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In each of my headphone reviews, I write about sound quality and technical specifications., who provide it. But not all readers understand, what is aptx hd headphones. One is just aware, that this magical set of letters promises good sound, for others it is abracadabra without meaning. Therefore, I want to talk about a specific model today, but about the type of headphones with aptx codec. What does it provide for the buyer?, and does it give?

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Aptx support in headphones, what is this?

The aptx codec is used specifically in wireless devices., to ensure fast transfer of audio files via Bluetooth with maximum quality preservation. I'll try to explain, how it works.

The concept of bitrate is the amount of data, which you transfer per unit of time.

This figure determines the quality of the music. If the values ​​reach 1411 kbps, then the track will match the quality of the recording on the CD. This is the most complete and detailed sound. But wireless data transfer does not yet give such a bit rate without additional tools..

Therefore, to maximize the preservation of information when transmitting from a source device to wireless headphones, special technologies are used - codecs. They allow you to compress the sound, decrease the sample rate, and then restore it again.

Some codecs do it lossy, this technology is called Lossy. Just throwing out those sounds, which will be considered less significant.

If the codec is capable of providing compression, and then restore to the same sample rate, i.e, to original sound quality, then he does his job without loss, and call it Lossless.

The first method allows you to compress data, For example, supported by MP3 128, in 13 once, but lossless compression is carried out only twice and no more.

Now let's analyze the information received regarding Aptx hd:

  • Allowable bitrate reaches 576 kbps, in regular Aptx only 384 kbps.
  • We multiply this value by 2.
  • We get 1152 kbps and 768 kbps.
  • Compare with bitrate, necessary for lossless sound - 1411 kbps.
  • We get, that regular aptx is only marginally better than MP3 320 or AAC. But Headphones with aptx hd allow you to get almost CD sound with minimal loss.

I want to note, that during compression, those sounds are discarded first of all, which are not really audible, therefore, such a high bitrate can be considered Lossless with a stretch.

AptX HD headphones

Features of Aptx-enabled headphones

But there is a small “but” in using aptx hd headphones. If the data source is not equipped with this technology, that, about no good sound effect, don't have to speak, and the codec will only load your devices.

Therefore, there is a point in purchasing aptx hd headphones, only if there is a similar technology in the smartphone. Otherwise the codec is useless.

First you need to know, does the phone or tablet support the technology. Such information is indicated in the technical specifications.. And if the instruction is lost, information can be found on the internet.. And then it remains to activate the codec in the settings for the developer, think, you already know how to do it, And if not, then google will help you.

Advantages and disadvantages

Is it really necessary in aptx hd wireless headphones is a little clearer, but for clarity, you need to evaluate the pros and cons of technology.

What's good about using a codec? There is only one plus here - high-quality sound, which depends on, How accurate is the original information?. As we have already found out, losses are minimal and will allow you to appreciate almost all the nuances of the composition.

The main disadvantage is that only a limited number of smartphones support aptx hd, which means, not everyone will be able to appreciate the codec, even backed by his wireless aptx hd headphones.

Android based 7.0 use aptx technology, in 8.0 already using hd modification.

The codec is also supported in the latest models from Apple, as well as Samsung. The use of atpx by gadget manufacturers is paid, they are required to pay the license fee to the owner of the CSR/Qualcomm technology, therefore, the codec is supported by devices from large manufacturers above the average cost. Also headphones from the budget category, e.g. JBL, codec not supported.

I want to advise when buying aptx hd headphones, pay attention not only to the support of certain codecs, but also on other important parameters:

  • Sound quality and bitrate are affected not only by the codec used, but also Bluetooth version, better not lower 4.0, as well as the necessary profiles - A2DP and AVRCP.
  • The autonomy of wireless headphones is one of the main conditions for comfortable use. Also important, how to quickly and conveniently charge the device;
  • Sensitivity and impedance also affect the sound. An increased value of the first in combination with a low second gives a loud sound with good bass and high frequencies., but there is a risk of unpleasant noise;
  • Uncomfortable aptx hd headphones can not be used for more than an hour, as a result, earache and bad mood. So, no matter what the brand name is, usability is more important;
  • The purpose is indicated in the technical specifications. Headphones are sports, universal, road, waterproof, etc.. This will depend on their functionality..

