Can Bluetooth be on an airplane??

In the past, flight attendants were asked to turn off electronic devices.. This was explained by the interference of the navigation system. However, a working phone or tablet does not threaten navigation systems.. But if you use wireless headphones during flight, the accessory may explode.. There are cases of injury when using this type of headphone..

Why are some flights not allowed to use Bluetooth?

Initially, you need to understand the operation of this communication module. Bluetooth technology, allowing data to be exchanged over a certain distance. This feature is available in all modern smartphones.. This is explained by the reliability and high quality of communication.. The technology works on the radio wave from 2400 to 2483.5 MHz, which cannot harm aircraft navigation systems.

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However, Bluetooth has the property of creating interference on adjacent frequencies., what provokes interference on electromagnetic systems.
Radiation of waves complicates the work of other equipment. For this reason, some flights may not enable data-enabled features.. This doesn't just apply to headphones., but also for cameras., players.

Can Bluetooth be on an airplane??

Bluetooth hearing aids and other devices, necessary for medical purposes, allowed to operate regardless of other prohibitions.

How dangerous are smartphone signals on an airplane?

Signals from cellular mobile devices have never increased the risk of a plane crash, however, the radio waves of smartphones provoke interference with aircraft signals. This makes it difficult for pilots to control. For this reason, the operation of bluetooth devices has limitations..

What is the ban on equipment on board in our country

Previously, passengers were prohibited from using any electronic gadgets.. It is now allowed to use smartphones in airplane mode with features turned off, in which the phone does not receive or send signals. Wireless headphones are not allowed on an airplane, how to use the internet on an electronic device. Any laptops and other devices weighing more than 1 kg is required to be turned off during takeoff and landing of the aircraft. The following devices are allowed on the aircraft.

  1. Hearing Aids.
  2. Wired accessories.
  3. Cardiac stimulants.
  4. Equipment, necessary for medical purposes.

The following gadgets are allowed with restrictions.

  1. Any device with internet disabled, Bluetooth, GSM.
  2. The use of GSM phones is allowed with the Internet service on board during the flight, except for the taxiing phase, aircraft takeoff and landing.
  3. Wi-Fi can be used on aircraft, that have a wireless entertainment system, restrictions similar to GSM.
  4. Can bluetooth headphones be used? Their operation is allowed on Boeing ships 737/777 and Airbus A330. Also on these aircraft you can use other gadgets with Bluetooth. However, during climb, takeoff, landing and taxiing, their operation is prohibited.

If the pilot suspects interference in navigation systems, the aircraft commander may require all passengers to stop using electronic accessories, other than medical.

A total ban is imposed on appliances, using radio communications. These include satellite phones., radio, remote control toys and wireless microphones.

Ban in the US and Europe

US airlines require smartphones to be put into flight mode during takeoff and landing. At heights over 3 kilometers allowed to use devices with Internet access and Bluetooth functions, including wireless headphones. In European countries, the use of gadgets is allowed regardless of the stage of the flight.

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Wireless accessories may not work on all aircraft. Failure to comply with this limitation may result in injury.. On the Internet, you can find several cases of explosion or fire of these devices.. We recommend that you do not tempt fate and do not put your health at risk.


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