How to put iPhone earbuds in a box

I recently tore my favorite earpods.. Now I store a new headset very neatly., put them in a box or tie them. Options, how to fold earphones and save them, decided to share with you.

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The Best Ways to Fold Your Headphones Properly

How to tie your headphones, so they don't get confused? It's not that hard, as it may seem. To do this, you can use the knowledge of some nodes, special organizers or improvised tools. Let's take a look at all the options.

Tie with special knots

The first ways to lay the cord are the easiest. They do not require any additional tools.. There are two options:

  1. "Goat".

Clench your fist and raise your index finger and little finger. Press your ears with your thumb, and wind the cord cross on the cross from the index to the little finger. Looks like a figure eight. Remainder (7-9 cm) twist in the middle of the skein, and insert the jack into one of the loops.

  1. Boy Scout.

Wind the cord around three fingers, wind the end of the wire in the middle, as it was described in the previous version, and remove the plug inside the loop.

We use improvised means

Improvised tools - the most versatile option. Here you can think of a huge number of ways how to wind up headphones. Several life hacks, so that the headphones do not get confused:

  1. Yarn or thick thread. The method will take a long time, but long enough. An important note - most likely you will succeed only if you know how to knit. Make loops around the entire length of the cord. So it will become thicker and will no longer be confused in your pocket..
  2. Bank or discount card. Take the card horizontally, on the left and right, make a notch for winding the wire, and on one of these sides there are two small cutouts for each ear. There are two notches on the bottom of the card., in which the jack will be threaded.

laser cut still wraps nicely

  1. Wine cork - right how to build an organizer. The advantage of this option is, what's in the jam, unlike the map, no sharp ends and safer to use. But here's to store the headset, wound on a wire, in the pocket is no longer so convenient - the cork is relatively voluminous, but for a bag or backpack, this option is suitable.

Make a hole in the back of the cork, in which you can insert a jack. But not wide - the plug should hold well. The rest of the wire can simply be wrapped around the cork..

  1. Paper Clip. You can also work with this stationery. To do this, wind the wire around the paperclip, and insert the jack inside and secure. You can not bother and just fold wire to a comfortable length, and then clamp.
  2. Player or phone. The easiest way is to wrap the cord around your gadget. It is enough to plug the jack into the socket, and wind the rest of the wire on the phone. But this method has one very noticeable disadvantage - it is suitable only in case, when the gadget needs to be put in your pocket for a while, otherwise it will be difficult to use it.
  3. Clothespins. This tool is in every home. Two clothespins need to be glued together crosswise, wind and fasten the ends.
  4. Zip cover for clothes. You need to buy or tear off a zipper with a lock from unnecessary clothes and sew up the fabric side parts of the zipper, bending them in, fold the earphones neatly there. Very similar to the thread method, only faster.

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With special gadgets

How to wind up headphones? Special organizers have appeared in stores for a long time., to collapse headset. They are suitable for storing them and will save you from untangling the cord..

The main advantage of such gadgets is that they have clamps for the wire and you can use them even while listening to music.. So, if the cord is too long and constantly touches something or gets in the way, then you can simply remove the required length, and leave the rest on the case.

There are many different organizers under twist for headphones, so in the store you can choose any shape you like, colors, dimensions, etc..

Headphone twists

Fixator - one of the store methods, how to fold earphones, so they can't get confused. They are slightly different from the topics above., that look like a storage accessory and do not help in use. But that's not get confused they help great. You just need to fold the wire and secure it with a holder. Its main advantage is compactness..

What to do, if the headphones from the iPhone get tangled

iPhone earbuds often get tangled, and a matte rubberized cord makes it very difficult to unravel the wire. To avoid wasting time, it is enough to think over the system as their tie.

The above methods will help not only save your nerves, but also preserve the integrity of your favorite headset. Not to think, how to fold headphones, simple things will suffice, that you definitely have at home. If you don’t like them or don’t want to bother with the construction of fixtures, order an organizer on the Internet.:

For example, Ali –

How to wrap and stow earpods in a box

To understand, как сложить наушники от айфона в коробочку, нужно прочитать алгоритм:

  1. Расправьте кабель. На нем не должно быть узлов, спутанных частей.
  2. Вкладываши положите на предназначенные для них места – это спутать точно нельзя.
  3. Кабель обмотайте вокруг желоба против часовой стрелки, пока не достигнете регулятора громкости.
  4. Регулятор громкости уложите посередине в специальное место. Второй провод можно спрятать под низ.
  5. Оставшуюся длину оберните вокруг упаковки. Закройте коробочку крышкой.


Замотать провод можно несколькими способами, описанными выше. Для этого не нужно много времени, достаточно лишь воспользоваться подручными материалами и проявить немного воображения.

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