How to choose wireless headphones

Over the past two years, I have tried headphones from different manufacturers., many of which often let me down. Majority, certainly, I liked: comfortable, quality, with good sound. In others, it was impossible to go to training, because they always fall out, or just didn't like the sound. Here is the guide, by which I myself chose wireless headphones.

What are wireless headphones and top 5 facts about them, that you didn't know

Wireless headphones are devices, which work on the technology of receiving sound from the source. They do not have a cord and connect to the source mainly via bluetooth.. There are several types of accessories, differing in sound transmission technologies:

  1. Radio headphones are connected via radio frequency channels. The advantage is that, that the quality of the signal here is not affected by obstacles in the form of walls, furniture. So you can listen to the TV show, moving freely around the house. However, the sound may be affected by the operation of electrical appliances., especially with electric motors.
  2. infrared models, that connect via infrared. The device works only if, that the transmitter is in line of sight.
  3. Bluetooth headphones are universal. With bluetooth connection, it is possible to connect to different sources and switch them.
  4. wifi headphones. Connecting involves connecting multiple users to the same source.

Choice of accessories, based on the purpose of use. If you need devices, to listen to music while exercising in the gym, then they can be suitable for walking, but not for playing dota.


Headphones have their secrets. Here are some surprising facts about them.:

  • The first wireless models appeared back in the 1990s..
  • Wireless devices can harm the body, causing insomnia, irritability, hair deterioration, nails.
  • Most new smartphones do not have 3,5 millimeter jack. This means, that soon everyone will switch to wireless accessories.
  • Headphones wireless not recommended for pregnant women and children every day.
  • There are devices that support SD cards, that do not need to be connected to the source.

How to choose headphones

There are a huge number of accessories, designed for different purposes: watching TV, sports, phone and computer work, for metal detector, etc.. I will tell my principles, by which I choose accessories, and which wireless headphones you choose - decide for yourself.

Headphones for sports

Models for running or doing exercises should be compact and comfortable - this is the main thing. They must not fall out of the ears., be big. Wireless headphones for sports should have the main advantage - moisture resistance. You need to choose the shape of the device individually. Important, so that it fits the structure of your auditory organ. Inserts and inserts are suitable for such purposes.. Instructions for choosing and rating wireless headphones for swimming can be find by link.

How to choose wireless headphones
Sports headphones

Plug-in devices in most provide a secure fit, comfort and soundproofing. It helps, when the hall is noisy or separate music is playing. Sony WI-1000X would be a great option.

Overhead is difficult to combine with sports. They are suitable for less active activities.: stretch marks, workouts in the gym. When running and cycling, such devices will interfere. But even cheap models will delight you with high sound quality.. For training, you can purchase the Philips SHB9250 model.

How to choose wireless headphones

For active sports, we recommend CGPods headphones 5.0 from the Tyumen brand CaseGuru. There are Tyumen headphones in 4 times less, what Apple AirPods. But at the same time, the headphones from the "apple" brand do not have an important option, which CGPods have - moisture protection. So, CGPods 5.0 can be easily washed off sweat, dirt and earwax - simply by rinsing them under running tap water. You can shower with CGPods. Case CGPods 5.0 Made from professional aircraft grade aluminum (the same alloy is used in the production of Boeing) and withstand the load 100 kilograms. Silicone spacers keep the earphones in place during any active movement. Convenient touch control allows you to switch tracks, adjust volume and answer calls, without taking out the smartphone. Selling CGPods 5.0 only online, without cheating intermediaries and shops – at the direct price of the manufacturer - 4 500 rubles. With delivery in Russia and CIS countries.

Headphones for phone

The main criteria when choosing accessories to work with the phone are the form factor, the weight, autonomy and data transfer technology. Not all earbuds will appeal to music lovers, because they don't pick up low frequencies.

It is better to buy full-size - nothing compares to their sound. Buy models no more 200 grams, otherwise they will cause discomfort. They have to hold a charge, How much do you need. Otherwise, you will not like the device - you will constantly think about how, how to have time to charge them by the evening and still get additional.

How to choose wireless headphones
Phone headset

Due to easy mobility, users prefer plug-in. Airpods are truly wireless earphones.. For me, these Bluetooth headphones are the best.. Truth, some users complain about a weak in-ear fit.

Headphones for computer

Frequent PC users, especially for those who like to listen to music or watch movies late at night, you just need good wireless headphones. For the purpose of working at a computer, it is worth purchasing overhead or full-size options. Due to the absence of external holes, they are characterized by good sound insulation..

How to choose wireless headphones
computer headphones

On-ears fit well to the hearing organ, but don't cover it completely., which makes it easier to use and adds comfort. Good Marshall Minor II Bluetooth device.

Full-size models have a strong fit to the head and ears. Due to the large membrane, they have a better sound quality..

Headphones for metal detector

Most metal detectors have their own speakers, making loud noises when reaching the goal.

How to choose wireless headphones
Headphones for metal detector

My acquaintance, who has been working with the device for more than ten years, spoke, that headphones greatly facilitate the process and help to hear weak signals. How to choose an accessory for a metal detector:

  1. When choosing a device for a metal detector, pay attention to the brand. Some release models only for certain types of tools..
  2. After make sure, that the inside of the model is soft. Hard devices without an insert will quickly rub your ears, and you won't be able to work.
  3. Buy a bluetooth adapter, which plugs into the mini-jack socket 3,5 mm, to work wireless headphones via bluetooth.
  4. Pick up a device with a lot of resistance: so it will work better and the battery will last longer.

Headphones with memory card

Such devices allow you to listen to music without connecting to a phone or other device.. Many of them also support radio. If you rarely listen to radio channels, I advise you not to take such devices, because the speakers in them are much worse. If only an mp3 player is built in, more space for speakers, and therefore the quality of the device is higher. When choosing wireless headphones with SD card, see Bluedio T2 model + Turbine.

