Which headphones are better: wired or wireless?

A few decades ago, only the most advanced had headphones., “Forcing” population strata. Young people can see this in films about Soviet times. There were often such fashionistas. In perestroika, such devices already appeared in everyone and everyone.. But they were very bulky and flimsy at the same time.. The sound quality was also average and below average.. But for this it was worth thanking the caring Chinese. It was their various products that flooded the markets. Maybe you still have such units in the bins?

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Now headphones do not surprise anyone. Older people can often be seen in parks and on the streets with Nordic walking poles and headphones. And more and more citizens of the world are choosing wireless technologies. This is, by the way,often causes controversy.

Differences between wired and wireless headphones.

About that, the better autonomous wireless ones are, or the worse they are than the already accustomed wired ones, you can argue for just as long, as, For example, about retro cars and about the modern auto industry. Cars with history can please the soul of the owner first of all, and modern serve in the name of the needs of the body. So let's say. At the same time, even among retro there can be frank bad taste and rubbish, that, what should go down in history without much mention. So there can be limited versions of cars, which really represent a lot. Modern cars can be more comfortable than retro ones, but frankly nonsense in embodiment, and may be like this, which are in no way inferior in their uniqueness and harmony to retro meters.

  • Adherents of classic taste prefer wired headphones. And those, who do not belong to classical music lovers, but prefer wired devices – it's usually people, for whom it is difficult or pointless to master advanced and wireless technologies.
  • Active, forever on the run, citizens of society want a minimum of attachment to some kind of sockets and wires. For them wireless headphones – this is another step in the quality of life. And there are many modern music lovers, who recognize, that even without any wires there is a place for a realistic, cool sound.

Which headphones are better: wired or wireless?

When inside a man they argue and modern, and an adherent of the classics, that is, a cool and obvious way out – need both types of headphones. It's really expensive. It can turn out to be a very tidy sum.. But so to calm the inner worm and conscience will please at home, in a calm, relaxed atmosphere wired and reliable. And during the day – on the way to work, to study or at the sports center – “classics” will be replaced by smaller brothers – wireless earbuds.

The better wired headphones?

It seems like wired “ears” are usually attributed to the last century, but they also have their advantages..

  • A clear plus of wired headphones is that, that they will broadcast sound from the source even in the dungeon, where there is no communication at all and continuous interference in the air. Only the truth is that in the modern world there are very few such places without communication.. Even stuck in the elevator, you can call.
  • Wired headphones don't need charging. How to get to the network again these days there is no problem. Although in the car charge. Plus, there are recharging options from cases and other devices..
  • And coming to the reviews of connoisseurs of sound and deniers of everything new – sound. According to their beliefs, only wires can make real sound., qualitative. It's really a matter of price.. But more on that below..

What are the disadvantages?

The disadvantages of any wired gadgets are obvious – these are the wires. It can be uncomfortable and unsafe to drive with them., there is no opportunity to be in touch and play with the younger generation or wash dishes. And on a run, not all special pockets on sportswear will be able to place a source device – the cable may not be long enough.

Anyway, but wired headphones largely deprive mobility. And in combination with those requirements, which the modern world imposes on the tempo-rhythm, Yes, wired headphones – this is an unsatisfactory option..

The better wireless headphones.

Pleasant “buns” of wireless headphones are obvious, as well as hidden. Hidden features include constantly emerging new features.. They are not hidden, but it is difficult to keep up with their relevance. Asian gadgets can be considered especially advanced.. It's like a pretty expensive one from Samsung, and very budget and functional Meizu. And of course the leaders in promotion – it's apple AirPods from Apple.

  • Freedom of hands. This is most likely, что первым важно в положительных качествах беспроводных “ушек”. Можете вести автомобиль и без создания опасных ситуаций на дороге отвечать на важные звонки.
  • Исключение раздражающих факторов при спортивных занятиях. Бегать можно положив источник звука или связи хоть в любой карман и прочие достижения дизайнерской мысли, хоть в сумку или рюкзак. В тренажёрном зале провода не будут создавать опять же опасности, а при кардиоактивностях и, allowable, та
  • нцах не будут злить и мешать движениям.
  • Удобство в бытовой жизни и на отдыхе. Играть с детьми, когда “ушки” активны можно без отрыва от дел. Аналогично с разными делами в квартире: уборка и глажка под любимые звуковые дорожки. Лишь нужно активности проявлять в зоне радиуса 10 meters.
  • Стиль. Либо можно быть в актуальных веяниях с такими изобретениями, либо они будут незаметны под причёской. Можно хоть на приём во дворец отправляться и оставаться на связи. Прямо как какой-то крутой специальный агент из кинофильмов.

Интересно было бы посчитать статистику того, по каким причинам наши читатели выбирают беспроводные “ушки“?

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Cons of wireless headphones.

Вроде как выбор между проводными и беспроводными bluetooth наушниками в наши дни очевиден. Но не всё же есть некоторые нюансы.

  • Гарнитуры без проводов с качеством звука аналогичных проводных значительно дороже. Тут третьего и искать бессмысленно. Цены на беспроводные наушники даже самого простого, а нередко и слабенького качества, исчисляются тысячами.
  • Беспроводным “ушкам” нужна подзарядка через определённые промежутки по часам. Yes, на помощь приходят чехлы, кейсы и прочие устройства, которые могут подарить электроэнергию удалённо. Но и им периодически нужны сеть. Именно через провод и от розетки.
  • Приобретая ту модель, которая не интегрирована под конкретную модель смартфона или прочей техники, можно легко с беспроводными технологиями “пролететь”. Устройства могут не видеть друг друга даже при посредничестве дополнительно установленных приложений официальных и неофициальных.

That, какие наушники лучше выбрать беспроводные или проводные следует решать каждому самому. Нужно расставить по важности плюсы и недочеты первых и вторых. А какие гаджеты для прослушивания музыки предпочитаете Вы?

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