Wireless headphones with built-in player

Wireless headphones with a built-in player are not only a comfortable headset, but also an independent device for listening to music. With such a device, you can make a summer run, not picking up clothes with a deep enough pocket for a phone. In many situations, the combination of two devices is uncomfortable. Besides, wireless transmission consumes a lot of power, and listening to recorded tracks will save battery capacity.

Wireless headphones with player

What to look for when choosing

Wireless headphones with a player have a microprocessor and a memory card. You can download music to the built-in flash drive via Bluetooth and listen at any time without the help of other devices. In the player, an important fact is the music format. But the technical characteristics of the device are also important., because they provide loud, pure sound. When buying, the following parameters are important:

  • Sensitivity.
    The higher the values, the louder the music will sound. Normal readings from 90 to 120 dB.
  • Impedance or resistance.
    Affects the volume, sound quality. Optimal values ​​in the range 16-60 Om.
  • Power.
    Here the principle “the more, so much the better” does not work. Modern models have a built-in amplifier, which allows you to get high-quality sound at a minimum power, without unnecessarily discharging the battery. Enough 50-100 mW.
  • frequency range.
    Defines something, how voluminous and detailed the sound will be, that, what sounds can you hear. Our hearing aid only recognizes sounds in the range of 20 to 20000 Hz. But if we take into account the frequency response, then at the edges of these values ​​there may be a decline, as they say, cut low or high frequencies. Therefore, it makes sense to choose ears with a range from 16 to 25000 Hz, with little margin.

Now consider the parameters important for the player:

  1. Memory.
    The capacity of the built-in or plug-in flash drive is needed to record tracks and the processor. The more memory, the more extensive your audio library. Wireless headphones with a built-in player use options up to 32 GB. Personally, I think, too much memory is unnecessary. In every period of life, we listen to a certain amount of pretty music.. For 200-300 MPZ tracks with bitrate 320 kbps enough memory in volume 2 GB.
  2. autonomy.
    If you listen to music from the built-in player, not via bluetooth, the battery drains much more slowly.. Typically, the manufacturer specifies the operating time for each use case - conversations, wireless signal transmission, play music from flash drive. Tiny devices can sing up to 8-10 hours, a full size set records - more than a day. Usually, the larger the battery, the more expensive, heavier and larger device.
  3. Audio file format.
    Today, almost all known formats are supported in the wireless headphone player.. In fact, the most common, demanded are WMA, MP3, Apple lossless.
  4. Ease of use.
    Comfort determines weight, that, How does the structure sit?. The choice is best made by trying, since the size and structure of the head and ears are individual. Even large and heavy devices can be very comfortable due to the correct weight distribution and optimal head compression..

And don't forget to rate the build quality. gaps, cracks, dents, squeaks, rattling inside says, that they collected headphones tyap-blunder and it’s somehow strange to expect long and high-quality work from them. Today, even Chinese plugs 100 rubles look perfect.

Additional features:

  • microphone for use as a headset;
  • aux in connector for wired connection to PC, laptop, smartphone or other player;
  • waterproof applied in sports headphones, you can even dive in some;
  • radio;
  • voice assistant, etc..
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Top 5 best models

The choice of headphones-player without wires today is huge. It's easy to get lost in this variety., it becomes unclear, how not to miscalculate and choose the really best. Based on my experience in testing and reviewing different headphones, I present to you my top 5.

Ritmix RH-480BTH

Inexpensive over-ear headphones with mp3 player and radio. Can be used as a headset. Removable microSD memory card, capacity 16 GB. Can also be used via cable, which comes with the kit. This device has some cons, but as an inexpensive option, they have their own merits.

Headphones Ritmix RH-480BTH


  • frequencies 20-20000 Hz;
  • impedance 32 Om;
  • sensitivity 105 dB;
  • size dynamics 40 mm;
  • the weight 285 city.


  • Can be used with or without wire;
  • great memory;
  • removable flash drive;
  • listening to music before 5 hours without recharging;
  • except MP3, WMA formats are supported, FLAC, APE, WAV;
  • price approx 1200 rubles.


