Vacuum headphones

The most common type of "ears" are vacuum or in-ear, or simply plugs. Devices, which are inserted into the ear canal and fixed there with ear pads. They are comfortable to wear and provide quality, loud sound. Vacuum headphones are so diverse, which deserve separate discussion..

Vacuum headphones: kinds

Principles for choosing headphones

There are many models even within the same brand. In order not to get confused and buy the best, important parameters to know:

  1. Signal transmission type - wired or via Bluetooth.
    Certainly, no cable makes vacuum headphones more comfortable, but the sound quality is inferior. And also, their main problem is batteries - either with a small capacity, or heavy. Well, the cost good wireless headphones much bigger.
  2. frequency range.
    Human hearing picks up sounds in the range 20-20000 Hz, everything else is just unnecessary..

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  3. Resistance.
    Impedance headphones are suitable for playing music from a smartphone 16-32 Om, larger values ​​are used in devices for connecting to a computer or other stationary devices, and the smartphone will not give enough volume. Wrong choice will cause your phone's battery to drain quickly and other problems..
  4. Sensitivity of vacuum headphones.
    It is usually in the range 90-120 dB. The higher she is, the louder the music will sound.
  5. Bluetooth version and codecs for wireless devices.
    The first determines the quality of the signal between the smartphone and the “ear”. The second directly make the sound quality. The best codecs - Atpx and LDAC give CD-level sound. But it is necessary, so that the smartphone supports them.
  6. Model specification.
    Now you can choose vacuum headphones specifically for your lifestyle. Sports, with moisture protection, for traveling, for games, etc.. Additional features will be included depending on the type..
  7. Equipment.
    Presence of a storage case, ear pads of different sizes and other necessary things.
  8. Convenience is the most important.
    I always talk about, that no reviews and manufacturer specifications will help, if earplugs just don't fit you. So sampling is a must.. If you buy a device in an online store, do not be too lazy to find such a model for trying on with friends or in a regular store.

I would like to add, that most technical specifications are conditional, by themselves, they do not guarantee good or bad sound., since they depend on each other and many other parameters, including a smartphone. The best way to evaluate in-ear headphones is to test before buying or read and watch reviews from independent experienced users..

Intracanal devices

In-ear headphones - those, what is installed in the ear canal. Placement inside the ear canal makes the sound loud and full, removes ambient noise, "ears" hold better, have compact dimensions. But there are also subspecies., which differ in sound quality.

Armature vacuum headphones

The same thing inside the "ear", which reproduces sound - the emitter can be dynamic or reinforcing. Armature is small, therefore, using it, you can make very small gadgets or improve sound quality by installing several emitters. But this does not always give the desired effect.. Much depends on the quality, and therefore from the price.

Armature vacuum headphones

Except sizes, vacuum headphones with a reinforcing emitter give a more accurate reproduction of compositions, smooth, no interference or distortion. Sound is detailed with crisp vocals, perfect mids and highs. There is no crackling or creaking at maximum volume.

Low frequencies are not given to the armature so well due to the design features and the small size of the radiator. Therefore, they are suitable for those musical genres., where details matter, vocals and high frequencies.

Dynamic vacuum headphones

Devices with a dynamic emitter (driver) more common, cheaper, but are considered the worst sounding. They give a more voluminous sound picture with powerful bass., but muffled mids and highs.

Dynamic vacuum headphones

The size of the dynamic emitter does not allow them to be fully used through in-ear headphones due to the diameter of the membrane in relation to the width of the ear canal.

Author's note! In fact, a lot depends on the build quality., so expensive dynamic device drivers can sound better than armatures. Besides, manufacturer's settings are also important. Sometimes the rebars sing, how dynamic. And vice versa.

Hybrid Vacuum Headphones

A good option is a combination of a dynamic and reinforcing emitter in one device. Such a union gives a full and powerful reproduction with the study of all frequencies and details..

Hybrid Vacuum Headphones

in-ear headphones

These are not in-ear headphones., the "ear" body is placed in the sink in this way, so that the sound from the membrane goes into the channel, but the device itself is not inserted into it. Pill headphones or droplet headphones are similar to vacuum, but they do not have ear pads for installation in the ear canal.

in-ear headphones

This design in some models keeps well in the ear, but still they are much easier to "lose". Loses sound quality, since there is no sealing of the channel, well penetrate the surrounding sounds. Although AirPods are in-ear headphones, like many others, give a very good effect, despite wireless connection.

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Vacuum headphones closed type (earplugs)

If you want to completely isolate yourself from the outside world, then you should choose a closed type of construction. Full sealing of the ear canal allows you to hear only music in the noisiest place. Sometimes this quality is just dangerous., especially when close to the road.. You just might not hear the approaching danger.

Vacuum headphones closed type

Suitable in-ear headphones for music, in which the main are low and medium frequencies, but the highs will sound booming and distorted.

Vacuum headphones open type

Construction, which allows you to hear behind the music then, what's going on around suitable for use in public places or at work. So you will not miss the approaching car or the call of the interlocutor.

Vacuum headphones open type

Besides, open "ears" give a clear sound of high frequencies. In them you can appreciate all the shades of instrumental compositions.

Vacuum headphones with microphone

Use as a headset is one of the almost mandatory conditions. And here there are some difficulties., since the built-in microphone in wireless models is located far from the sound source and ambient noises fall into its field of action. Another thing, if there is a separate unit in vacuum headphones with a microphone. These are not necessarily only wired models, but also Bluetooth devices, where the headphones are connected to each other by a cord.