How to choose wireless headphones
Headphones – Bluedio T2 player + Turbine

Headphones for TV

When choosing an accessory for your TV, you should pay attention to:

  • connection type;
  • model view;
  • power;
  • functionality.

Buy only wifi or bluetooth devices, so that the connection is of high quality and not interrupted. When I bought an accessory for my dad, sellers advised to take invoices for complete soundproofing and surround sound. So watching movies is more interesting and there is a feeling of 3D sound.

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Power must be selected according to the model of the TV. The set of functions should be optional and based on the needs of the person. for example, you can buy models "for two", to watch TV, while the children sleep. Check Wireless Headphone Ratings Before Buying: evaluate their pros and cons.

Gaming headphones

In a situation with a choice of gaming devices, you can’t save. When buying cheap models, there is a high probability, that in a month the “ears” themselves or the headset will fail, and have to buy new ones. (which is also enough for a month, if you save).

How to choose wireless headphones
Gaming Headphones

Game models must be:

  • easy;
  • comfortable;
  • with quality sound (especially at low frequencies)

Often the game drags on for several hours, so you need to provide maximum comfort to the ears. Important, so that the ears do not get tired of them and the neck is not so overloaded. Besides, cheap accessories greatly affect the sound quality.

For gaming, it is better to take full-size models with a dual headband design.: metal frame and soft lining underneath. When playing for a long time, you need to buy accessories with ear cushions made of breathable material, so that the ears do not heat up.

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Device sensitivity should not be lower than 105dB. Emphasis is placed on low frequencies, since they affect the saturation of the sound.

Wireless headphone designs

There are many models with different designs. Review the information below and decide, what are the best wireless headphones. Let's take a closer look at each of them..

full size

full size often confused with invoices. But they have the main difference - full-size covers the entire ear.

How to choose wireless headphones
Over-ear headphones cover the entire ear

Sound of 100% enters the auditory organ, not beyond. Full size models are divided into:

  • open;
  • semi-open;
  • closed.

Open doors have virtually no sound insulation., but the sound is very realistic. Closed design with high sound insulation. Even at low volume, others will not be able to interfere or bring down the user, and also hear no sound. semi-open (semi-closed) have a compromise, which builds on the two previous versions.


This type does not give a snug fit to the ear, which means that part of the sound goes beyond it. Therefore, for high-quality work, you need a high volume level..

How to choose wireless headphones
On-ear headphones

Overhead have two designs: they can be fastened with an earhook or an arcuate headband.


Plug-in also called inserts. They are placed directly in the auricle and are considered the most common, especially when using the phone.

How to choose wireless headphones
In-ear headphones without ear pads

Sometimes they have round foam rubber as an ear cushion, which makes use comfortable and improves the quality of sound insulation.


Intracanal (vacuum) models inserted into the ear canal. Planting them is deeper, than the previous type.

How to choose wireless headphones
Earplugs or earmuffs

Compared to inserts, vacuum models have better sealing. They concentrate the sound, don't let him go outside. vacuum headphone wireless relatively reduce the noise level and amplitude distortion of the membrane.

A characteristic feature of vacuum devices is the ability to select nozzles according to your ear size.. This allows you to get a better sound due to a comfortable position in the ear..


Their design involves inserting a rectangular figure into the auricle. (fittings) with rounded edges. Headphones somewhat repeat the auricle and retain its shape, holding in the ear due to this.

Open Headphones

Open-type devices require little double-sided noise isolation. So, the user will hear the clearest sounds around, and others can hear the music at loud listening and close proximity. Such penetration of sound is provided by the design of the device itself.. The outer or side part is made of mesh or has a large number of holes.

Open models have nothing to do with full-size open devices. Such models can be represented among:

  • vacuum;
  • liners;
  • overhead;
  • monitor;
  • full size.

Headphones with aptx

aptx technology allows you to get high-quality sound in completely wireless models due to audio compression. Such devices can be of various types. (plug-in, invoices, full size). They do not have cords and work only through wireless connections..

Waterproof headphones

Waterproof models on the case have special protection in the IP value with two digits (For example, IPx22). The second digit indicates the level of protection against water: 4 – splash protection, 5-6 – weak and strong jets, 7 - short-term immersion in water no more, than on 1 meters, 8 - long-term immersion 30-40 minutes. And a number with a digit 7 at the end does not involve permanent work in immersed mode.

Waterproof housing guarantees protection against water droplets or water when immersed, but cannot fully protect the device when left in water for a long time, since it still has holes for sound. To solve, which wireless headphones to choose, check out the ranking of the best waterproof devices.

How to choose wireless headphones

Wireless headphones CGPods Lite from the Tyumen brand CaseGuru already mentioned in this article have moisture protection according to the IPX6 standard. These headphones can be washed under the tap, you can sing in them, taking a shower. This is an extremely rare option for earplugs., especially for such budget. Even AirPods are not waterproof.. But CGPods Lite is four times cheaper than "apples""! CGPods Lite are compatible with any Android device / iOS. Without recharging from an outlet, headphones from Tyumen sound up to 20 hours. Case-antistress CGPods Lite deserves special attention, pebble-like. It is very pleasant to turn in the hands, flipping the lid. You can buy CGPods Lite headphones exclusively online for 3 500 rubles. This is the manufacturer's direct price., without any markups of retail chains and intermediaries. Delivery across the Russian Federation and to neighboring countries is provided.


With active noise cancellation

Active noise canceling technology is most common in closed-type models. The presence of additional functions allows people not only to get high-quality sound, but also to be in complete silence even on the street or in the subway. Just turn on the noise canceling system. However, this function often affects health - users complain of headaches after using such models..

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