What's on the Ears of Audiophiles

Some sound audiophiles can tell you the chemistry of the alloy., from which the magnet in the headphones is made, these people choose Hi-Fi. Others want, so that the ear pads are made of calfskin, who are less than two months old, they need Hi-End technology. Today we will talk about these two terms.

What is Hi fi headphones?

Hi Fi – short for High Fidelity. This phrase has a translation - high accuracy. The purpose of these headphones – sound transmission, as close as possible to the original. There are world standards DIN-45500 and IEC 60581, or GOST 24388-88 and GOST 23262-88 for our country, that define the requirements for Hi-Fi class devices. The main indicators by which compliance is determined:

  • Frequency response distortion (frequency response) - the smoother the schedule, all the better;
What's on the Ears of Audiophiles
An example of a good frequency response graph
  • Harmonic coefficient;
  • Signal to noise ratio.

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When did the term Hi-Fi appear?

The term Hi Fi appeared at the beginning of the previous century. It originally sounded, as High Fidelity and had a literal translation, as "high precision". Modern, shortened for ease of pronunciation, leaving the first syllables of each word. Its meaning too, somewhat changed, and is now used to designate systems with high sound quality.

Differences between Hi-Fi and Hi-End

Despite similar names, These two terms have different meanings.. So Hi-Fi - this is when the sound quality meets a certain standard and standard, in other words, "correct" sound. Hi-End– this is the "correctness" of the equipment itself, its quality.

What's on the Ears of Audiophiles
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Headphones - it's an expensive product, made from quality materials, exquisite design. Their main task – emphasize the individuality of their owner. Such a gadget does not necessarily have Hi-Fi sound quality..

The main parameters of Hi-Fi headphones

Classification by main parameters:

Construction type

  • Plug-in. The simplest and most common type. It has a second name - "inserts".
  • Intracanal. They fit much deeper into the ear canal, than plug-in. This ensures good sound concentration.. Their second name is "vacuum" or simply "plugs".
  • Overhead. The sound source in such devices is at some distance from the ear canal..
  • full size headphones. They provide the best sound insulation., since they cover the ear completely.


Acoustic design.

  • open. These headphones have cutouts in the speakers.. This eliminates the effect of "air cushion", but at the same time, sounds from outside become more distinct.
  • Closed. The sound from external sources in such models is isolated, as the case is devoid of perforations.

Signal transmission method

  • Wired.
    They are the most common. The signal is sent directly through the wires. Their disadvantage is that, that the wires get tangled from time to time, break and may become unusable. Monster n tune200 am17 - a popular model of this class.
  • Wireless.
    They can be divided into infrared, radio, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi headphones. Prominent representatives are audio technica ath dsr7bt and monster n tune200 am17.

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  • hybrid.
    Have both a wired connection, as well as wireless.
What's on the Ears of Audiophiles
audio technica

The presence of a device for negotiations.

  • With microphone.
  • No microphone.

Required sound source

Those elements, capable of providing high quality sound, quite demanding and occupy a certain place. Player – great option, since its functions are rather narrow, then when designing such devices, the emphasis is on, primarily, of sound quality.

You can choose a stationary source, For example – computer. For high-quality sound, you should use an external DAC when listening to music.

Wireless Hi-Fi headphones are a sham?

For people who think, that musical electrons run much faster through gold-plated contacts, wireless headphones often feel like a toy. And indeed, existing technologies cannot yet satisfy the audiophile ear, because vinyl sounds the best, and not a sound range compressed for transmission through the air. However, the closest to the ideal are wi-fi headphones, due to wider bandwidth.

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Are there inexpensive Hi-Fi headphones

These gadgets have different characteristics, and hence their prices fluctuate.. Liners and vacuum – most affordable models. Full-size and overhead - more expensive. Expensive - headphones with electrostatic speakers.

"Inexpensive" Hi-Fi (at a stretch) headphones start at about 3000 rubles.


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