Vacuum headphones with microphone

The same device for in-ear headphones with a microphone. The sensitivity of the sound receiving sensor does not solve everything, important and its location at the right level. And if in an empty closed room you can easily talk on the phone, then on the street or in a noisy company, the interlocutor will hear everything around.

Wireless vacuum headphones

Freedom from cords is important on the move, during training or on the subway. Therefore, for active people, wireless devices are a comfort.. But sound quality, as through the cable is not yet possible. Although some software improvements can achieve CD quality. These are Atpx and LDAC codecs.. But if they are only supported by headphones, then there will be no effect..

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Wireless vacuum headphones

The latest models of Apple and Samsung smartphones are already being released without a headphone jack, since only wireless pairing is expected.

In-ear headphones without wires and behind-the-ear mounts often just fly out and are irretrievably lost.

You need to consider the capacity of the battery and how it can be charged. In cheap models, the battery lasts for 1-1,5 o'clock, which is very inconvenient. But there are devices, who work on 7-8 hours and more.

Advantages and disadvantages

Vacuum headphones are the most common type of device for listening to music., but not perfect. In my opinion, there are none at all. It all depends on the wishes of the individual..


  • small size;
  • hold well in the ear;
  • soundproofing;
  • suitable for smartphones, players, laptops, tablets and other devices;
  • good sound (how good depends on the specific model, technical specifications, etc.);
  • can be used during active movements, especially wireless;
  • price variety allows you to choose a device for any wallet.


  • Convenience.
    Sometimes you have to look for a convenient device, and for some, the presence of a foreign object in the ear canal is generally unpleasant.
    Anyway, ears get tired, and sometimes they hurt.
  • Not very hygienic.
    Vacuum headphones - a thing of individual use. And even in this case, it is better to periodically treat them with antiseptics..
  • They are very soft due to their size..
    One careless move can break the device.
  • Sound quality.
    With all the improvements, the sound of in-ear "ears" is inferior to full-size.
  • Price category.
    To buy a decent model, have to spend money.

I don't think, that it is correct to compare vacuum devices with overhead full-size. In terms of purpose and other characteristics, these are radically different things.. But in-ear headphones are definitely inferior in terms of convenience and sound quality..

What do you think of the plugs, what models do you prefer, and what problems did you encounter while using them? Share in the comments, your opinion can be the basis for my new reviews.

Main characteristics

Мы уже затронули тему технических параметров, по которым стоит ориентироваться при покупке вакуумных наушников. Но это не все. На звучание и комфорт при использовании влияют и другие характеристики устройства.

Type of ear cushions

Амбушюры обеспечивают надежное крепление в канале уха, а также герметизируют его, подавляя окружающий шум. От размера и качества накладок будет зависеть громкость, удобство и качество звучания.


Главное разделение амбушюр по материалу, из которого они изготовлены:

  • Силиконовые используются в основном в дешевых моделях вакуумных наушников. Силикон не имеет памяти, поэтому не способен подстраиваться под индивидуальное строение ушного канала. В итоге после длительного использования возникает дискомфорт, и даже боль. Besides, силикон негативно влияет на звучание.
  • Полиуретановая пенка применяется в изделиях бренда Comply, который считается лидером в производстве амбушюр.
    Этот материал способен подстраиваться под ухо конкретного человека. Со временем ношение устройств с такими насадками становится только комфортнее. Да и на звук полиуретан влияет положительно. Недостаток один — комфортный эффект памяти приводит к тому, что вакуумные наушники просто начинают выпадать, так как пенка сминается.
  • Гибрид — полиуретановые амбушюры с силиконовым покрытием.
    Это компромисс между двумя основными типами. Не так распространено использование, но сочетание плюсов 2 материалов удалось.

Существуют также кастомные устройства, где амбушюры изготавливают индивидуально по слепку ушного канала. Удовольствие недешевое, да и малораспространенное.

Usually, в комплекте любых вакуумных наушников есть по 3 pair of ear pads in different sizes. Но если и они не подошли, можно приобрести любые амбушюры в магазине.


Естественно, при выборе стоит оценить и кабель. Он должен быть надежным, поэтому предпочтительнее плотная и гибкая оболочка. Аудиофилы утверждают, что кабель способен серьезно влиять на звучание вакуумных наушников. В этом плане пониженное сопротивление кабеля действительно способно увеличить громкость и чистоту звука низкоомных устройств. В остальном влияние провода на качество воспроизведения не доказано.

Build quality

Проверить корпус необходимо. Не должно быть царапин, cracks, заусенцев, расхождения швов и других кривых моментов. Качество проявляется не только во внешнем виде, в устройстве ничего не болтается. В противном случае не исключены и проблемы в начинке.


Ни одни вакуумные наушники не способны без изменений воспроизвести звук. Поэтому и существуют такая погрешность, которая называется искажения. Очень качественное устройство укладывается в 0,5%, а вот более посредственные изделия меняют звук до 2%. Ну а большие значения искажений характерны для низкого качества звучания.


Вакуумные наушники покупают чаще, чем другие. Они удобны, просты, идут в комплекте к смартфонам, а также есть и очень крутые модели, которые не уступают полноразмерным монстрам по качеству звука. Если наушники — не дополнение к телефону, а качественное устройство, придется учитывать многие моменты. However, оно того стоит.

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