TOP 7 wireless headphones on sale 11.11.

Today, preparations for the main sale of the year on Aliexpress have started - 11.11, so-called bachelor's day.

As usual, magic happens on this day, and goods are sold sometimes even more expensive than before the sale!

We analyzed the price dynamics of the top wireless headphones, which can be snatched at a bargain price, for this:

  1. Choose your favorite model;
  2. Visit official promotion page - you will immediately receive a special discount coupon;
  3. Just add items to your shopping cart, to earn points;
  4. For each item added to your cart, you will receive 5 coins, not required to buy;
  5. Exchange coins for discounts;
  6. Do not forget use cashback, to save even more.

All prices on this page will be updated online. Choose Wisely!

So let's go!

QCY QS1 (T1)

Not bad, albeit a rather old model of headphones.

Of the pros:

  • acceptable autonomy - at the level 3 hours;
  • adequate sound quality;
  • Bluetooth 5.0;
  • Low price.

Here is the price dynamics for this model before the start of the sale –

But what they promise us - everything is without deceit - the seller is verified!

QS1 – QCY official store - current price – [ali632091] rub. Add to Basket

QCY QS2 (T2)

This is an improved QS1 model, but the improvements affected only the case now it has a closing lid and a battery on 800 mAh, instead 380 mAh. In general, there are no other differences.

Price dynamics before the sale -

As we see, there is an artificial price increase, to attract the size of the discount. However, they still promise us a low price.:

QS2 – QCY official store - current price – [ali355092] rub. Add to Basket


Haylou GT1 and GT1 Pro

TOP 7 wireless headphones on sale 11.11.

Excellent model, choice of our editorial staff in the budget up to 1500 p. (applies specifically to the PRO version).

Of the pros:

  • Touch control;
  • Moisture protection;
  • Good sound quality;
  • Convenient control and many functions;
  • Good battery

Read the detailed review at the link. –

Headphone prices have changed as follows:

Relative to the beginning of October, they promise a small discount, but she's still there.

Seller verified

Haylou GT1 Pro – Haylou Official Store – [ali554952] rub. Add to Basket

Haylou GT1 – Haylou Official Store – [ali683142] rub. Add to Basket

Havit G1

Model for those, who is tired of the same design of the vast majority of Chinese headphones and cases.

Don't expect anything outstanding except for the appearance and interesting design of the case.. Sound at the level of other models in this article, unless the microphone is better. Autonomy at an average level. Detailed review - link

Price dynamics:

As seen, seller before 11.11 artificially inflated the already high price. However, they promise a good discount.:

Havit G1 – HAVIT Store – [ali555398] rub. Add to Basket


JBL Tune 120 TWS

New from a well-known brand, the price is not the lowest, however, not without drawbacks.

Sound quality is top notch, but, due to bluetooth version 4.2 there is audio delay, Mic could be better too. Detailed review at the link –

Price dynamics before the sale:

The seller promises a good discount:

Pay attention, that this is an official retail with delivery from Russia with a normal guarantee:

JBL T120 TWS – tmall – [tmall594047] rub. Add to Basket

Honor FlyPods Youth Edition (FlyPods Lite)

They are Huawei Freebuds Lite. One of the most beautiful headphones in our opinion, also have many colors.

Good sound, with AptX support, waterproof according to Ip54 standard, good working time, well, design - all these are the advantages of this model.

Look at price dynamics

A cunning Chinese recently sold these headphones (Huawei version) for 3083 ruble, and during the sale period will generously trade them at:

Well, just a super "promotion". Although the seller is verified.

Honor FlyPods Lite – JKTEAM Store – [ali965132] rub. Add to Basket

Redmi Airdots

Well, what kind of rating will do without Xiaomi, it is almost synonymous with Aliexpress.

Headphones - bestseller, quality sound, fast and reliable connection with the phone.

Someone complains about case materials, well yes, let it be made from pressed rice, let there be an old port for charging - MicroUSB, but in the words of Stas Ai, how simple - “And I’d better take Xiaomi for that kind of money”.

We found the lowest price for original headphones (There are a lot of fakes on Ali) see how it changed before the sale -

Wherein 11 November you can buy headphones with a small discount:

Seller verified, reviews are good:

Redmi airdots – MIJIA ONLINE Store – [ali794929] rub. Add to Basket


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