  • almost no radio;
  • weak microphone;
  • small headphone cup;
  • fragile headband;
  • Some of them broke the power button..

Harper HB-213

Over-ear headphones with cable transfer capability. Uses memory cards up to 32 GB. Playback format mp3 only. Has FM tuner and microphone. Foldable headband design, adjustable in size. Ear pads are very soft, no fogging effect.

Headphones Harper HB-213


  • frequencies 20-20000 Hz;
  • impedance 32 Om;
  • sensitivity 105 dB;
  • the weight 180 city.


  • price approx 1700 rubles;
  • good sound in the player, especially the bass;
  • can be used via cable;
  • headset function;
  • large memory and removable flash drive;
  • convenient remote control on the outside of the ear cup;
  • working time approx. 5 hours.


  • радио работает так себе;
  • микрофон тоже оставляет желать лучшего;
  • при максимальной громкости появляется фон;
  • по кабелю звук хуже;
  • тихое звучание.

Bluedio T2 Plus

Полноразмерные беспроводные наушники с плеером имеют радио и микрофон. Работают по воздуху или кабелю. Можно подключить к ним по проводу AUX вторые уши и по Bluetooth передавать звук сразу на 2 устройства, For example, при совместном просмотре фильма. Оголовье с мягкой вставкой удобное, регулируемое.

Наушники Bluedio T2 Plus

Main characteristics:

  • sensitivity 110 dB;
  • impedance 16 Om;
  • frequencies 20-20000 Hz;
  • коэффициент гармоник менее 0,1% (степень искажения звука).


  • очень качественный и громкий звук с сочными басами. Maybe, это благодаря тому, что их разрабатывали бывшие инженеры из компании Beats, которые толк в этом знают;
  • прилично работает радио;
  • микрофон для встроенного совсем неплох;
  • минималистичный, но своеобразный дизайн;
  • комфортная посадка;
  • широкий функционал — гарнитура, проводные наушники, wireless уши, самостоятельный плеер;
  • карты памяти до 32 GB;
  • время работы до 40 hours;
  • отличная внутренняя шумоизоляция;
  • возможность подключения вторых наушников;
  • цена при таком высоком качестве 1500-3000 rubles.


  • страдает внешняя звукоизоляция. На половине громкости окружающим отчетливо слышна ваша музыка;
  • жаркие амбушюры, но не критично;
  • оголовье из хрупкого пластика;
  • кнопки выглядят ненадежно.


Интересный вариант без функции Bluetooth. Беспроводные наушники для плеера или проводного использования. Встроенный плеер читает флешки объемом до 32 Гб в форматах mp3 и WAV. Есть радио.

Наушники NIA MRH-8809S


  • sensitivity 108 dB;
  • resistance 32 Om;
  • frequencies 20-20000 Hz.


  • working hours 6-8 hours;
  • приличный звук;
  • неплохое радио;
  • price approx 1300 rubles;
  • удобная посадка;
  • неплохой дизайн.


  • нет блютуз;
  • нельзя использовать как гарнитуру.

Zealot B19

Этот девайс меня просто впечатлил своей продуманностью и качеством при низкой цене. Сочетает кабельное и блютуз-соединение, microphone, radio, собственный плеер с поддержкой карт памяти до 32 GB. И главное — аккумулятор можно менять, и используется распространенный вариант, который применяют для кнопочных телефонов Нокиа.

Наушники Zealot B19


  • sensitivity 110 dB;
  • impedance 32 Om;
  • frequencies 20-20000 Hz;
  • the weight 200 city;
  • speaker diameter 4 cm.


  • чистый, четкий и очень громкий звук;
  • замена аккумулятора;
  • хороший микрофон;
  • табло на чашке наушника, по нему можно настраивать радио;
  • крепкая конструкция;
  • качественная сборка;
  • комфортно сидят на голове;
  • price 1400 rubles.


  • срезанные высокие частоты;
  • только формат mp3.

Tell in the comments, какие наушники-плеер понравились или огорчили вас. Замечания пользователей мы всегда проверяем при составлении обзоров.


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