headphone impedance

Most music lovers think, that wearing an audio accessory with the highest number of ohms and "hefty" cups, achieve optimum sound. At the same time, without paying attention to the device, from which the sound comes. However, this is the opinion of non-professionals.. In reality things are different.

headphone impedance
Symbol, denoting resistance

What does impedance mean

Regardless of device type, which is used to make sound, each has an amplifier. It is responsible for the formation of oscillations in the output voltage of sound waves.. Due to this, dynamic heads transmit sound. However, the average voltage values ​​vary greatly depending on the device..

On smartphones, the audio frequency amplifier has performance in 200 milliVolts.

Impedance – is the average value of the resistance, which varies with frequency.

What does impedance affect?

For ease of calculation, the number of ohms is taken as a constant for all sound frequencies. According to Ohm's law on home theater, phone or computer, the device will transmit sound differently. This is explained by the difference in voltage, while the number of ohms remains the same.

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A variable amount of current flows through the dynamic head, what the accessory will react to by reducing or increasing the volume. What to do, if your headphones started to play quietly?

Therefore, depending on the number of ohms, the purity of the sound changes., as well as the volume level.

High resistance and low resistance

According to the resistance, headphones are divided into two types. Boundary is different for full size and in-canal devices.

Headphone type

Resistance value, Om

Low resistance

High resistance

Intracanal To 32 Over 32
full size To 100 Over 100

Which ones to choose

When choosing based on impedance in headphones, you need to consider the technique, which will be used. Every device has an amplifier. Headphones must be matched to the source to avoid sound distortion.. When choosing an audio accessory, you need to rely on the rule 1/8.

Source impedance should be less 1/8 from accessory resistance. For example, for devices with 16 Ohm output impedance on the phone should not exceed 2 Om. Otherwise, the accessory will give poor sound quality..

For phone, laptop or player

This category of devices belongs to compact. For this reason, it is recommended to purchase inserts, characterized by small size. When choosing, you should consider the level of output voltage on the device, as well as power consumption and headphone impedance.

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To unlock the potential of high-impedance headphones, you need a powerful amplifier. Smartphones, players and laptops cannot boast of this. Output voltage rarely exceeds 1V. For this reason, the load is higher 50 Ohm in headphones is undesirable. Otherwise, the study of low frequencies will decrease., the sound will become quieter. So such a load is undesirable for smartphones. Hi-fi type players have output voltage up to 4V. For this reason, the best option would be devices up to 120 Om.

For desktop computers, music systems

For devices with a powerful amplifier, high-impedance full-size headphones are suitable. Portable equipment is characterized by output voltage limitations, however, there are no rigid limits for the current level. The accessory will reveal the possibilities of a stationary PC, professional systems, TVs.

Typical values ​​for different types of headphones


Most have a flat curve with values ​​ranging from 16 Om to 32. This category is characterized by the absence of deviations in the range from 20 to 20 kilohertz.

Full size and overhead

Most full size and overhead models have an uneven curve. Characterized by a significant rise at low frequencies and a slight rise during playback of high. The value is often equal to 32 Om, if you do not take into account the reactive part.

Unevenness indicates the design features of the emitter or resonances. The lift can vary depending on the position of the fixture..

Some models are characterized by the absence of deviations. With these headphones, it is better to use a low output impedance.. This is explained by better control on 20 – 1 kHz.


The impedance of an accessory with a rebar emitter is quite difficult to predict. Single-driver models feature boost at high and mid frequencies. This ensures clear sound at high and very high. Amplifier creates less distortion. Standard value at low frequencies is approx. 25 Om. FROM 500 Hz rises are noted. Если на аксессуаре указан импеданс 100 Ом на 1 кГц это не значит, что модель высокоомная. На низких частотах значение будет около 16 Om.


Категория подразумевает изодинамический излучатель. Имеет прямую линию. В теории это оптимальная нагрузка для усилителя. Однако на высоких частотах импеданс постепенно снижается до 0. Это оказывает негативное влияние на звук.


Для определения какую лучше модель использовать, требуется узнать предельный уровень выходного напряжения без искажения. Далее рассчитывается сила тока, устанавливается мощность приспособления в зависимости от сопротивления.


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