may not connect. This happens with some models.;
  • Sometimes there is a slight delay in sound, but tangible;
  • Pairing crashes. Happens when the console is located far away. The USB extension cable will help to fix the situation.. You need to plug the dongle into it and put it next to you;
  • Sound quality unpredictable. While 3D technology is available, a lot depends on the quality of your ears.

PlayStation 5 - DualSense wireless controller

Note from the author! New original devices sell cheaper after a couple of months. If there is an alternative for this period, that is, it makes sense to wait and save a couple of thousand on buying headphones for ps5.

Original devices from Sony

The most reliable and easiest option is to connect headphones from Sony and not worry. The manufacturer also offers special headphones for ps5 – Pulse 3D. I reviewed and tried this model in action, so I give a small review-review:

  1. Externally designed in the style of the console itself. Although in my opinion they do not hold out. Against the backdrop of the console, which looks very expensive, looks like a good fake.
  2. They sit well on the head, moderately tight, nothing presses. The regulator is a wide elastic band at the rim, and it's short lived. Headband made of elastic, strong plastic. Leatherette ear pads, dense and pleasant, round shape.
  3. Good when used on a PC, high-quality sound with detailed bass. But nothing supernatural. It can sound and headphones are an order of magnitude cheaper.
  4. I played on playstation 5(in those, that support the new 3D sound technology) I finally understood why these headphones are needed. The chicest, awesome sound. Every rustle, squeak or surround loud sound is so well worked out, that you don't play, and for a while you just enjoy the sound environment. Respectively, and positioning at the highest level.
  5. I tried a couple of other good headphones through the wire - the effect is the same.
  6. Dignity pulse 3d for playstation 5 in their durability. Enough charge for 10-12 hours.
  7. Two noise-canceling microphones for chatting. That is, this is a complete headset.. Microphones can be turned off and sound adjusted using the buttons directly on the headphones. It also has the ability to monitor, how you can be heard by pressing a special button.

PlayStation 5 - Pulse 3D wireless headset

Conclusion: Appearance and workmanship on the four, sound excellent. But if you have good ears, especially from Sony, is it worth it to pay? In my opinion 8 Thousands are too many for them., although I liked the headphones.

Are PS4 Headphones Compatible??

Platinum and Gold Wireless Headsets, which have been used on 4 console versions, will work on ps5 too. And thanks to the built-in 3D sound in the set-top box, whether you choose gold without 3D audio support or platinum with it. It's a matter of taste and wallet. Still, the price of gold is twice as low – 6 thousand against 12.

There are many complaints about the appearance and build quality of both models.. Platinum is bulky and heavy, yes, it looks ugly on the head. Goldies are a little more careful, but there is no hint of a stylish thing. In addition, golden ears are quite fragile..

In terms of sound, Platinum is noticeably superior to Gold.. surround sound, intimacy and volume are noticeably higher. Still virtual. 7.1 sound. Although, judging by the reviews, it's all a matter of taste and habit.

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In comparison with the pulses, both models lose, as in appearance, comfort and build quality, as well as sound. In addition, Pulses surpass even Platinum in terms of autonomy. – 12 hours against 8. At the same time, the price of Pulses is about 8 thousand.

But if you still have headphones from ps4 and they suit you, then you can not bother buying Pulses.

from the author! I would like to hear your opinion about the headphones for ps5. Still, I'm not a gamer and I can not evaluate them so fully. Tell, what ears do you use on sony console? How third-party devices were connected?


Despite all the difficulties with the selection of headphones for ps5, it's great that Sony built the main sound chip into the console itself. We have the opportunity to choose something more optimal for use on the console. After all, the same three-dimensionality is supported only on a few new games., Is it worth it to buy clearly overpriced Pulses for this?.


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