Separately, I want to say about the additional features of aptx hd headphones, that add convenience:

  • Multipoint allows you to pair multiple devices via Bluetooth. for example, 2 a pair of headphones to one smartphone or vice versa;
  • Siri or Google voice assistant allows you to control the device without any movement. Suffice it to say: “Siri, make it quieter" or "Call Ivan Ivanych", and the program will do everything;
  • Radius of action, that is, the distance between smart and aptx hd headphones for normal operation, in most devices is within 10 meters. But there are champions, that do not lose pairing even at a distance of 30 meters;
  • Active noise cancellation completely cuts you off from external audio. In such headphones, even at a construction site or in the subway, you won't hear anything, except music;
  • The sound varies depending on the type of headphones - mutes, inserts or patches.

In fact, the types of wireless devices and the variety of their functionality are amazing today.. You can choose headphones based on your desires and cost.. But the presence and support of atpx hd headphones determines the sound quality, what, no doubt, very important.

Top Models

From a variety of wireless devices, I picked up a brief overview 3 best headphones with atpx hd support. Certainly, everyone has their favorites, and I'm interested in your opinion. Share in the comments, which "ears" impressed you with their characteristics, and most importantly, sound quality.

Audio technica ath sr5bt

Closed on-ear aptx hd headphones with a combined type of data transmission. You can use the sound plug or bluetooth version 4.2. Enough charge for 38 opening hours. resistance in 45 ohm at sensitivity 103 dB / mW, produce clear sound with muted bass. Frequency range from 5 to 40000 Hz. Voice assistant available, use as a headset and pair with other devices. There are such atpx hd headphones about 8000 rubles.



  • Excellent build quality;
  • compactness;
  • Availability and wired connection;
  • Very large battery capacity;
  • Stylish appearance.



  • Not very convenient button control;
  • No active noise cancellation;
  • The sound is not loud enough for many.

These headphones seemed special to me due to the softer sound., you don’t always want low frequencies at the head of the orchestra. Vocals and treble predominate here. They also sit very well on the head., do not fly off, even if you are very active. And, of course, a great battery life..

Sennheiser Momentum Free

In-ear aptx hd headphones connected with a cord, the so-called collar. Connection is wireless only, Bluetooth version 4.2. The battery is rated for 6 hours of use. Charging from PC via microUSB connector for 1,5 o'clock. Magnetic clasp helps you avoid losing your device. When using atpx and on the source, headphones can be used to listen to classical music. Individual instrumental shades are worked out in detail. Fans of techno and hip-hop will have to work with the equalizer, to add bass. Push-button control on the remote control unit below the earpiece. Do not lag behind when watching a video, used as headset. Wireless device price approx. 8500 rubles.



  • Good charge in a compact size;
  • Total weight 40 gram;
  • Reliable brand;
  • detailed, high-quality sound, dedicated vocals;
  • Co-pairing capability, as well as fast reconnection;
  • remembers before 8 devices.



  • The remote control and the Bluetooth module interfere with movement and pull the headphones;
  • Sitting loose, easily fly out when moving;
  • The head is muffled;
  • Weak magnetic clasp.

The sound is really great. Headphones are especially good for watching videos. But the design let us down, therefore not suitable for an active lifestyle. Overhead model - Sennheiser Momentum over ear wireless m2, although it costs twice as much, but in terms of sound quality and convenience they win.

Harman/Kardon Soho Wireless

Closed on-ear aptx hd headphones. Sensitivity 100 dB and resistance 32 Ohms give a balanced sound across all frequencies. Bluetooth version 3.0. Touch control. For some reason, the manufacturer does not indicate the battery life and battery capacity. From personal experience, enough charge for approx. 10-12 hours. Sound quality is excellent, full study of all the nuances, excellent data transfer, like listening to records, as well as streaming. Suitable for games and videos. These headphones are not cheap., near 15 thousand rubles.



  • Quality sound;
  • Great design;
  • Made from leather and metal;
  • Available via cable;
  • Compact dimensions;
  • Touch control, which can be blocked.



  • Fall off while moving;
  • The sensor responds with a delay of a couple of seconds;
  • High price;
  • The microphone plays a little.

When pairing with devices, which also support aptx, give a very good sound. But the most important thing about these headphones is the design.. This is truly a stylish item., in which you feel a little richer.


Aptx hd headphones are the future. Many major manufacturers have introduced it into use., as a required feature. Important, so that the signal source not only supports the technology, it is sometimes activated only manually. Otherwise, the sound quality cannot be judged.. That, that the codec actually works, no doubt. And the HD prefix gives you even more options..

An interesting observation! There is a Jabra Elit 65t model. The characteristics do not contain data on the support of the atpx or aptx hd codec, but these headphones have great sound quality. Either the manufacturer decided not to advertise all the parameters, or uses a different audio file transfer technology. But it means, that a codec is not an absolute guarantee of quality.

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