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How to connect a microphone to a computer
Detailed instructions for connecting a microphone to a computer and laptop on Windows and Mac. Connecting wired and wireless microphones.
How to charge different types of microphones
Before charging the microphone, you need to read the instructions and choose the preferred way to restore battery capacity.
How to add microphone sound: tuning and amplifiers
Quiet sound in the microphone interferes with a comfortable conversation with interlocutors and recording video files, how to increase microphone volume.
Eliminate interference when recording on a microphone - how to do noise reduction and other ways to improve sound
Noise in the microphone interferes with conversations with interlocutors, because of the loud background you have to ask again, how to remove noise from a microphone.
How to put iPhone earbuds in a box
How to neatly wind the wire from the headphones. How to put earbuds in a box. Organizers and coils for headphones.
Headphone mic not working
What to do, if the microphone is not working. Connecting a microphone. How to set up a microphone on Windows 10. Set up a microphone in Skype.
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